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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

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Just a random trans woman playing with makeup and skincare. Loves bacon and the operating table. I'm also the author of the dating guide book Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen. Know more ->

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Top 15 Countries to Find a Husband as a Ladyboy

Love doesn’t need papers or rings to be true. However, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to get married and sealing the deal. This is why a lot of people still choose to undergo wedding ceremonies because they find utmost happiness in doing so. If you’re a ladyboy hoping to get married, you have to […]

What a Broken-hearted Ladyboy Must Do

Sometimes, a broken heart leads to many bad decisions. This is why you must know what to do when you’re still not fully healed. Remember, when it comes to love, you don’t have to participate in a race. Always think of your past experiences as lessons and take what you can get from this guide. […]

Pros and cons of a s*xy dating profile

Today’s topic is a bit controversial. These days, people are encouraged to express themselves the way they want. However, when it comes to dating, certain strategies must be made. If you’re here wondering why you still don’t have a boyfriend after uploading provocative pictures of yourself in your dating profile, keep reading. Pros In this […]

Are you an Alpha or Beta

The world would be a much better place if everyone can live with the fact that hard lines make things more complicated. However, you must understand that this is not the case. If it were, we’d all be living in Utopia. Today, you’re going to learn about something less gray. Let’s dive into the world […]

Is your feeling Infatuation or LOVE

It’s very common for people who have been single for a long time, mistake infatuation with love. That is why if you’re one of these people, you must keep reading. There’s a saying that one should not make decisions when they’re happy or sad. Don’t enter a relationship out of impulse!

Why Men Keep Breaking Up With You

There’s nothing wrong if your past partners were the ones who initiated the breakup. It does not mean that you’ve failed or that you’re not worthy of love. However, if it becomes a pattern, there are ways to determine if certain improvements may help you.

Dating Asian Men VS Dating Western Men

Before getting to conclusions, please know that this article is not a debate. It was not created to divide ladyboys who prefer one over the other. This was just made for ladyboys to easily decide which type of man best fit them. Everything that will be written here will be based on general information. Please […]

Why Filipina Ladyboys Make The Perfect Wives

Are you at the stage of your life where settling down seems like a good option? Is a ladyboy the only possible partner for you? If so, you must discover why Filipinas are often dubbed to make good wives. Moreover, what makes this even more special is because it focuses on ladyboy wives. Please know […]