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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

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Just a random ladyboy playing with makeup and skincare. Loves bacon and the operating table. I'm also the author of the dating guide book Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen. Know more ->

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Ways to Surprise your Ladyboy Date

If you’re looking for ways to surprise your ladyboy date, or your girlfriend if you’re lucky, please keep reading. There are many articles about surprising women yet surprisingly, you’ll find close to none when it comes to dating ladyboys.  Please know that I’m a ladyboy myself.  However, I’m not the paragon of ladyboys so still […]

He fetishizes you

Are you a ladyboy in a ladyboy dating website? Furthermore, are you Asian?  If both are ticked in your checklist, this article is for you. I’m an Asian ladyboy from the Philippines and I am so not new to men fetishizing me.  Please don’t take this like I’m marginalizing myself especially if you’re a white […]

Should we introduce our hot bestfriend to our boyfriend?

Today’s topic is a bit different as it’s going to be focused more on your circle; rather than your personal relationship with your boyfriend.  Let’s admit it, most men in Asian Ladyboy dating sites have yellow fever (strong attraction towards Asian people).  What happens when you and your boyfriend who you met in a ladyboy […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Ladyboy Date

The season of love is coming and the majority of the male members of My Ladyboy Date are getting to know women overseas so I’m going to share with you some gift ideas that may work well with your long-distance relationship.  Love is an emotion that can travel far and wide.  I know how presence […]

Are HOT guys in myladyboydate snobs?

I’m 29 years old and I know how it can be off-putting to most men.  I am not in my prime anymore and let’s add the fact that I’ve put on a lot of weight which reduces my “universal” attractiveness level lol.  Suffice to say, I’m a good candidate for the experiment that I did […]

3 types of rich men to avoid in Ladyboy Dating Sites

I’m not trying to give rich men a harder time in finding love on a ladyboy dating site.  I’m just writing this guide in order to save most ladyboys from unnecessary headaches when dealing with these 3 types of rich men. Please know that everything I’m writing here is from my own experience.  Kindly take […]

Comparison with other Ladyboys

There are many reasons why inadequacy and insecurity come to play. In a relationship, these are usually brought upon by the partner. In this guide, specifically the man. There are many issues that are quite mind-boggling most especially if you’re in a new relationship with him. These are… is this relationship his first time with […]

Gift ideas for your Ladyboy Date

There are so many things that you can think of what sort of gifts you give to your ladyboy date. But deciding what to give can be really tricky. I’m really feeling the vibe and I’m going to share with you some ideas that I, as a ladyboy, want to receive as gifts may it […]

Who to avoid in Ladyboy Dating Sites

It’s very easy to fall for a beautiful avatar in a ladyboy dating website and men are mostly visual but if you’re looking for a ladyboy girlfriend, you have to start learning how to love reading again. Please let it be known that this is solely from my point of view, take this guide with […]

Is your ladyboy date cheating on you?

I don’t know your situation but most men signed up in My Ladyboy Date are in a long-distance relationship with a Ladyboy from Asia.  It is very hard to know if someone is cheating on you from a different continent; especially if you don’t have mutual friends or family members to spill the tea on […]