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All About Miss Tiffany Universe

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Beautiful ladyboys are everywhere but Thailand has a huge number of them. However, some don’t settle for beautiful and are seeking extraordinarily beautiful ladyboys. The easiest way to spot them is through beauty pageants. Today, you’re going to discover the biggest and most prestigious beauty pageant for Ladyboys in Thailand… Miss Tiffany Universe.

Please know that we are not connected or affiliated with the beauty contest in any way. Miss Tiffany Universe is a registered trademark of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya Co, Ltd. This article was only created to serve as a guide.

What is Miss Tiffany Universe?

It is the most prestigious beauty pageant for ladyboys in Thailand. Its first-ever contest already involved charities and was held in Tiffany’s Show Theatre, Pattaya.

Miss Tiffany Universe winners

Like any other beauty pageant, it showcases the beauty, talent, and intelligence of the contestants. However, the only ones who are allowed to join it are ladyboys with Thai citizenship.

How it all began

The first Miss Tiffany Universe contest began in 1984 and its first winner is Peerada Ratchakorn who’s from Bangkok, Thailand. It had 30 contestants and was held in a popular tourist destination called Tiffany’s Show Theatre.

Miss Tiffany Universe winner
Trichada Petcharat, winner of Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2004

Tiffany’s Show in Pattaya is one of the pioneers in popularizing the glamour, beauty, and talent of ladyboys in Thailand. It’s not only a trans-oriented show as some people in review websites compare it to international cabaret and Moulin Rogue shows.

The succeeding show was held in 1998 and has been held annually since. For 6 years since 1998, it has only been seen locally by the patrons who visited the Miss Tiffany Theater but all of that changed when it was televised in 2004.

Miss Tiffany Universe TV Show

The beauty and glamour of Thai ladyboys shouldn’t be hidden from the majority and this is why Tiffany’s Show Pattaya Co, Ltd. decided to reach a wider audience through television.

Miss Tiffany Universe TV Show
Sophida Siriwatananukul, winner of Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2015 (Photo by Kitja Apichonrojarek)

The show reaches around 15 million viewers annually and the prizes have significantly increased after its first television run.

Prizes of Miss Tiffany Universe

The prizes are quite astounding. Apart from the title, trophy, sash, and crown, they’re giving away:

  • cash
  • car
  • skincare services
  • jewelry
  • cosmetic surgery
  • and other gifts from sponsors

Special Awards of Miss Tiffany Universe

Apart from the coveted titles and placements, the contestants will also have the chance to win special awards. And with these awards come special prizes. The special awards are:

  • Miss Photogenic
  • Miss Sexy Star
  • Miss Popular Vote
  • Miss Congeniality

The special awards have no bearing in the final scores that determine the contestant’s title or placement.

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What does the pageant fight for?

People who belong to the LGBTQ+ are often marginalized and are often linked with AIDS. Sadly, in 2020, the majority of the world’s population still stigmatize the disease and believe that it’s some sort of punishment because LGBTQ+ people are not following God’s will.

AIDS symbol

Some of the proceeds of Miss Tiffany Universe are donated to The Royal-sponsored AIDS Foundation to help people who are battling HIV. It provides:

  • medication
  • support
  • and advocacies

that fight the stigma that revolves around AIDS.

Added to that, the goal of this contest is to promote the rights & equality and to improve the quality of life of transgender women in Thailand.

Who can join?

If you’re a ladyboy and a citizen of Thailand and you fall under the ages of 18-25, you’re eligible to join the competition. However, you must also pass the screenings and tests along with the hundreds of hopefuls in the nation.

If you’re younger than 20, you can try to compete as well, granted that your parents provide signed permission for you to join.

Miss Tiffany Universe candidates
Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2015

Miss Tiffany Universe is quite inclusive because they are open to all transgender women, whether they’ve undergone gender reassignment surgery (GRS) or not. They also won’t stop you if you’re not undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

A huge variety of hopefuls from all walks of life join the pageant annually. Some of them are university students, unemployed, and part-timers while some are engineers, pharmacists, doctors, and more.

Miss Tiffany Universe Pageant Mechanics

Yearly, about 100 hopefuls from different regions of Thailand vie for the title. Only around 30+ contestants are selected to compete on the coronation night. Once the official candidates are selected from a series of rigorous screenings and tests, they’re introduced on social media.

Miss Tiffany Universe Pageant candidates
Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2016 candidates (© REUTERS)

The candidates’ photos are published on the official social media pages of Miss Tiffany Universe. These photos are separated from each other so that the audience will be able to vote via the like/comment/share system. Votes are then collected from their different social media outlets and tallied to determine who the winner of the Miss Popular Vote special award.

Along with the social media buzz are the presscons, advertisements, and other forms of promotion. Snippets from the contestants’ life in the hotel pre-coronation night are shown to further entice the viewers to tune in on the special evening of announcements.

Below is the typical list of programs in the show:

  • Dance performance of the past winner with all of the candidates.
  • Announcement of the first special award winner.
  • Introduction of the judges.
  • More special awards.
  • Individual introduction of the candidates.
  • Selection of the top 10-12.
  • More special awards.
  • Swimsuit competition.
  • Evening gown competition.
  • Selection of the top 3.
  • Crowning of the new Miss Tiffany Universe.

The Opportunities that come along with the title

The lucky winner will get to compete in the world’s most prestigious pageant for transgender women, Miss International Queen. She will be representing the country Thailand.

a famous ladyboy

Furthermore, the pageant has produced a lot of world-class celebrities like:

  • Treechada Petcharat also known as Nong Poy (Miss Tiffany Universe 2004 and first Miss International Queen)
  • and Rinrada Thurapan (Miss Tiffany Universe 2017) also known as Yoshi Rinrada

Both transgender women are well-known internationally through modeling and acting. With Nong Poy breaking the chains and starring as a leading lady in some hit movies released in China and Hong Kong.

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