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Posted on February 15, 2019
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I’m a victim of looks and I have to say that my experience with dating handsome men has been tough.  Are you dating someone and the situation often gives you anxiety and jealousy from the bees swarming your ladyboy date?  I’m not saying that you’re not a looker and you’re insecure but this really happens when dating someone so aesthetically universal lol.

Let it be known that I am not discouraging anyone from dating someone who is considered to be very good-looking.  I’m just going to give some tips on how to deal with the situation solely from my experience.  First of all, I am not saying that I am too ugly from my past partners lol.  It’s just that since my past partners were men, I tend to get more “competition”.  Both men and women in the LGBTQ and out can potentially be attracted to him.

I’m a transgender woman and not for the mainstream so he gets less competition if I’m making any sense at all lol.  To be honest, I’m used to people looking at me instead of my date when I go out but when I’m dating a really handsome guy, I notice a huge decrease from the looks I get that is being channelled into him.

So, how do you deal with dating someone extremely beautiful?

Break up with her! Just kidding lol.

I know how this sounds mundane and cliched but remind yourself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Maybe it’s just you who’s thinking she’s all that because you’re smitten lol.  Nothing wrong with that but sometimes, our minds play tricks on us which unnecessarily incites our insecurities.  If she’s indeed gorgeous and has titles to back it up (a beauty queen perhaps?), refer to section 1A lol.

Accept the FACT

Yes Brad, your ladyboy date is, in fact, a demi-goddess living amongst us humble servants.  The people in the room agree and the crown (can be literally and figuratively) speaks for itself.  Instead of sulking about how you’re not good enough for her, you have to be proud instead.  Proud that out of all the men who glorify her, she chose to glorify you back.  However, if your beautiful ladyboy date is too full of herself and is making it clear to you that you’re VERY LUCKY that she chose you, dump her.  Law of gravity will get to that bitch anyways lol.

Compete with YOURSELF

Never ever ask her who her exes are because chances are, you’d end up comparing yourself to her celebrity or CEO exes.  I did this once and it made me feel shitty for days because I had an ex who dated beauty queens, models and porn stars lol.  Technically, compared to her exes, I had no job title or crowns that validated my looks but when I come to the realization that the guy who dated extremely beautiful people was dating me instead, I felt like I was in the same lane and if not… more beautiful than them! I mean obviously… he was MY man lol.

Do something more productive with your time and relationship with your ladyboy date rather than beating yourself for not being too good.  It’s just like what Mariah Carey sings in one of her songs… “Baby, it’s all in your mind”.

Know what REAL BEAUTY is

You’re too old to get a pep talk from me but in case you forgot, real beauty is SKIN DEEP.  Get this in your head with a lightning bolt scar Harry, physical beauty fades but inner beauty lasts for a lifetime.  Unless you’re too superficial then I can’t help you anymore.

Anyway, she loves you. Stop fidgeting.

Good Luck!



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