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Common traits of ladyboys in Asia

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Have you crossed the line of confusion and are you certain that you want to meet ladyboys in Asia? There’s one vital thing that you should know before trying to meet ladyboys. They are not manufactured by Ladyboys R Us. You don’t come in a store and see them lined up for the taking (apart from the go-go bars).

If you are planning to just meet up for a one night stand, you can skip this article. However, if you’re feeling the love and you want to share it with your future ladyboy girlfriend, keep reading.

Ladyboys in Asia

Ladyboys are real people and they do not have a one-size-fits-all quality. Each ladyboy has her own standards, philosophies, beliefs, dreams, talents, skills, and what not.

I’m going to help you a little by giving you the common traits that most ladyboys in Asia possess.

Family Oriented

One thing that you have to know is that most of us are very family-oriented.

This may be because of religion, culture, upbringing, etc. This shouldn’t come as one of the ladyboy surprises.

Even Asian cisgender people most of the time still stay with their families even after having their own children.

asian kid

Please don’t confuse this with a lack of finances because some families like living with their elders in one home.

I have Asian ladyboy friends from Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan and most of us are very inclined with our family’s welfare. So much so that we almost all tend to agree that we’d do anything for our moms. If you don’t believe me, ask one!

You have to be selfless if you want a smooth-sailing relationship with an Asian ladyboy. There shouldn’t be a scenario whereby you have to make her choose between you or her family. She comes in a package and that includes her extended family.

Don’t be a snob and enjoy the fiesta, salsa, quinceañera, baila (sorry, that song’s stuck in my head).

Very Feminine

I’m not going to lie to you but most of my friends are liberated (sloots lol) like me.

Most ladyboys, however, are like Jane the Virgin.

Don’t be confused if she’s not into the Asian ladyboy surprise that you’re trying to get out of her.

make up

Before you try to get in her pants and introduce her to your adult film collection (yes honey, you’re sick like me), you have to first know that she grew up with the dream of being exclusively bottom. In Asia, ladyboys mostly have no idea that their noodle will get in the mix of things so you have to take it slow.

Make her comfortable about what she has and show her how accepting you are (don’t grab her by the woosy though). Do not in any way make her feel like she’s a man because that will guarantee you a block.

“Show me your peen” as an opening line is a big no-no, I meant NO-NO. Feel free to peruse this blog because I’ve written a lot about introductory messages. They say that first impressions don’t last. However, in a fast-paced setting like an online dating site, every little detail matters.


This third section will be solely from my point of view and you have no choice but to read it because it’s a good one.

I think it’s cool that you don’t expect much from your partner but ladyboys in Asia are romantically cultivated.

Love word on wood cubes

My ex-boyfriend (bless his heart) used to hate it when I cooked for him all the time. I’m Filipino and we do “meriendas”. When we used to live together, he’d give me a hissy-fit about me treating him like a “little boy”. Just shut up and eat your noodles, Sid.

If I’m doing something nice for you, just say “Thank You”. There is too much hate in the world for me to be trying to squeeze in your attitude in that red box. When I say you’re the most handsome man on earth, believe me.

If I tell you your intelligence is at par with Galileo Galilei, smile. The moment I tell you to bend over, BEND OVER! (just kidding). Try to reciprocate the romance a little dude, don’t be so uptight.

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Ladyboy Surprise

Did I not tell you that we’re not one and the same? Yes, there’s such a thing as the archetype ladyboy. They’re the ones who will be at your beck and call. They will say yes to whatever BS you come up with. Added to that, the archetype ladyboy is so aesthetically pleasing that she’ll make you feel like you hit the lottery.

However, if you’re in for a challenge, you should try the surprising ladyboys. The ones that actually have personality and can be quite intriguing. They’ve probably dated cuter and smarter guys than you. They’re probably way out of your league too but it’s worth the try!

Go-getter Ladyboy

Unlike most ladyboys, she will not depend on you financially. She may actually be making more money than you already. 

