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How Ladyboys Test Your Sincerity

True to the saying patience is virtue, if you’re looking for love, you must have a lot of this. When someone is looking to settle down, they don’t like to deal with it in a careless manner. They’re more discerning when it comes to selecting a partner.

After all, sharing a life and a promise of forever should only be done with someone you’re truly compatible with. But sometimes, it can get confusing because there are ladyboys who like to perform several tests before considering you in their roster of possibilities.

If you want to know what they commonly do to give you an idea if they’re just testing you and not disinterested in you, keep reading.

1. They don’t just jump the gun

Don’t expect that all ladyboys will be perky and excited when you invite them to be your girlfriend in the beginning stages. The ones that do so are usually desperate or have ulterior motives—after all, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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A serious ladyboy will take her time in getting to know you. The reason being is that they’re willing to make certain sacrifices as they’re truly looking for love. Compromises will be in the mix so they want to make sure that they only give their precious time to the one who truly deserves it.

If they’re more polite than flirtatious, it’s not a sign that they don’t like you. It just means that they prefer you to go at a slower pace.

2. Asking questions more than twice

They’re not forgetful and they’re not doing this because they don’t pay attention to your words. The reason why some of them ask the same question more than twice is to know if your answers are consistent. This is their smart way of avoiding men who pretend to be someone they’re not to get something out of ladyboys.

3. Pivoting when topics about making love arise

This doesn’t mean that they’re cold. If it’s too early to talk about genitals, it is simply because… IT IS TOO EARLY. She has no biological clock to worry about so she can take her time. If you talk about her functionality and everything that encompasses lovemaking, she’ll think that you’re just a pervert and a player.

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She will talk to you about these things when you get to a point where it’s appropriate to be intimate. If you really like her, again, patience is a virtue.

4. Tries to get to know you to the core

When she’s getting to know everything about you and not just what you’re into when it comes to a relationship, she’s not trying to interrogate you. She’s getting to know you to the core because she wants to know if she can stand being with you for a long time.

If you ask her to partake and something and she says “let’s get to know each other first”, she’s not trying hard to get either. She’s saying that she likes you but you must wait for the right moment.

5. Asks for your opinion on certain matters

Does she ask for your opinion and she often agrees with you even if sometimes, you’re not making sense at all? That just means that she wants you to open up and by agreeing with you, you will feel comfortable in sharing all of your opinions no matter how politically incorrect they are.

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These questions will have to do a lot with what irks you, your political stance, how you view relationships, and what you like in a person.

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6. Privy of knowing your pros and cons

In connection with asking for your opinion, they will also try to the get to the bottom of what you like and dislike. They won’t be judging you from the get-go when you share something as it will compromise your willingness to open up the next time.

Some of them will agree with whatever you say and some won’t give a comment to make you feel comfortable. Be safe with your answers but if you’re really passionate about something, don’t hold back. Let her know that you’re standing by what you like and don’t like.

7. Barely initiating contact

Does she answer all the time and is she often prompt when you send her a message but she barely initiates contact? This means that she’s highly interested in you but she wants to know if you’re really into her. 

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Yes, these are mind games but it’s the only way for you to know if she’s into you or not so that you could save time and use it more purposefully in finding the right ladyboy for you.

8. Doing things you don’t like

Some ladyboys are more aggressive with how they test you. These are the ones who will deliberately do the things you said you don’t like just to know if you have the patience to deal with them. They do this because they want to know how far you’d go in keeping the relationship.

Yes, this is pretty immature but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you. However, someone who’s capable of doing this is probably toxic and you’d want to avoid them at all costs.

9. Talks about your ex

And for the last common sign that she’s testing you, it’s constant questions about your ex. No, this doesn’t mean that she’s the jealous kind or that you will live a long life of hearing her nag. She just wants to know if you still respect your ex because if you talk shit about your past partner, you’ll probably be able to do the same with her.

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However, also take note of the frequency of her, doing this. If it keeps occurring most especially randomly when you’re minds are not idle, she’s probably obsessive so avoid her at all costs.

Did you enjoy reading these signs and did we miss anything that you feel might be helpful for the other readers? Join the conversation by writing a comment below.

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