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What makes men addicted to Ladyboys?

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There are so many bad habits in this world. However, when it comes to the talk of being partial towards one type of woman, does the term “bad” even apply?

I’m a ladyboy myself and I know for a fact that a lot of men become so addicted to us. Even men who initially disdain our kind, start wanting more after they get to have a taste. Ladyboys are not out of the norm, but we are still considered to belong to the minority which makes us more “dangerous”.

The Beginning of Ladyboy Attraction

They say that bad things can feel so good and one perfect example of this is dating ladyboys. Men who are attracted to ladyboys tell me how plenty of joy dating ladyboys can bring.

Ladyboys inspire men and make them happy because most of us have been through hell. We have no space in our life for negativity. This is quite obvious especially from the get-go of a man’s journey when he’s new to ladyboy dating sites.

Our “Hot” Photos

A lot of ladyboys are vibrant and free-spirited. We’ve already experienced hiding our true gender identity to blend in with the status quo and we don’t want to go back to that dark place.

This is the reason why we’re more REAL and our beautiful souls mostly show through our photos.

atractive ladyboy

Most transgender people, particularly ladyboys, are also quite confident and are not afraid to rock the body that we have been dealt with. A lot of us love showing off our bodies not just because we’re seeking validation or attention, but because we’re proud of how we got it.

We’re women and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved. Just like from the Pussycat Dolls’ song Beep :

“I don’t give a, keep lookin’ at my, cause it don’t mean a thing if you’re lookin’ at my”.

I know that grammatically, it’s quite incorrect but you get the context.

Why would we be bothered by random perverts’ thoughts about us when they’re fully responsible for what goes in their heads? We’ll keep doing our thing and we will remain hot whether you like it or not.

Vibrant Beauties

A lot of ladyboys can turn men from being ladyboy bashers to ladyboy addicts simply by having natural vibrant energy.

Most of us love to have fun and I’m not saying that cisgender people are boring but let’s be realistic here, clubs for LGBTQ people are even frequented by a huge number of cis people.

happy ladyboy

We’re naturally fun people because again, we’ve been through hell. We know how it’s like to be marginalized and we still do. In every moment that we’re given the opportunity to breathe, exist, and just be present in this world, we make sure that it’s filled with nothing but happiness.

The “WOW” Factor

Most ladyboys don’t strive to be basic. We love serving the “WOW” factor.

This is why most of us are quite stunning. The way we accentuate our femininity:

  • With how we do our makeup
  • Dressup
  • The way we walk, and more

Are all strong factors as to why we get to beguile men easily.

fun women

Ladies, if you’re reading this, don’t worry, we’re not after your man. The reason why we strive to look our best and show off our femininity in a very obvious way is that our female energy has been unfairly suppressed for a very long time.

We’re like tigresses who’ve been locked up as tigers for a number of years. Once that cage has been unlocked, expect that all gorgeousness will break loose!

Now that you know all the fundamentals of the beginning of trans attraction, it’s time to talk about more important things.

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Is it Okay to be Attracted to Ladyboys?

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to a group of beautiful people. It’s only wrong if you’re cheating on someone and using ladyboys as your side piece of entertainment.

In today’s world, you should pursue someone that your heart truly beats for. This is why men should be more open publicly in admitting their love for women like us.

Don’t Hide your Ladyboy Attraction

If men continue hiding the fact that they are attracted us, women like us will not be treated with normalcy.

The general public will continue to see us in a tabooed manner.

We are women too and there’s nothing disgusting or embarrassing in loving somebody like us.

beautiful women

Albeit we’re quite up there in terms of physical beauty (no tea, no shade!), we still crave normalcy.

My Ladyboy Date has employed a lot of ladyboys.

  • Our marketing director is a ladyboy
  • Our moderators are ladyboys
  • We have ladyboy managers in our team
  • I, the blogger, am also a ladyboy

What’s so different between you and I? We’re both working a 9 to 5 job in order to achieve our goals in life.

Stop Dehumanizing Us

If you’re new to the world of ladyboy dating, you may only have an idea about people like us through sad news documentaries, headlines, or adult films.

Bryan, or whatever your name is, we are more than that.

Trust me, get to know a ladyboy fully and you’ll see how magical it could be.

sad girl

You’ll never know how much in common we have with you if you keep on thinking about us like we’re bed robots or sultry characters.

Deeper Level of Ladyboy Attraction

My Ladyboy Date was created to bridge ladyboys and men in order to find love but we are in no means saying that we are “puritans”. There are some sexual aspects of why men are attracted to ladyboys and let’s not make it seem like making love is a bad thing because it’s common to 2 people who are in love.

Sensual Attraction to Ladyboys

It goes without saying that men who choose ladyboys as girlfriends or lovers are sensually attracted to us.

It’s not a bad thing because it’s just like how most cisgender men are sensually attracted to cisgender women.

female attracted

Some men have told me that they really enjoy making love with ladyboys and that they can’t get the same satisfaction with cisgender women (which I guess is part of what makes them LB addicts).

Sleeping together is just a fragment of a fantastic relationship with ladyboys. It is just one of the many parts of the attraction but we can’t deny its importance in any kind of relationship.

