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Why do men want a ladyboy girlfriend ?

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There are a lot of factors that can make a man happy. They can get it from friends, family, pets, fast cars, sports, career goals, adventures, and today’s topic at hand, ladyboy girlfriend.

Why Men Like Ladyboys

Transgender women nowadays are slowly being recognized in more a positive light. Why does a man sacrifice himself and why is he willing to take harsh criticisms that people could throw at him just to have a ladyboy girlfriend ?

Sense of Perfection

One particular type of love is making a lot of people raise their eyebrows. It’s the love of men for ladyboys.

What does a man get out of having a relationship with a ladyboy ?

Why are they risking everything just to be in a relationship with her?

perfect ladyboy

If ciswomen are hard to get and men are hard to read, ladyboys are hard to miss !

Most ladyboys are STUNNING. We somehow have this natural sense of perfection. A lot of us are hyper-feminine and we love accentuating our feminine characteristics. I’m a ladyboy myself and I can attest to this.

We are not afraid to go under the knife just to achieve a more feminine body. Some even strive for perfection. I’m not saying that we’re superficial but let’s be realistic here, most men are superficial and go for the looks.

Love starts from attraction after all.

Less Dramatic

Let it be known that everything that’s listed in this guide is based on my experiences. Some are as personal as the knowledge that I’ve obtained from the men who I’ve dated.

Take everything with a grain of salt.

women no drama

Nobody can be a dating expert because it’s simply not possible to sleep with the global population.

Anyway, a lot of men told me that they like ladyboys because we’re less “dramatic”. We don’t get riled up by insignificant things and we tend to focus more on the bigger picture.

Feminine Antics

My friends and I love:

  • wearing makeup
  • fancy dresses
  • high heels
  • taking care of ourselves physically

and we tend to practice grace under pressure.

To be honest, even if I work from home, I always see to it that I look decent.

make up

Simply put, most men love feminine women and there’s really no secret to this. The reason why men like ladyboys is not as complicated as the riddle of the sphinx.

Because most of the world is invalidating our womanhood, we always do our best and work hard in bringing out the women in us. In return, we become irresistible creatures that make men want more. There’s a different kind of energy that we emit; an ULTRA FEMININE energy.

Best of Both Worlds

Let’s not beat around the bush here anymore. Most men who are into ladyboys like us because of what we have between our legs. It’s true.

Sexual attraction may not be the only factor as to why they’re so into us. But realistically, it’s an encouraging piece of meat.

man and women

If you’re reading this, whether you like us or not, I’m sure that you also have sexual preferences. You may have accidentally stumbled upon here and you’re not into women like us. But I am 100% positive that YOU like a penis, vagina, or both.

They especially love how we are women but we can do the penetration as well (the natural way). Wow, I can’t believe that I was able to finally use the word “natural” for an argument. Ladyboys are mostly perceived as artificial and I’ve gotten so used to it already lol.

Ladyboys are very lucky to have a man fall in love with them. Being loved by someone, even if there are a lot of hindrances, means that the feelings are genuine and long term.

What makes ladyboys so special ?

I guess ladyboys are like hidden treasures. We belong to the minority and our rarity is what makes us stand out. Our passion for doing things is quite noticeable as well because we possess the focus of a man and the emotion of a woman. It’s truly a deadly combo. Men who love ladyboys seem to have a hard time getting untangled from our web.

Our repressed Womanhood

Most of us go through a tough childhood. Once we get the chance of living our lives as we wish, it’s like watching an evolution of a butterfly.

laugh ladyboy

We don’t waste any moment in living life because we feel that once we are released from the dark past of living as a boy, the other problems that may arise won’t be as hard anymore.


Most of us have a positive outlook in life. This helps us share our good energy.

No man wants a girlfriend who’s always sulking and who’s almost impossible to please.

positive girl

This is why I guess they’re looking for an alternative like a ladyboy lover.

