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Posted on April 26, 2019
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I know that we, trans women, have come far when it comes to our rights but in a country with a dominantly backward mindset like where I’m from, the Philippines, there’s still a huge stigma when it comes to treating women like me.  It is wrong, I know, but what can we do?

If your dating a ladyboy from the Philippines, I will suggest places wherein you and your ladyboy date won’t be shunned.  Don’t ever bring her to the “hip clubs” especially in Taguig City because those motherfuckers discriminate transgender women and still address them as “Crossdressers or Gay Men in Drag”.

A Luxury Hotel Restaurant

If you want to have a fancy dinner with your ladyboy date and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable from the ignorant bigot of most of the locals, head to a place such as a 5-star hotel wherein the locals are more aware of how to respect transgender women and where the place is a melting pot of diverse cultures.  Hotels such as the Shangri-La, Fairmont, Dusit Thani, Marriott, and Hyatt are my personal favorites.

An Upscale Mall

I’m starting to sound like a golddigger now but seriously, a place wherein money is present is usually filled with more… tolerant and forward-thinking people.  My favorite malls to go on a date are Greenbelt, Makati and Shangri-La Plaza.  You can also visit the Power Plant Mall.  By the way, I’ve heard great places in Cebu as well but I want this guide to be from my experience because I’m pretty sure of how these places are already.

Red Light District

I’m an Aquarius so being different is innate with me but if you want to have naughty fun with your ladyboy date, a red light district will never judge you.  I mean… there are hookers with their butt cheeks showing on the street, who’s in there to judge really?  I kind of enjoy the random drunken fights on the street as well but if you’re not inclined to this kind of night out, skip it.

A More Private Restaurant

There are a lot of intimate restaurants that can be found in Bel-Air Makati and Eastwood Quezon City which you can take your ladyboy date for a romantic dinner.  If you don’t like a crowded mall, these places are a little quieter.  If you’re less of the ambiance and more of the good food kind of guy, you can find gems in Timog, Quezon City.  I just noticed that these places are all in Metro Manila so if you live somewhere outside the Metro and know of good ladyboy-friendly places, please write them on the comments section.  And lastly…

Tourist Destinations

Most locals are used to dealing with foreigners and these places are filled with different people who are there to appreciate the scenery and not bother with who people date.  Ride horses in Baguio City, ride the waves in Siargao, do long walks by the beach in Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, and Palawan.  Whatever you’re into, the Philippines has a lot of friendly places for you and your ladyboy date.




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