Mental Connection

Next to sensual attraction is the acceptance that they receive from ladyboys.

Some men feel that we are extraordinary and are the best ears, eyes, and hearts to depend on.

men attracted to ladyboy

Added to that, they trust ladyboys because unlike with most cisgender women, we don’t usually expect too much from a man and don’t want him to be somebody else that the society dictates him to be. Our transition started from rebellion after all.

If you’re a cisgender woman and you’re typing hate right now, please take this guide with a grain of salt. This is based on the men that I’ve had conversations with. You girls are AMAZING!

Challenge with Loving Ladyboys

Challenge is part of something that makes men addicted to ladyboys.

They love feeling the “You and Me Against the World” kind of experience.

They feel that such kind of love (which can withstand everything) is the PERFECT LOVE.

couple in addiction

Men may seem cold but in reality, most of them are very sensitive. I’ve discussed in my earlier post that they are mostly logical but let me tell you this…


I always find it so touching when men share their best love stories to me. Cisgender women and ladyboys often tell me how crazy they are when they are in love but their craziness wouldn’t even amount into half of how CRAZY a man gets when he is in love with someone.

Is Being Addicted to Ladyboys RIGHT for You?

Men are willing to do everything with all their will and power just to brave the storms that may occur in dating ladyboys. If you happen to be of this kind, being a ladyboy addict is definitely for you.

happy couple

The Destructive Addict

However, if your definition of a ladyboy addict is only defined by sleeping with them and using ladyboys in a dehumanizing way, you’re better off in your room and watching adult vids all day.

My Ladyboy Date is not a place for you. This is not a cam site or adult site. This isn’t a “yellow pages” directory for ladyboy for hire either.

The Healthy Addict

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone who could be your soulmate, you’re more than welcome to take a hit.

There are a plethora of amazing ladyboys in My Ladyboy Date who are looking for the same thing as well. Come on, don’t be shy and sign-up now!

If you’re a ladyboy who’s looking for love, trust me, he’s out there! I actually found my boyfriend through this website 😊 Don’t lose hope and keep the dream alive!

Good luck!



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About the author

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Amanda Valentine has been a writer for My Ladyboy Date for over 10 years. She writes various topics on trans dating and other trans-related content. Her personal experiences as a transgender woman have given her a unique point of view on trans topics. She has written 5 books on trans women’s relationships and has made it on Amazon’s best-seller list. Her book “Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen” reached #3 on the Transgender Studies category on Amazon. Her love for writing started when she won a poetry contest in 4th grade which made her pursue a career in literature.

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Comments (11)

  • I do agree .. Lady boy or she male are addictive... I'm addicted to she male since more than a decade.. I met only 2 up till now but I always watch shemale adult content on web n my in my imagination its shemale always... Yes I enjoy with shemale more... That feeling is unmatched... I want a shemale with me my city Pune...
    • Abrham Bas
      You are a sick man
      • Mike Miller
        No he likes what he likes. You are the sick man for not understanding humanity. As long as all all adults why you care so much about a man's desires for a trans girl?
  • I cannot agree that they are addictive any more than women. I suppose if you are sexually orientated that way then they are. Having had transsexual girlfriends (less than genetic women) . I would say there is nothing special about them. Some are great, some are bad no different to genetic women. Hardly surprising since most are special women. However I must confess that I am also addicted to one special woman who does happen to be a transsexual and she was on your site. But I do not love her because she is a transsexual but because she is who she is. - a fantastic, caring .beautiful person.
  • TheNervegear
    i want ladyboy girlfriend
  • disqus_xoLqvHgqmd
    Y i love ladyboys. Always felt a slight lack of excitement with women even if very beautiful and sultry and not attracted to men. I have always found ladyboys and transgirls made my heart race and finally slept with a very beautiful ladyboy. The first time I was able to make love with complete wild abandon. I don't care what i might be labelled as. I just know what I like and need.
  • StunningStuff
    I used to consider myself bisexual, but here in Thailand I date and get involved exclusively with ladyboys. Not always about intimacy, but I the open mindedness, acceptance and pure joy of life I feel around them. I've been in two deep relationship, which though aren't together anymore I consider great friends and have always been there for me.
    None of the ladyboys I know are bar girls or pros, all have good jobs and support themselves and are happy to put their hand in the pocket many times when we're out to eat, movies, etc.
    I wake up every morning, either alone or with my sultry partner and thank the world for bringing me to Thailand and having having such cool and intelligent people in my life..
    Oh yeah, the intimacy is incredible, either top or bottom, and I love being bottom...
  • Most western women have lost a sense of pride in their femininity. Asian LB are truly truly beautiful and more feminine than the average woman in UK, US, Canada - incredibly charming... Hard to ignore one of the LB beauties when they enter a room. Not all of course - making big generalizations-
  • Life is full of Hippocrates. Desire is part of creation, it covers many things besides intimacy. Sexual desires is about as basic as it gets, if you are capable to have intimacy then desire is nothing more than a precursor. It is when social mores and morals come into play and add guilt to the list of consequences that can come from intimacy or the from the mere desire to have intimacy.
  • Indeed it's nice but the problem world will face less population i prefer to have a love triangle between men woman and trans would be better for life.

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