3 things that ladyboys should do to make a man want you!

Posted on January 26, 2018
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A lot of you single ladyboys must have been wondering why you aren’t getting a date yet. It has been a while since you put up your profile on a ladyboy dating site. Yet, you haven’t succeeded in meeting Mr Right. In some cases, you started a conversation with whom you thought will be your knight in shining armour, but all of sudden it is lost in the wind. At this point, often you go into depression and blame guys for not wanting you, worst is blame yourself, which is absolutely wrong! Girl, you better wake up and check yourself if you are doing the right things to attract men and not the other way around.

There are few things in the world of dating that we think we are doing right. But perhaps these things are actually scaring men away, with no plans of coming back to you! I asked a couple guys from myladyboydate.com what are the three things that they are attracted to the most  with ladyboys. I know it is little eccentric of me but I have to do what I have to do, in order to break the spiel and help you get the man of your dreams! So here are the things that I found out.

1. Handle yourself with care

Men are attracted to ladyboys who know how to take care themselves. From being physically healthy, and by knowing how to dress appropriately. I am not saying that you should be the skinny, beauty queen-ish type of a woman. There is no such thing as standard beauty from a man’s perspective. Of course, they have preferences, some men prefer skinny, athletic and others prefer voluptuous. So do not get intimidated by others and follow what standard beauty is! Get yourself up and start caring about how you naturally look and embrace that! That is more powerful than pretending to be someone you’re not!

What’s wrong with being just a simple girl who don’t bite

Posted on October 12, 2017
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This article is the author’s opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflects the views of My Ladyboy Date.

Ok girls, it’s gonna be tough. I feel like I’ve been on this ladyboy dating field for ages. Both online and offline. Although I don’t take any actions and I mostly stay in shadow but I still got a lot to say. And you gonna listen to it because the happiness of both of us depends on it.

So one day you found out that you are actually a woman. A tender woman soul trapped in a rough male body. Congrats! You are deep in shit. But don’t take it to heart, we are all deep in shit. You are just a bit deeper. First, you need to find a way out of that male body. Right? And then? What’s then?

Good news first

Non-Surgical Approaches to Voice Feminization

Posted on July 26, 2017
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As a chiropractor, I work with living anatomy; and use intention and neurology to make changes in the body, rather than drugs and surgery. Health education is a major part of my work. It is important (for both your health and finances) to maximize non-surgical, “functional” options before (and after) turning to “surgical” options. Voice training, per se, is outside my scope of practice, but the integrative principle of reprogramming muscle and nerve applies to all body functions; whether this involves increasing mobility, or functional therapies for voice feminization.

Your voice is a core part of your identity. Though the anatomy of your larynx (voice box) is male, there are many other “functional” factors, that you can learn to control, to develop a feminine voice.

Where there is muscle, there is nerve; where there is nerve, there is brain; where there is brain, there is mind. The presence of muscle, nerve and mind in the voice equation means there are options for training many aspects of your voice, without having to undergo surgery.

Filipino ladyboys seek foreign men to be financially supported: A misconception debunked

Posted on January 25, 2017
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When I was 19, I saw a transgender woman dating foreign man. Seeing a couple like that was something I found unpleasant. I didn’t know much about gender identity that time and believe me, what I thought before about this kind of relationship was something you would not want to know. It was the kind of relationship I would frown upon and never even considered to be a part of. I thought that when a transgender woman and a trans-oriented man were in a relationship, chances were this lady was just after the man’s thick wallet, hoping for “greener pastures” and she’s simply just out of her mind. As I grew older, my views have eventually changed and now that I have transitioned from being a boy who did not know much about who he really was and how to express himself to a woman who’s highly opinionated and strong enough to put a stop on such misconception. 

A trans pinay’s guide to processing your Schengen visa

Posted on January 19, 2017
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I think it’s every girl’s dream to see Europe even just for once in her lifetime. Many transgender Filipino women nowadays involve themselves into travelling which opens a lot of new perspectives, widens their horizon and simply gives them the feeling that they can conquer the world, the universe rather. Seeing Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and all those majestic European cities has always been on the wish list of a globetrotting trans woman. But how is traveling to Europe like for a Filipino transgender woman who has a Philippine-issued passport? Let me share with you my experience in going thru the process of getting a Schengen visa and how I amazingly got it in 2 days! (Note: This is a visa application guide that will help you if your purpose of travel is tourism/visiting friends or family of no more than 90 days.)

Before we go through the whole process, let me answer first a few questions.

3 things Filipino transgender women face everyday that painfully kill us inside

Posted on January 7, 2017
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Like any other human being in this world, we sleep, we wake up, we breathe, we make a living, we have fun, we fall in love, we cry when get hurt, we bleed, we also simply EXIST. The only difference is that, for most transgender women, everyday seems to be a battle. A battle that makes us question ourselves “are we wrong for being like this?” , “Is it bad to live life this way?”,  “Is my existence a mistake?”.


