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World’s Most Beautiful Ladyboy Models

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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There are plenty of gorgeous ladyboys around the world. However, some ladyboys’ beauty is more celebrated with the help of the media and the modeling industry.

This list wasn’t created to make it seem like they’re better or more beautiful than those who are not on the list. It was only made to inform and introduce regular readers to some of the most beautiful ladyboy models in the entertainment world.


When the talks of beautiful ladyboys are present, Thailand will never be left unmentioned. It’s not only known to be the land of smiles. It’s also famous for producing world-class ladyboy models and beauty queens.

Some of them are so famous that they don’t only appear in cameos and split-seconds. Some of these Thai ladyboy models are able to star in their own movies.

Nong Poy

Nong Poy, also known as Treechada Petcharat, rose to fame when she won the first edition of Miss International Queen. The world was left in awe after witnessing how ultra-feminine her features are. From her soft face to her slender and elegant physique, one’s going to have a truly hard time believing that she’s a ladyboy.

Nong Poy
Instagram – @poydtreechada

Winning the coveted title opened many opportunities for her. Apart from being one of the most successful ladyboy models in Asia, she also starred in blockbuster hits as a leading lady.

Her filmography includes the titles:

  • The Cave
  • Witch Doctor
  • Insomnia Lover
  • From Vegas to Macau II
  • The White Storm
  • Spicy Beauty Queen of Bangkok 2
  • With Love
  • and more

This list doesn’t even include her TV appearances.

As a model, she has already endorsed big companies such as Pantene, Furefoo, G-Net Mobile Phone, and more.

Yoshi Rinrada

Yoshi Rinrada, also known as Rinrada Thurapan, is a 23-year old ladyboy model who’s also from Thailand. Much like Nong Poy, what made her famous was not only her title as a beauty queen, she became popular because of her feminine beauty as well.

Instagram – @yoshirinrada

However, Yoshi’s fame is more celebrated in the social media world as she has an active YouTube channel. She has appeared in various music videos and TV shows.

One of her biggest modeling moments is when she was chosen to be an endorser for Pherone. Pherone is one of the most popular male-to-female hormonal medication brands being sold in Thailand.

Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin

Also known as Mo, she rose to fame when she won the most coveted title in Thailand for ladyboy beauty queen enthusiasts, Miss Tiffany Universe in 2016. Her success was followed shortly after winning the most prestigious beauty contest for transgender women around the globe, Miss International Queen.

Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin
Facebook – @moto.jojoes

Not only is she a famous beauty queen and model in Thailand, but she was also an ambassador for the I For TG Women Programme. It’s supported both by the Thai and Italian Red Cross Society as the nation’s trans women’s health initiative program.

Patta Wiruntanaki

Also known as Nadia, her fame was not reliant on the biggest beauty pageant for ladyboys in Thailand, Miss Tiffany Universe. She veered her career from the mainstream pageant to winning Miss Mimosa Queen Thailand 2015.

Patta Wiruntanaki
Facebook –

She possesses a girl-next-door beauty that appealed to Thai men. She used her fame to expand her career from not only being a beauty queen and a ladyboy model. She’s also a well-known dancer in her country.


Just like Thailand, the Philippines is also known as a country that houses very beautiful ladyboys. However, unlike in Thailand, the Filipino ladyboy models are more popular internationally rather than in their own country.

The reason being is because there’s still stigma revolving ladyboys in the Philippines. The majority still don’t see ladyboys as women and don’t think that ladyboys are desirable. Most of them still think that men who like ladyboys are either experimental or gay. As of 2021, most ladyboys are still used by mainstream media for comedic purposes.

Geena Rocero

Although Geena Rocero is technically American, her ethnicity is Filipino and she grew up in the Philippines. Geena Rocero’s career in the modeling industry is a bit more fashion-oriented, rather than for overall entertainment as she has worked as a runway model.

Geena Rocero
Instagram – @geenarocero

She was discovered when she was only 21 years old by a fashion photographer in a restaurant in Manhattan. She has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Candy Magazine, Bench Fashion Show, and she also became a Playboy Playmate of the Month.

However, what sets her apart from other ladyboy models is how she has risen to fame. She became quite popular after her TED Talk on March 31, 2014, which she did in honor of the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

She’s also the proud founder of Gender Proud that’s defined as, “an advocacy & awareness campaign that aims to advance the rights of all transgender individuals“.

Kevin Balot

Kevin Balot is one of the most popular ladyboy models in the Philippines. She’s famous for being the first Filipina to win the Miss International Queen title. Her fans gravitate toward her natural feminine beauty.

Kevin Balot
Instagram – @kevinbalot

Although she’s not active in the entertainment industry, she has quite a following on social media. She’s the first Filipina ladyboy ambassador for Pantene and she has also endorsed Frontrow products.

Many young Filipino ladyboys aspire to be like her. She has the quintessential girl-next-door type of look that Filipinos really love. From time-to-time, she shares her political and societal statements on social media.

Francine Garcia

Francine is a stunning ladyboy model who fits the model archetype. She’s slender, tall, and has high cheekbones. She became a household name after winning the grand finals of one of the most prestigious beauty pageants for ladyboys in the Philippines called Super Sireyna.

Her winning answer showed her grit and knowledge. She impressed viewers when she quoted a clause from the Philippine constitution regarding the rights of not just a Filipino citizen, but of a human being.

Francine Garcia
Instagram – @iamfrancinegarcia

However, she recently faced controversies when she did a cameo for the 2020 Filipino comedy film Pakboys Takusa. In the movie, she was shown peeing while standing up after having a drunken and intimate bout with one of the leading men. As the latter wakes up and sees her peeing as a “man”, he immediately felt repulsed and disgusted.

