Common traits of ladyboys in Asia

Posted on June 2, 2018
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Have you crossed the line of confusion and are you certain that you want to meet ladyboys in Asia? There’s one vital thing that you should know before trying to meet ladyboys, they are not manufactured by Ladyboys R Us. You don’t come in a store and see them lined up for the taking (apart from the go-go bars).

If you are planning to just hook up, you can skip this article. However, if you’re feeling the love and you want to share it with your future ladyboy girlfriend, keep reading.

Ladyboys in Asia

Ladyboys are real people and they do not have a one-size-fits-all quality. Each ladyboy has her own standards, philosophies, beliefs, dreams, talents, skills, and what-nots.

I’m going to help you a little by giving you the common traits that most ladyboys in Asia possess.

Family Oriented

One thing that you have to know (I don’t want to generalize because I for one am an Asian ladyboy) is that most of us are very family-oriented.

I have Asian ladyboy friends from Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan and most of us are very inclined with our family’s welfare.

You have to be selfless if you want a smooth-sailing relationship with an Asian ladyboy. There shouldn’t be a scenario where you have to make her choose between you or her family. She comes in a package and that includes her extended family.

Don’t be a snob and enjoy the fiesta, salsa, quinceañera, baila (sorry, that song’s stuck in my head).

Very Feminine

I’m not going to lie to you but most of my friends are liberated (sluts) like me. Most other ladyboys however, are like Jane the Virgin.

Before you try to get in her pants and introduce her to your porn collection (yes honey, you’re sick like me), you have to know that she grew up with the dream of being exclusively bottom. In Asia, ladyboys mostly have no idea that their burrito will get in the mix of things so you have to take it slow.

Make her comfortable about what she has and show her how accepting you are (don’t grab her by the woosy though). Don’t in any way make her feel like she’s a man because that will guarantee you a block.

“Show me your dick” as an opening line is a big no-no, I meant NO-NO.


This third section will be solely from my point of view and you have no choice but to read it because it’s a good one.

I think it’s cool that you don’t expect much from your partner but ladyboys in Asia are romantically cultivated.

My ex-boyfriend (bless his heart) used to hate it when I cooked for him all the time. I’m Filipino and we do “meriendas”. When we used to live together, he’d give me a hissy-fit about me treating him like a “little boy”. Just shut up and eat your noodles Sid.

If I’m doing something nice for you, just say “Thank You”. There is too much hate in the world for me to be trying to squeeze in your attitude in that red box.

When I say you’re the most handsome man on earth, believe me.

If I tell you your intelligence is at par with Galileo Galilei, smile.

The moment I tell you to bend over (just kidding).

Just try to reciprocate the romance a little dude, don’t be so uptight.

Where to find Ladyboys in Asia?

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