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What Beautiful Ladyboys want in a Man

I’m a ladyboy and I know that I’m beautiful because we’re all created equally. Added to that, my mother constantly tells me that I’m beautiful as well so there’s that. However, for this article, I’m going to be more specific when it comes to the term beautiful. What I mean by beautiful is someone who’s […]

What is a Tranny and why you shouldn’t say the word?

Tranny has been a word used colloquially in the mid 20th century. It may be something of normalcy in certain cultures but in today’s world, one must not use it lightly. Today, you’re going to learn about what’s a tranny and why this word has become offensive. Please know that the words that will be […]

Where to Find a Ladyboy Bar

Just recently, Thailand declared that they’re COVID-19 free. However, international flights aren’t easily available around the globe yet. This is the best time to plan your trip should you be in the hunt for a ladyboy bar in Thailand. Please know that this guide was not created to promote adult entertainment. This was created for […]

What is a Newhalf?

Plenty of words are used to define transgender women. Some are even deemed offensive in other countries yet are perfectly normal for the countries these words originated from. This is why if you’re planning to date a transgender woman, you must know what words may or may not offend her and how to address her […]

Kathoey AKA The Thai Ladyboy

Are you new to dating ladyboys? Has your fascination towards transgender women led to you, wondering what the word kathoey means? There are a lot of terms used around the world pertaining to transgender women. Today, you will discover the true meaning of the word kathoey and everything that goes along with it. Please know […]

Spicing things up with your Ladyboy Date

Are you running out of ideas on keeping up with ladyboy date’s insatiable appetite in the bedroom? Not that I’m saying you’re not satisfying her nor she’s a nymphomaniac so please don’t be too defensive. In this guide, I’m going to share with you some personal things I love in the bedroom.  I’m a ladyboy […]