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If you’re looking to go on an adventure in a country with local cultural diversity, the Philippines is your best bet. From teeming mountains and volcanoes, pristine white-sand beaches, unique wildlife and happy-go-lucky hospitable people, you’re bound to enjoy one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. This also might be the place you find the love of your life.

After Thailand, the Philippines is the country with the biggest population of ladyboys in Asia. If you view our site, you’ll see that most of our members come from either Thailand or the Philippines. When it comes to dating ladyboys in the Philippines, there is still a slight stigma among the locals and local men. That’s why ladyboys often opt to date foreign gentlemen because they are more open to loving and respectful relationships with transwomen.

A lot of Filipina ladyboys are educated, expressive and open. They also have this culture of pageantry, often used as a platform to show off humor and wit, as well as spread acceptance and tolerance within the community. Since Filipinos are exposed to western culture, it’s easier for foreigners to communicate with them as most of them speak English. So whether you’re in Manila, Cebu or Davao, you’re less likely to have any communication barriers when speaking with ladyboys or the locals.

The majority of Filipinos do not distinguish between gay men and trans women and trans women are labeled as cross-dressing gay men. However, Filipina trans women are trying to fight that stereotype and teach people that identity is not interchangeable with sexual preference. So for those who want to date a strong, confident, high-value ladyboy, you’re sure to find one in the Philippines.

Why My Ladyboy Date is the best dating site for transpinays

If you happen to be a single transpinay anywhere in the Philippines, you’re in luck. This is the best place to find your one true love. We here at My Ladyboy Date understand that sometimes finding love in the Philippines can be really difficult as many local men still aren’t open to the idea of serious relationships with transwomen. This stigma can sometimes make you feel hopeless, especially when you’ve experienced being used in the past.

You don’t have to worry about this problem here on our dating platform though. A lot of foreign men have already signed up on My Ladyboy Date since it was founded in 2013 and we have already helped many couples form serious and loving relationships. We hope that by signing up with us, you can also find “the one” here.

Dating ideas when you are with your Filipina ladyboy

If you happen to be in these three big cities when you’re in the Philippines, make sure you do these activities with your date while you’re there.


If you’re into history, Manila is full of it. With forts, museums and parks dedicated to Filipino art, history and culture, you are bound to spend hours in this city learning about how the Philippines came to be. One of the fortresses you should visit is the stronghold Fort Santiago which is a premier tourist attraction with its beautiful gardens, fountains and plazas. A picture perfect place to make memories with your lover.


Dried mangoes, lechon and pristine white beaches with turquoise-blue waters. Cebu is an island you’re sure to fall in love with and if you’re in the city, we recommend that you immediately book a boat for island hopping. With Cebu’s abundance in coral reefs, scuba diving or snorkeling should definitely be on your itinerary. And if you’re in love with an island girl, you’re sure to fall in love with the island too.


If you’re hankering for exotic food, Davao is your best bet. Durian is an experience all in itself and if there’s one thing that Davao is widely known for, it’s their sweet and pungent Durian. Durian candy, Durian coffee or Durian fruit, you name it they have it. But if Durian isn’t enough to satisfy your tastebuds, you can always try going to their local “balutan” where you’ll taste the balut, a Philippine delicacy. How’s that for exotic taste?

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My Ladyboy Date is a website for ladyboys, made by ladyboys. Our team is composed of trans women who wanted to make a decent dating platform for other trans women. We know how it feels to be ostracized, discriminated against and fetishised in the dating community. So we founded our website in 2013 with the aim of creating a safe space where ladyboys and gentlemen who love them can meet.

We always strive to keep our website free from opportunists who only want to take advantage of trans women and gentlemen who admire them. Our team works 24/7 to guarantee that the profiles on our site are screened to make sure that the people you are meeting have good intentions.

Ever since our site was founded, we have received hundreds of emails from happy couples who have found decent, loving and respectful partners who have decided to stay with each other for the long haul. We hope that by signing up with us here on My Ladyboy Date, you’ll also find the love of your life in the Philippines. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to start your journey towards your one true love.

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