Because of this, she received a lot of flak from the LGBTQIA+ community in the Philippines. They felt that she willingly became a part of reinforcing transgender stereotypes that further hurts the image of trans women in the Philippines.

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Fuschia Anne Ravena

The gorgeous ladyboy from the Philippines elevated the standards of Filipino ladyboy beauty after winning the coveted beauty title for ladyboys around the world, Miss International Queen. She didn’t possess the stereotypical feminine ladyboy looks.

Fuschia Anne Ravena
Facebook – @fus.ia.3

She has dusky skin and chiseled features as opposed to having white skin and delicate looks. Her polarizing ambiguous beauty captured the hearts of many Filipinos, which helped her gain support from the majority of her countrymen. She was often dubbed to be at par with the contestants of the world’s most famous beauty pageant, Miss Universe.

Lars Pacheco

She didn’t rise to fame like how most ladyboys did. The beauty pageant that catapulted her to stardom, Miss Q and A, is a segment from a Filipino noontime show called It’s Showtime. Instead of competing with the usual categories such as swimsuit, evening gown, and question and answer, the segment focuses on the ability of the contestants to debate.

Lars Pacheco
Facebook – @Pachecolars19

Currently, she works as a social media influencer apart from being a TV personality and an endorser. One of the reasons why she is also popular is apart from her knack for getting her point across, she’s also feminine and passable.

Anne Patricia Lorenzo

Just like Lars, Anne rose to stardom with the help of Miss Q and A. But before gaining nationwide recognition, she has already appeared in various TV shows, one of them being one of the country’s most popular game shows, Wowowin.

Anne Patricia Lorenzo
Instagram – @annepatricialorenzo_

She continued reaching the heights of her career when she joined the first edition of Miss International Queen Philippines, where the winner gets to represent the country as Miss International Queen. In that year, she competed with Lars Pacheco and Fuschia Anne Ravena and placed first-runner up.

Patricia Montecarlo

Another Miss Q and A contestant, Patricia was already revered in ladyboy pageantry in the Philippines long before the TV stint. She started rising to fame by joining local ladyboy beauty pageants and expanded her career when she became one of the stars of the Amazing Philippine Theater, the biggest Filipino ladyboy cabaret show in the country.

Patricia Montecarlo

As a ladyboy model, her first commercial was for the Philippines’ biggest cable company, Sky Cable. Currently, she’s active on Social Media where she connects with her fans to update them with her new ventures.

Rui Mariano

She’s one of the Philippines’ most followed ladyboys not just because of her traditional feminine beauty, but because of her hilarious videos and skits. But what’s polarizing about her is that she’s not only making a name in the entertainment industry as a ladyboy model, but she’s also a successful businesswoman.

Rui Mariano
Facebook – @thefairygodbarbie

Rui is the ladyboy behind the highly-successful transgender beauty supplier The FairyGodBarbie. She caters to Filipino ladyboys from all walks of life who need HRT medications and beauty supplements.

Jana Larman

With over 600k followers on TikTok alone, Jana can be considered a household in the ladyboy community. Her statuesque and feminine beauty captivated the masses but what made them stay and consume her content is her humor. Also dubbed the balibag queen, she’s known for cheekily punching and throwing her camera.

Jana Larman
Facebook – @lerrie.larman.3

Because of her fame, she has acquired many partnerships with beauty brands to endorse different products.


Nguyen Huong Giang

She left a huge mark on the international stage when she was declared the first winner of Miss International Queen from Vietnam. It was not hard to figure out why she got the coveted title as she’s often dubbed as one of the most beautiful contestants of Miss International Queen.

Nguyen Huong Giang
Facebook – @jennifer.singer.395

Her success snowballed from being a winner to become a national director of Miss International Queen Vietnam. The pageant is held to select the ladyboy queen who will represent Vietnam in the annual Miss International Queen pageant.

Phung Truong Tran Dai

In 2022, she consistently topped many pageant enthusiast websites regarding their bet to win Miss International Queen that year. What made her popular was her naturally striking beauty. Some pageant fans from Vietnam shared that her beauty was similar to then Miss Universe, Demi Leigh Peters.


Piyada Inthavong

Piyada, also known as Lingling, was born on November 13, 1992. She grew up with a happy childhood in an upper-middle-class family of doctors. Growing up in Champasak, Province, Laos, she wasn’t exposed to the ladyboy culture. Her eyes opened after a trip to Thailand when she witnessed how beautiful ladyboys were.

Piyada Inthavong
Instagram – @piyadainthavong

Years later, she decided to undergo a gender reassign surgery after getting the blessing of her conservative doctor father. She rose to fame when she joined Miss International Queen in 2014 and her name became more of a buzzword from the constant comparisons between her and Nong Poy, another famous ladyboy model.


This country is known for its people being predominantly Muslim. That’s why it’s surprising to find out that it also hosts one of the most beautiful ladyboys in the world.

Millen Cyrus

Albeit having known for controversies and scandals, Millen is famous in the world of social media.

Instagram – @millencyrus

She’s known for her entertaining content and stunning beauty, evident with her more than a million following on Instagram alone.


Because the world is filled with gorgeous ladyboy models, it’s going to be difficult to enlist all of the countries that have ladyboy models. In this section, the ones that will be mentioned will be coming from other regions and countries that haven’t been discussed above.

Anjali Lama

Anjali is a Nepalese beauty who has made a name for herself through modeling. Bollywood, a tough market to break-in into, was able to be penetrated with the help of Anjali’s looks.

Instagram – @anjalilama_official

She’s the first transgender woman to walk for the Lakme Fashion Week. The event is a big thing in the Indian entertainment world. Currently, Anjali is trying to be recognized as an international model.

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