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Ladyboy-Friendly Places in the Philippines

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I know that we, Asian ladyboys, have come far when it comes to our rights. However, in a country with a dominantly backward mindset like where I’m from, the Philippines, there’s still a huge stigma. More often than not, transgender women here get treated like shiz. It is wrong, I know, but what can we do?

If your ladyboy girlfriend is from the Philippines, I will suggest places wherein you and your ladyboy date won’t be shunned. Don’t ever bring her to the “hip clubs”; especially in Taguig City because a lot of idiots there discriminate transgender women and still address us as Crossdressers.

Let’s make TS Dating quite easy by visiting…

A Luxury Hotel Restaurant

If you want to have a fancy dinner with your ladyboy date and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable from the ignorant bigotry that most locals tend to exhibit, head to a place such as a 5-star hotel wherein the locals are more aware of how to respect transgender women and where the place is a melting pot of diverse cultures.

luxury restaurant

Hotels such as the Shangri-La, Fairmont, Sofitel, Marriott, and Hyatt are my personal favorites. You may also choose a 3-star option and I’m quite sure the staff there are also trained in hospitality, thus, decreasing the chances of your girlfriend being discriminated.

However, since we’re talking about a date here, take her somewhere she’d be impressed so stick to my personal favorites lol. Besides, hotel rates in the Philippines are much cheaper compared to most hotel rates in the west. You’ll be able to wine and dine her first class for only under $200.

An Upscale Mall

I’m starting to sound like a golddigger now but seriously; a place wherein money is present is usually filled with more… tolerant and forward-thinking people.  My favorite malls to go on a date are:

  • Greenbelt
  • Makati
  • Shangri-La Plaza. 

You can also visit the Power Plant Mall.

the Power Plant Mall

I haven’t personally gone to the places that I’ll mention in Cebu and Davao but I’ve read a lot of great things about them. I’m still going to include some of the places in key cities of the Philippines that I find are quite interesting based on my research.

For Cebu, feel free to check out Ayala Center and for Davao, go ahead and check out Abreeza Mall. Avoid SM Malls for a date at all costs if you want to have a peaceful time in dating your ladyboy girlfriend.


This guide won’t be complete without the inclusion of why the Philippines is famous; the beaches. You’re out of your mind if you’re not going on a staycation with your ladyboy girlfriend in the best beaches in the country. Added to that, most people on the beach are there to have fun and don’t want to be subjected to drama and I haven’t personally experienced being discriminated in beach resorts.

a resort

I highly suggest that if you want to be extra sure that your girlfriend won’t be discriminated, try taking her to a more exclusive place. In Manila, there are no swimmable beaches so don’t get your hopes up. The closest thing that you could get into experiencing the beach vibe is through the Paris Hilton Beach Club resort in Azure Residences.

Should you be in Aklan, Cebu, Bohol, and other places in the Visayas which are known for beaches, try staying in 5-star hotels. If you’re in Subic, I highly recommend Kamana Sanctuary Hotel Resort and Spa.

If you have a lot of disposable income, you may also lookup Amanpulo, Palawan but be well aware that it’s quite pricey to stay there. Palawan has many resorts that are also ladyboy-friendly so you won’t have a problem discovering the island while enjoying the company of your ladyboy date.

Balesin, Island in Quezon also sounds like a good option but I’ve heard that they discriminate nannies and drivers there so I’m not really sure how the staff would treat ladyboys.

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Red Light District

I’m an Aquarius so being different comes with the package but if you want to have naughty fun with your ladyboy date, a red light district will never judge you.  I mean… there are hookers with their butt cheeks showing on the street, who’s in there to judge really?  I kind of enjoy the random drunken fights on the street as well but if you’re not inclined to this kind of night out, skip it.

If you are in Manila, definitely check out Malate or P.Burgos street in Makati. Should you be in Pampanga, go to Olongapo in Angeles city. If you’re in Cebu, head towards the red-light district near the IT park. Davao doesn’t have a booming red-light district because of the curfew so feel free to skip this section.