Men who love ladyboys probably have had a taste of a more fun and fulfilling life with a transwoman. Our experiences have molded us into becoming inspiring and uplifting people.


Some, especially the ones who are so concerned about having the straight guy label, however, just want something new.

They’re just seeking new experiences and challenges and they find a breath of fresh air through having a ladyboy girlfriend.

men who love ladyboys

It’s like when you have your first crush, it’s a different feeling. It’s brand new to you and you invest all your feelings into it.

However, I don’t want to reduce men into loving us just because of boredom.

I think that the real joy in the world of ladyboy dating lies in the fact of knowing that you are with a strong man who’s willing to do everything for you.

We Know Your Body More

Because most of us still have a peepee, we are fully aware of how to pleasure it.

However, please know that not all ladyboys are ok with playing their penises.

Some have intense gender dysphoria. This leads to them not even able to look at themselves in the mirror naked.

sexy couple

I have a friend who was constantly disgusted by her penis and would close her eyes every time she showered because. Currently, she’s had a sex reassignment surgery and she’s very happy about it. I digress.

Going back to the topic, yes, we probably know more about your body than cisgender women. We know:

  • which spot to hit
  • how to stroke
  • how to suck
  • what to lubricate
  • which button to press
  • what tingles
  • the best tactile sensations
  • and more

Before we get too sexual in this article, let’s head on to other more important matters.

Where to find her ?

Ladyboys can be found everywhere. In this section, I’m going to discuss the most common places where you can find ladyboys. Let it be known that I’m not going to discriminate here. I’ll LITERALLY list all of the spots wherein you can find us.

Red Light District

Let’s not pretend like this place is not a pool of ladyboys.

I used to work in the adult industry so you can consider me as an insider.

red light district

Whichever city you go to, as long as it has a red light district, you’ll surely find a ladyboy.

Be it in:

  • Bangkok
  • Singapore
  • Manila
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Jakarta
  • and more

ladyboys are there.

However, it’s probably not a good place to look for true love but who am I to judge. A lot of my friends have experienced their own Cinderella story. In order to not sound contradictory, let’s just put it this way.

A red-light district is not the FIRST place if you’re looking for a serious relationship. There, it’s more politically correct now.


Ladyboys most commonly work in the beauty industry.

However, you can also find a ladyboy girlfriend in a call center, club, and the fashion industry.

find a ladyboy girlfriend at work

Rare places to see ladyboys included in the workforce are schools, banks, IT companies, government, and more.


Most young ladyboys love to party and you’ll see a number of them dancing in the hippest clubs of the metro.

find a ladyboy girlfriend at a club

However, it will be quite hard to spot them because emerging ladyboys are very hard to clock (very feminine).

Dating Websites

Ladyboy Dating sites like My Ladyboy Date are the best place to look for a ladyboy partner. However, I find that My Ladyboy Date is the only sane site to utilize when it comes to serious relationships as it was built upon the goal of having a safe and decent setting to connect decent ladyboys to decent men.

My Ladyboy Date Website

Yes, I’ve reiterated decency in that paragraph just to make you feel extra safe. I’m not being biased just because I’m working for MLD. Let’s get that out there.

Escort Listings

I’ve listed this because I don’t want to be attacked in terms of technicality. Yes, you can also get a ladyboy girlfriend by hiring an escort from a certain listing. Back in the day, it used to be Craigslist and Backpage.

find a ladyboy girlfriend on an escort list

These days, I think escorting is more advanced and does not thrive in a yellow-pages kind of list anymore.

Vivian from Pretty woman was more of a street hooker than an escort but look at her, she found love!

Men who take ladyboys seriously are truly brave and admirable. What exactly do ladyboys offer that these men simply cannot resist ?

If you would like to know more about ladyboys, kindly peruse the Blog section of this site. Good luck in finding a ladyboy girlfriend !



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  1. Ladyboys, especially the one I care about, is a perfect blend of strength, femininity, serenity, compulsive and passionate… You can’t find that certain magic anywhere else but in their arms…

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