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Cebu, also known as the Queen City of the South, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. With pristine white beaches, hospitable locals, and a perfect mix of a laidback lifestyle in an urban setting, it’s been named as one of the best places to live in the Philippines. So whether you’re traveling to or living in Cebu, it just might be the perfect place where you can meet the love of your life.

When it comes to dating ladyboys in Cebu, there is still a slight stigma among local men dating transgender women. However, times are slowly changing and Cebuanos are more tolerant and accepting of trans women finding real love especially with foreign men. And a lot of LGBT Cebuano activists have made it their life mission to fight for the rights of the LGBT community to be respected for their gender identity and sexual preference.

Filipinos often confuse how a person identifies themselves versus their sexual preference and it’s a common misconception in the Philippines that trans women are just cross-dressing gay men. But slowly, a lot of Filipino activists and allies are educating more Filipinos that there is a difference between a gay man and a ladyboy.

Filipino ladyboys in general often are confident, open, approachable and are not afraid to speak their mind. Filipino ladyboys are also fond of joining beauty pageants which is part of the LGBT culture. This is often used as a platform to show how smart, confident, funny, and witty they are so that acceptance and awareness may be pushed forth.

Ideal time to go to Cebu

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, we highly recommend visiting around January to March when the weather is perfect. In January, the biggest mardi gras in the Philippines, the Sinulog Festival, happens on the 3rd Sunday of every year which makes it the perfect time to mingle with the locals and learn about your Cebuana ladyboy date’s culture.

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My Ladyboy Date was created for the benefit of ladyboys since there were no decent dating sites catered for them before 2013. If you’re a ladyboy looking for a serious relationship, our team will help you find the love you desire. We pride ourselves in saying that My Ladyboy Date does not promote hookup culture.

Our team is mostly comprised of trans women which guarantees that we have the best interest of ladyboys at heart. We also prioritize the safety of our members and apply very strict 24/7 moderation to filter undesirable behaviors such as fake profiles, spammers, and the like. Our site was established in 2013 and continues to connect individuals from all walks of life to help them find their forever loves.

Romantic date ideas in Cebu

If you’re in Cebu, these are definitely the places you should not miss out on when you’re with your Cebuana ladyboy date.

Have dinner with a view

There are several places you can go to for romantic views in the city. One of the places we recommend you should go is Blue Elephant, a restaurant atop a skyscraper for a lovely view of the mountainside and the urban jungle. If you want to see the whole of Cebu in one sweep, you can also have dinner at “Tops of Cebu” where you can dine in style while viewing the sunset. After dinner at Tops of Cebu, you might want to pass by “La Vie in the Sky”, a quirky resto/bar where you and your date can enjoy a glass of wine or two.

Go scuba diving, island hopping, and snorkeling

Cebu is known for its spectacular white-sand beaches and turquoise waters and chances are your ladyboy date would love to go to the beach with you. There are several ways you can enjoy a day at the beach. You can opt to go to the beaches of the south like Badian, Alcoy, and the famous MoalBoal - which are perfect places to either get a tan, laze around or even try scuba diving. You can also head for Mactan and choose from several world-class hotels where you can enjoy a dip in the pool or relax by the seashore. If you’re fond of going on boat rides, island hopping is a great way to enjoy the sea and discover Cebu’s amazing coral reefs. Just put on your goggles and go!

Have a cultural tour and visit museums and churches

An educational date is always a fun experience and one way to do this is to visit Cebu’s cultural sites. A great place to visit is Casa Gorordo museum, one of Cebu’s oldest houses where you can revisit Cebu’s historical past through a guided tour. The museum also has a quaint cafe where you and your ladyboy date can enjoy a lovely lunch or afternoon snack after the educational trip. You can also head to Sto. Nino Church thereafter to take a look at the history of Philippine Catholicism and the magnificent church with its beautiful architecture.

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