However, before inviting your ladyboy girlfriend to such a place, assess her personality beforehand. She might be prissy and would take your invitation as an insult. Some may even not like the idea of you having a view of provocative ladyboys loitering the streets while she dips her sashimi into a wasabi bowl.

This is a double-edged sword so I don’t recommend this one if you’re still getting to know her. However, if the two of you have already established a strong bond and the petulance is out of the window, try it!

A More Private Restaurant

There are a lot of intimate restaurants that can be found in Bel-Air Makati and Eastwood Quezon City which you can take your ladyboy date for a romantic dinner.  If you don’t like a crowded mall, these places are a little quieter. 

a couple in a restaurant

If you’re less of the ambiance and more of the good food kind of guy, you can find gems in Timog, Quezon City.  I just noticed that these places are all in Metro Manila so if you live somewhere outside the Metro and know of good ladyboy-friendly places, please write them in the comments section below.

The reason why I highly suggested this one is because I think that it’s quite a sane and safe option. People who are discreet enough to know and enjoy such places are the usual people who have basic knowledge when it comes to etiquette.


Musicals in the Philippines are underrated and I think that you should definitely check them out. Sadly, we don’t have opera in the Philippines but still, musicals are quite ladyboy-friendly. Seriously, you’re going to be in the dark for the rest of the date so who would bother discriminating your ladyboy date?

a piano concert

Added to that, it also evokes a lot of emotions that can help shape up the night so it’s the perfect prep before your actual date in the restaurant. Don’t be daunted because musicals in the Philippines don’t have to cost a lot of money. Tickets usually range from $10 – $100. You may check out:

  • Solaire
  • Resort’s World
  • and CCP Theater

Again, if you’re in other cities in the Philippines, I apologize because I won’t be much of help in this guide but from my research, you may try:

  • The Cebu Theater
  • Davao Theater Arts

Tourist Destinations

Most locals in tourist destinations are used to dealing with foreigners and these places are filled with different people who are there to appreciate the scenery and not bother with who people date and why.

big sand castle
  • ride horses in Baguio City
  • sit on top of the kalesa in Manila’s Intramuros
  • ride the waves in Siargao
  • do long walks on the beach in Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, and Palawan

Whatever you’re into, the Philippines has a lot of friendly places for you and your ladyboy date.

Bonus: Etiquette of your Ladyboy Date

Let me preface this by saying that I’m far from being Emily Post nor Martha Stewart. I’m not the paragon of elegance but I’m a ladyboy who was able to penetrate a lot of places without having to be subject to clownery and discrimination.

a ladyboy

I’ve included this section in my post because sometimes, it’s not the place but it’s the etiquette or lack thereof that’s the problem. Please know that I did not create this in order to attack people for who they are and I didn’t make this to make it seem like I’m trying to insinuate that I’m better than the others.

Too much is too much

Let’s be honest, some ladyboys can be too loud in terms of actions, speaking, and dressing up. There’s a time and place to be noisy and it’s definitely not the library nor a public place that doesn’t involve loud music. Excitement can still be genuine without her squealing and screaming like she’s getting murdered by a chainsaw.

Furthermore, some ladyboys like to have their breasts hanging out even if they’re only going out to buy lettuce in the grocery store. This does not have to be the norm. Respectable women don’t do all of these so maybe it’s not being a ladyboy that she’s being discriminated for but it’s her etiquette. However, I don’t know how you’re going to manage to talk about this without offending her.

People often judge a book by it’s cover

Added to that, it’s best if you’re also appropriately dressed as well. Trust me, money talks a lot. If you always dress like a hobo, you’re going to be prone to discrimination. I know that it’s not right but seriously, you have to know what to wear and when to wear it if you want to instantly gain others’ respect.

Don’t wear a sleeveless shirt and flip flops if you’re going to eat in a fancy restaurant. Nobody needs to know that you’re a tourist all the time. Anyway, this etiquette section is getting too long so I hope that you’ve learned something from this Ladyboy-friendly places in the Philippines guide!




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