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Where to Find a Ladyboy Bar?

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Just recently, Thailand declared that they’re COVID-19 free. However, international flights aren’t easily available around the globe yet. This is the best time to plan your trip should you be in the hunt for a ladyboy bar in Thailand.

Please know that this guide was not created to promote adult entertainment. This was created for educational purposes only. What you may or may not do after reading this is upon your discretion.

What’s a Ladyboy Bar

They are like mini strip clubs designated in red-light districts. A good number of them exist in Bangkok’s red-light district in different cities.

Please don’t confuse it with ladyboy shows because the latter is more geared towards cultural entertainment.

dancing ladyboy

The dichotomy between ladyboy shows and ladyboy bars is the nudity. The former’s type of entertainment involves a lot of lip-syncing to operatic and broadway music.

Ladyboy shows also have a lot of cultural dances and different kinds of styles but all done with elaborate clothing.

What Happens inside One?

Meanwhile, in these bars, the ladies are more open to doing freestyle dancing. They’re usually bikini-clad and dance provocatively on a stage or a bar. Some of them go all the way with the nudity bit to make the crowd wild. However, although these beer bars have dancers, it’s not a place to dance like how you would in a normal club.

bar glass

They usually have tables and have patrons drink while watching the ladyboys perform sensual dances. In some places, even the waitresses are ladyboys. They’re also dressed in:

  • bikini
  • French-maid outfits
  • lingerie
  • swimsuits
  • etc

Places like these are highly inclusive. They don’t restrict the gender of the people visiting. Most of the people who visit LB bars are farangs (foreigners). In most ladyboy bars, a ladyboy performer can be asked to join a table for a fee. She’s encouraged by her boss to drink with the patrons for them to order more drinks.

Is it safe to go to a Ladyboy Bar?

Generally speaking, these bars are the same as any gentlemen’s club. It’s a safe place as long as nobody starts trouble (a drunk who can’t control himself perhaps). The police won’t raid a place like it because it has a permit to do business.

a ladyboy bar

Ladyboy bars are widely accepted in Thailand and people are not subject to any legal repercussions by entering one. However, if you’re underage and thinking about going to one, don’t. They may be able to ask for an ID if you look like your age.

Performers in ladyboy clubs and bars are highly professional. They’re proud of their jobs and don’t have to resort to doing anything crazy like stealing or extortion. They get paid handsomely most especially if a client takes them out.

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Are workers in a Ladyboy Bar Selling their Bodies?

Body trade is rampant in red-light districts. Yes, a lot of ladyboy bar workers also engage in selling their bodies but not as frequently as their streetwalker counterparts. Furthermore, some of them completely don’t. This is something for you to find out once you fancy someone from the bar.

ladyboy bar maid

If you’re looking to make a girlfriend out of a ladyboy bar worker and you don’t want to be with someone who sells her body (not that anything is wrong with it), your surest bet is to offer to take her out and ask her if she obliges to private favors. If she says no, start apologizing like you’re cuckoo for coco puffs and pursue her the right way.

Should you be interested in getting to know more about dating ladyboys, feel free to peruse other articles in this blog. My Ladyboy Date blog was created to help gentlemen achieve a successful and lasting relationship with a ladyboy.

Where to Find Ladyboy Bars?

They are not only available in Thailand. However, the majority of these places exist in the land of smiles. Other countries have ladyboy bars as well such as the Philippines (Mixed Nuts Bar).

In Bangkok

You’ll find a lot of gorgeous ladyboys in a ladyboy bar in Bangkok. The reason being is because these girls have more money to maintain their apperances.

Places like these are almost always packed because Thailand is known to host the most beautiful ladyboys around the world.

Bangkok view

If you’re looking for stunning Bangkok ladyboys, you can try the places:

All the places mentioned are quite popular and will leave you breathless (the ladyboys not the places). You may also discover other bars by going to Nana Plaza. If you’re to the east in Chon Buri, try LK Metro, La Bamba bar or Soi 6/1. You may also visit Linda Bar if you’re in Chiang Mai.

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In Pattaya

Pattaya is undeniably the home of the most beautiful ladyboys in Thailand. It’s where the famous Miss Tiffany Show is located and houses the supermodel-looking ladyboys.

Pattaya view

However, if you still insist in going to a Pattaya bar on walking street instead of watching a cabaret show, you could try:

  • Baby Boom Bar
  • New Bar
  • Duangjai Ladyboy Bar (Soi Chalermphrakiat 25, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand)
  • Fantasy Lounge (Soi Buakhao, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand)
  • Lita Bar (Pattaya 13/2, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand)
  • Marine Disco

You may also check other places in Soi 13/1, Soi 13/2, and Soi Buakhao out to find more Pattaya ladyboys.

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In Phuket

Phuket is not as known with its night life as Bangkok and Pattaya. It’s popular because of the island’s natural beauty.

You’re not going to find the best of the best looking ladyboy bar girls but if you’re traveling alone and want to have some fun while still experiencing the gorgeous nature offering, you could definitely try visiting a ladyboy venues Phuket.

Phuket view

However… unlucky for you, such a place doesn’t exist yet as of 2020. You might try using Tinder in the area or watch a ladyboy show and ask from a performer’s number after the show.

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Where to find Asian Ladyboys

Ladyboys are everywhere in Thailand. You can easily see them while you’re buying a beer in 7-eleven. You could even come across one by walking on the street outside your hotel. However, if it’s a ladyboy girlfriend that you’re looking for, it’s better to make a My Ladyboy Date account.

a lovely ladyboy

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You could also try dating apps like Tinder or WeChat but those mostly revolve around one night stands and real relationships barely come to fruition from those apps.

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  • Hello we are a mature trans couple from Canada. How is it for us to go to ladyboy clubs and have some fun perhaps hook up. So how are trans farang treated that are visiting?
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      No problem at all, that's what these bars are for :) AKAIK they treat all farangs very well, cis and trans.

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