This ladyboy is a hustler and she will never stop reaching her goals. Once she’s done with goal one, she’ll make another one and keep on winning.


I know a lot of go-getter ladyboys and they’re quite fascinating. This kind of woman is what I look up to. However, if you have a huge ego, you may not enjoy her company. There are a lot of ladyboys making a name in the workforce nowadays. They’re in governments, corporations, millionaires lists, and more!

Feminine with masculine hobbies

Ladyboys do not only excel in the beauty and entertainment industry. Angelina Mead King for one is a popular car racer. 

I personally know a ladyboy named Cindy from Malaysia and she does carpentry.

Ladyboys are not all about beauty. Some are all about brawn too. 


Not because we have gender dysphoria automatically means that we’re so inclined to everything that encompasses the gender that we choose to live. I’ll choose blue over pink any day but this does not make me less feminine. Most of the time, I’ll wear flats over heels and it doesn’t invalidate me being ladyboy.


Don’t be surprised but not all ladyboys from the Philippines and Thailand only want you for your money. Albeit the change is slow, we’re getting opportunities in the workforce. 

Once we do, we excel. There’s no need for you to worry that we’re out here to get your cold hard cash.

fashion ladyboy

I know that it can be quite tiring if you’ve come across plenty of ladyboy beggars on dating websites. However, if you have this paranoia and notion, you’ll only end up ruining your chances for the right one. If you don’t know how to trust, it will emanate and ladyboys won’t open their heart to you.

This can be quite surprising but trust me, you’re money’s safe with some of us. Now, if you’re a millionaire then things might be different lol. Just kidding! 

Where to find Ladyboys in Asia?

There are plenty of places in Asia to find ladyboys. Some places are loud, some quiet, and some are downright perfect. However, I’m going to enlist this from worst to best. If you’re looking for the other kind of ladyboy surprise, you can find it in a…

Hip Clubs

When I say hip club, I don’t mean your town’s chiropractor clinic.

I’m also not describing a place wherein the main event is a bingo game with a washing machine as the grand prize. 

What I mean by a hip club is something that’s quite popular in a city; where most celebrities go.

hip club

A lot of ladyboys from Asia are quite passable and it will be hard for you to distinguish them in a hip club. However, I don’t recommend this if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

If you’re planning to just have a one night stand, be my guest.

Ladyboy Bar

Should you want to save time from trying to figure out who’s who, try a ladyboy bar. There’s a plethora of options most especially in Bangkok. 

They’re mostly bikini-clad and have amazing bodies. It can seem like nirvana most especially for the neophyte. However, know that such a place has very little chances in cultivating romance.

ladyboy bar

Go-go girls are go-getters and they did not work in such a place to find love. The relationship you’ll probably have with a go-go girl will probably involve a lot of money. If you’re trying to play a rich man’s game, go for it. As long as the both of you are happy, why not?

Ladyboy Cabaret

Is it a star that you’re looking for? You must not skip the cabaret. There’s a lot of ladyboy shows brimming with stunning performers. 

Most cabaret companies don’t hire Plain Janes and Regular Rinas. Some performers in ladyboy cabarets also join beauty pageants on the side.

ladyboy show

However, you must be prepared that the competition is tough if you choose to pursue a star. She’ll have bees swarming her all the time so if you’re the jealous type, she may not be the right ladyboy for you. Don’t worry, not because she gets a lot of attention equates that she’s not capable of fidelity.

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I’m not saying this because I work for My Ladyboy Date.

The reason why I find MLD as the best place to look for love is because you’ll get to know a person on an emotional and mental level before deciding to meet up.

myladyboydate logo

Love’s a risky investment so why won’t I recommend the road wherein there is a low risk yet high reward? My Ladyboy Date has a team of moderators that are working round-the-clock to ensure that it’s a decent dating place. What more can you ask for?

Ladyboys are everywhere. However, if you are looking for a decent ladyboy date, you should start making a profile on MyLadyboyDate today. Trust me, you’ll meet a lot of great people here, I did!



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