You just had your morning coffee, showered, got all made up, feeling so good about yourself, ready to make a living. It’s a nice day, you’re off to work and on your way, you get to pass by a group of men calling you names and asking for some indecent favors. Moments like this just tear us up inside.

Don’t you just wish you had a gun and have them shot in the head? But no, we end up ignoring them. Your day’s ruined, earphones on and just continued walking as if the heckling didn’t happen. It’s quite saddening that most people who do this don’t even realize the emotional trauma it brings to us. The words thrown at us are like bullets and knives leaving us with holes all over our BLEEDING EGO.

Sex and the single ladyboy

Posted on July 15, 2016
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My apologies to the late Helen Gurley Brown, the long-time editor of Cosmo and the author of Sex and the Single Girl, but my title seems appropriate because sex can be especially tricky ground to negotiate when you start dating pre-op or non-op ladyboys.

Alright, sex can be a minefield when you start dating a cisgender woman, too. But there are special things a man has to take into account when he and his new TS girlfriend are ready to be intimate. And in case you’re wondering, almost none of this applies if she is post-op.

Love what your ladyboy girlfriend have or hate It

Perhaps the biggest potential landmine is how she feels about her genitals. A relatively small number of transsexual women hate their penis. They don’t want it touched or fondled, and definitely do not want you to perform oral sex. Early on, a man who is smart and caring will gently ask her attitude about it.  The way I usually raise the subject is softly but directly: “So it seems like we’re heading towards becoming a couple but before I accidentally do something in bed that you don’t like, how do you feel about me touching your penis?” Depending on the woman, sometimes I use a slang word. The question often provokes a laugh or smile, sometimes an embarrassed giggle. Only a very few women have said “Leave it alone.” But over the years, most told me in no uncertain terms something like, “I love having orgasms and if you don’t use your hands and mouth on me, we’re not going to be a couple for very long!”

Ladyboy dating in the west

Posted on March 26, 2016
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It’s hard

I knew since I was about 18-19 that I was attracted to ladyboys, there was something about them that I loved and I wanted to be with one. I dated a few cisgender women in very successful relationships but it was never what I truly wanted. Why did I choose to go into relationships with cis women ? The reason is that finding a western ladyboy is near impossible and I’m not attracted to men.

The sex sites..no where else to turn

I never pursued my wanting to date a ladyboy that much but when I did I went to any corner of the web I could to find a place. I tried several websites aimed at sex, the category I looked at was transgender and it normally pointed towards transvestites, not ladyboys. I wasn’t there for sex but I was hoping I could find someone genuine on a sex site (I know foolish). I met two people from that website and honestly it started with sex…it was a sex website but I told them I wanted more than pointless sex. One of them pushed me away while the other seemed to embrace the idea.

“Shaming” ladyboys or their partner

Posted on March 18, 2016
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This is going to be brutal and to the point and I want every ladyboy and man reading this to think about themselves and the people they want to be with. We all hide our inner demons but some of us deny our true selves far more than others.

What is “Shaming”?

I put the word in quotations because it’s ridiculous for this to even exist. Shaming is the process of someone being put to shame, in this context it’s people enjoying something that most of the world views are wrong, strange, funny or bizarre. None of these words are good when they’re associated with being ashamed. If you’re embarrassed or hide what you do then you’ll be ashamed. In my opinion if you’re ashamed, don’t do whatever it is that makes you ashamed.

Don’t be shamed as a partner

My beautiful girlfriend is a ladyboy and I’m so proud of her. I met her, held her hand, dined with her, met her family and friend and introduced her into my life. I understand this might be hard for a man that has always tried to look “Heterosexual” even though you can be Heterosexual in a trans relationship. Here’s the thing, some people in my family laughed at my relationship, judged me and then felt guilty for it. Is that my problem? The simple answer is no and the reason for this is that I’m not ashamed so I can’t be shamed as a male partner to a ladyboy.

Ladyboys need to respect oneself, the rest is clockwork

Posted on March 12, 2016
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Let me start by saying we all need self-respect. I don’t care who or what you are or what you call yourself, we all need it. However Ladyboys are especially important when it comes to self-respect for many different reasons. Men are everywhere, doesn’t matter where you go, we’re obvious and let’s be honest…we’re not that interesting guys. So Ladyboys deserve more respect and guys are common as mud, then why do ladyboys accept horrible propositions and language by male members? I believe it’s due to a lack of self-respect.

I’m a man but I see what’s going on

I’m a man, I think like a man and I act like one but I do respect every living being, including myself. Ladyboys are rare and they’re beautiful, some are more convincing than others but all of them feel the same, like a woman because they are. However I reckon growing up with dilemmas and confusion about sexuality and their place in the world makes them self conscious, even if they don’t think their self conscious.