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What is Miss International Queen

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There are plenty of beauty pageants for trans women across the globe. But there are ones that always get publicity due to their prestige, history, and reach. Today, we’re going to be discussing the biggest transgender beauty pageant in the world, Miss International Queen.

If you’re an aspiring beauty queen or you simply are interested in getting to know what the pageant is all about, keep reading.

The Origins

To completely know what Miss International Queen is all about, you have to understand its origins. Beauty pageants are not just a showcase of attractive faces and physiques. Different pageants have varying visions, missions, message, prizes, and more.

What is Miss International Queen logo

Who created it

The makers of Miss International Queen are the ones who are behind Thailand’s grandest transgender cabaret show, Tiffany’s Show in Pattaya. It is a world-renowned event watched by thousands of tourists annually. Some tourists even create their itineraries based solely on the show.

Why was it created

Some people may think of trivial reasons such as it’s a way to earn money. But that could easily be done using other avenues. The reason Miss International Queen was created is that the makers want to spread LGBTQIA+ and Transgender awareness and equality in both society and the workforce, while all the monetary profits of the actual televised show go to the Royal Charity AIDS Foundation of Thailand.

A Brief History

The first Miss International Queen started with a bang as not only was it the first transgender beauty pageant that has international delegates vying for the crown, but it was also broadcasted by one of Thailand’s biggest TV channels.

Because of its reach, stories were made by international newspapers and media outlets about how glamorous and prestigious the show is. Added to that, many people were stunned by how gorgeous and feminine the first winner was.

At that time, transgender representation wasn’t rampant and it was astounding to witness the possibility that a trans woman could be as passable, feminine, and stunning as Treechada Petcharat (Nong Poy).

List of winners by year

Winners front of medias
2004Treechada PetcharatThailand
2005Mimi MarksUSA
2006Erica AndrewsMexico
2007Tanyarat JirapatpakonThailand
2009Ai HarunaJapan
2010Mini HanSouth Korea
2011Sirapassorn AtthayakornThailand
2012Kevin BalotPhilippines
2013Marcela OhioBrazil
2014Isabella SantiagoVenezuela
2015Trixie MaristelaPhilippines
2016Jiratchaya SirimongkolnawinThailand
2018Nguyễn Hương GiangVietnam
2019Jazell Barbie RoyaleUSA
2020Valentina FluchaireMexico

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Rules of the Contest

Like any other beauty pageant, Miss International Queen has its own standards and rules. Please note that these may change from time to time. To be updated with the latest requirements, kindly visit the official website of Miss International Queen.

Who can be a candidate?

Not because one is a transgender woman, means that she can automatically join. Because Miss International Queen is the most prestigious pageant for trans women, it has stricter policies.

All candidates must be born male. Non-op, pre-op, and post-op candidates between the ages of 18 to 35 may join. They can only represent the country wherein they were born.

Added to that, if she has previously joined any publication/website/adult film/body trade, showcasing nudity, she won’t be allowed. In the case wherein she wins the crown and the organizers find out later that she broke the rules, she will be dethroned.

Previous winners or runner-up contestants are not allowed to join again. Repeat non-placement candidates are allowed to re-submit their credentials and application.

What are the usual prizes?

Miss International Queen doesn’t only bring prestige to the winners. It also generously changes their lives with the titlists’ winnings. Prizes range from:

  • A cash prize of around $15,000
  • Sponsor gifts such as clothes, makeup, skincare, etc.
  • An apartment in Woodlands Pattaya, Thailand, during her reign
  • and memories to last a lifetime


Now that you have an idea of why many hopefuls are vying for the crown, it’s time to get to know the organization better. The pageant is a registered trademark of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya Co, Ltd, a company from Thailand.

Where is it located?

If you want to visit the headquarters, head to 464 Pattaya 2 Alley, Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20260, Thailand.

How many days is this event?

Only about 25 semi-final contestants chosen would go on to compete in the final round. They’re required to participate in two weeks of activities:

  • photo shoots
  • luncheons with city officials
  • dinner with the press
  • sponsor visits and community outreach

conditions that are like in other beauty pageants. The final show will be aired on Thai television as well as live online streaming.

Most Famous Winners

Not to say that the other winners are not famous. But the ones that will be mentioned here still have active careers in the entertainment industry. If we miss any of your favorites, please mention them in the comments section below.

Treechada Petcharat (2004 Winner)

Also known as Nong Poy, she’s probably the winner who made the most headlines. Not only because she’s the first-ever Miss International Queen, but because she truly captivated the world with her universal appeal.

Treechada Petcharat
Instagram – @poydtreechada

Nong Poy has a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. She has been a leading lady in TV and movies, and she has also modeled for many reputable brands in Thailand and China.

Her list of films include:

  • With Love (2010)
  • Spicy Beauty Queen of Bangkok 2 (2012)
  • The White Storm (2013)
  • From Vegas to Macau II (2015)[4]
  • Insomnia Lover (2016)
  • Witch Doctor (2016)

Kevin Balot (2012 Winner)

She didn’t use a moniker or a traditionally female name. This is one of the many reasons why she has stood out amongst her contemporaries. Just like Nong Poy, Kevin has a very feminine beauty. Most people who have no idea of what Miss Internation Queen is wouldn’t know that she’s a trans woman.

Kevin Balot
Instagram – @kevinbalot

However, unlike Nong Poy, Kevin didn’t star in many TV shows and movies. Because the Philippines is still considered a conservative country, there are fewer opportunities for her star to shine.

Luckily, social media is present and she has amassed quite a following in the outlet. She’s active on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Rinrada Thurapan (2018 First runner-up)

Albeit not winning the title, Rinrada Thurapan, AKA Yoshi Rinrada, is probably one of the brightest trans women stars in the world. She has conquered both mainstream media and social media.

Rinrada Thurapan
Instagram – @yoshirinrada

Born on February 5, 1997, this beauty was truly destined for the spotlight which is apparent to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram (just one of the outlets she’s famous in).

She has a long list of TV commercials, endorsements, and TV show features.

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