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Newhalf, the Japanese ladyboy

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Plenty of words are used to define transgender women. Some are even deemed offensive in other countries yet are perfectly normal for the countries these words originated from. This is why if you’re planning to date an asian ladyboy, you must know what words may or may not offend her and how to address her properly.

Today, you’re going to learn about semantics that are encompassing the Japanese ladyboy… in particular, the word NEWHALF (ニューハーフ). We’re also going to discuss them as individuals and everything about their world.

What is a newhalf?

It is a word that’s popular in Japan to pertain to a transgender woman. Although the word taken literally can also define transgender men, it is mostly used for trans women.

Added to that, it’s also commonly used for transgender women who still possess a peen.

a newhalf

Internet’s language however, makes it seem like it is synonymous to the word shemale because when you do a quick Google search of the word, you’re going to see a majority of transgender women adult content.

Newhalf, the word from a Japanese literal sense means someone who’s half woman and half man and has been widely used in the country and originally did not have any ill intents. However, in today’s world, it’s not as normal as it used to be anymore.

Newhalfs in Ancient Japan

Before the popularization of Abrahamic religions, they already existed. In the Edo period of Japan, accounts of male to female individuals have extensive records in the history books.


Kabuki is a term used to describe men dressing up as women to perform in shows.

This may be considered synonymous to modern day’s cross-dressing or drag performances but what we also don’t know is how these kabukis live behind the scenes.

a Kabuki

What we do have in the records is one of the onnagata actors Yoshizawa Ayame, who dressed up and behaved as a woman even outside the theater.


Edo’s red-light district Yoshiwara was also filled with trans-masculine workers.


They’re also apparent in onabe bars since the 1960s.

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Is it offensive?

If you want to stay on the safe side, please avoid using the word newhalf. It may be acceptable if you’re a Japanese transgender woman or someone who’s from Japan but generally, it is nowadays seen more of a derogatory word rather than just a slang.

two japaneses people

Yes, you may argue that the origin still has more weight than the present connotation… however, you have to realize that in life, nothing’s constant but change. There are many other words that were not as offensive back then as they are today but why take a risk when you can simply use something as safe as a transgender woman.

What do Japanese people call Transgender Women?

Now that the word is not what it used to be anymore, you may be wondering what Japanese people are using nowadays to address transgender women.

Nope, you have not guessed it right. In Japan, it’s still okay to call transgender women newhalf. They’re also called tranny and ladyboy and these terms are not as offensive as they are in the west.

a Japanese ladyboy

In Thailand, ladyboy and kathoey are still widely used. In the Philippines, a lot of people still call transgender women bakla which is an umbrella term used to define transgender women and gay men.

Other terms that you could look up are:

The evolution of these words still have not caught up to the majority of the population in the east. However, with all due respect, if you already know the negative connotations that these words hold, it’s better for you to just be the bigger person and address transgender women as women.

What does Futanari have to do with the Japanese ladyboy?

Futanari in a literal sense in Japan is used to pertain to hermaphrodite people. However, it evolved into a word that’s widely used to sell transgender women adult comics or Futanari Manga. Nowadays, instead of it being known as a word to use for hermaphrodites, its literal meaning became peengirl.

a cute figurine

This is why when you do a search in google for Futanari in Google Images, you will be flooded with a lot of adult content that includes characters depicting transgender women with peens.

Famous Japanese Newhalfs

There are plenty of famous Japanese transgender women. Some are even government officials. Although the semantics haven’t quite evolved, the respect for transgender women in Japan is constantly growing.

Aya Kamikawa

She is not only highly-respected in Japan’s trans community. This lady is also the first openly trans person to win elected office in Japan.

Her platforms revolve around :

  • the rights of women
  • the elderly
  • children
  • handicapped
  • gay
  • lesbian
  • bisexual
  • transgender individuals

Ai Haruna

Ai’s journey to stardom started when she won the most prestigious international beauty pageant for transgender women Miss International Queen in 2009.

Ai Haruna, 37, from Japan, holds her trophy after winning the Miss International Queen 2009 in the Thai resort city of Pattaya, about 150 km (93 miles) southeast of Bangkok October 31, 2009. REUTERS/Chaiwat Subprasom (THAILAND SOCIETY ENTERTAINMENT)

Today, Ai Haruna is a superstar in Japan. She’s a TV personality, singer, and model who’s also a household name in Japan.

Annabel Yu

Although Annabel Yu is not as popular as others, her beauty is slowly making waves in the social media world.

Annabel Yu

She’s often called the prettiest Japanese transgender woman.

Can Japanese Transgender Women change their gender Markers?

Sadly in Japan, its views on gender identity are not as advanced as its views on technology.

In Japan, transgender people may only change their legal documents if they’re :

  • 20 years old and above
  • sterile
  • have no children under 20 years old
  • have passed a psychiatric evaluation that diagnoses them to indeed have a gender identity disorder

Although this is more advanced than other countries, it still leaves an individual’s gender identity to the hands of other people. The silver lining, however, is that Japan’s government help pays 70% of one’s gender reassignment surgery granted that they pass the requirements to obtain the financial aid.

Are Transgender Women Respected in Japan?

Japan is still a modern country at the end of the day.

Most people mind their own business and couldn’t care less of how other people identify themselves.

In Japan, there are even bars that exclusively have transgender women hostesses.

A lot of transgender women are also welcome in the workforce.

Although the laws need to be revised in order to provide transgender people of utmost dignity and rights, Japan is still fairly a safe place to live and thrive as a transgender individual.

Where to meet them

As discussed in the section above, you may find Japanese ladyboys working as hostesses in karaoke clubs and tea houses. You may also randomly find them working in malls and other establishments.

They are quite passable because of their small frame, delicate features, and smooth skin. It may be harder for you to spot one. If you’re looking to date Japanese transgender women, your best bet would be My Ladyboy Date.

japanese city

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We analyzed Google Trends data to compare the popularity of various terms that refer to transgender women in Asia and in the world. This is what we found out.

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