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While Manila is the capital of the Philippines and Cebu is the Queen City of the South, Davao is known for being the main trade, commerce and industry hub of Mindanao. Davao city is the largest city in the Philippines in land area and is known for being the “Durian Capital of the Philippines”, but that isn’t the only thing that Davao has to offer. With its beautiful natural scenery, charming people and laidback lifestyle it’s the perfect place to travel to and live in - and it just might be where you’ll find the one.

When it comes to dating ladyboys in Davao, there is still a slight stigma around local men dating transgender women. However, times are slowly changing and Davaoenos are more tolerant and accepting of trans women finding real love, especially with foreign men.Trans rights and the rights of people in the LGBT community are still being fought for by many Filipino activists and conversations about inclusion have often been subject to political debate.

Filipino people oftentimes confuse gay men with trans women and do not know that there is a difference between the two. But with the rise of a more progressive community, trans women activists are educating more people on the difference between being gay and being a trans woman.

Filipino ladyboys are generally confident, open, approachable and are not afraid to speak their mind. You’ll find that pageant culture is very popular in the Philippines and it is used as a platform to help spread awareness, tolerance and acceptance of trans women in the community.

Ideal time to go to Davao

The perfect time to go to Davao is during the second week until the last week of August. This coincides with the Kadayawan Festival to celebrate the thanksgiving of a bountiful harvest. During this time, streets are closed for street-dancing and reveling. This is a good time to get to know your ladyboy date’s culture and be immersed in activities that will let you get to know each other better.

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My Ladyboy Date was created for the benefit of ladyboys since there were no decent dating sites catering for them before 2013. If you’re a ladyboy looking for a serious relationship, our team will help you find the love you desire. We pride ourselves in saying that My Ladyboy Date does not promote one night stands.

Our team is mostly composed of trans women which guarantees that we have ladyboys’ best interests at heart. We also prioritize the safety of our members and apply very strict 24/7 moderation to filter out undesirable behaviors such as fake profiles, spammers and the like. Our site was established in 2013 and continues to connect individuals from all walks of life to help them find their forever love.

Romantic date ideas in Davao

If you’re in Davao city, these are some of the places that both you and your ladyboy date can enjoy.

Go high up to have a view of the city

Though Davao’s skyline isn’t that developed yet, the city’s horizon is still a magnificent sight to behold. One of the perfect spots to view the city is Jack’s Ridge. It has a spectacular view and is perfect for an afternoon date over a cup of coffee. There is a restaurant and a cafe in the area, so you and your date don’t have to worry about refreshments while you are getting to know each other.

Enjoy your stay at one of the best resorts

Just off the coast of bustling Davao city is Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Before this became a resort, it was once an old pearl farm where these precious jewels of the sea were cultivated. Now, it is one of the best resorts to relax in when you’re in Davao. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea and sand while you’re with your ladyboy date.

Scale Mt. Apo

For couples who love adventures and the great outdoors, climbing Mt. Apo is an enjoyable activity. It’s the highest mountain peak in the Philippines with its highest point of elevation measuring 3,144 meters above sea level. Climbing the mountain during the afternoon will be a nice activity that ends in watching the sunset together at the summit.

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