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How to keep your ladyboy date Happy

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Everyone wants to be happy and that feeling is incited by different things, situations, people, and more.  Let me preface this article by saying that the tips I’m going to give out do not apply to everyone but I, as a ladyboy myself, may be able to help you and your ladyboy date’s relationship to further flourish.

Kindly don’t think that being in a relationship requires a lot of maintenance.  These are just some things you can do when you feel like expressing your love or when she’s down and needs a good cheering up.

Tell her she’s beautiful

I know how prevalent we see self-encouragement is everywhere and there is nothing wrong with that. There’s also nothing wrong about seeking validation from a person who you really care for and love.  If my boyfriend doesn’t tell me I’m beautiful, who the F will?  It’s not very hard to do so especially if you genuinely find her beautiful.

ladyboy dating a guy

Your ladyboy girlfriend must always feel beautiful because if she does, she will always feel secure with you. Having security translates to having fewer arguments and trust issues. However, don’t overdo it as well because her ego might get inflated and you wouldn’t want that.

Learn to interject compliments into conversations in a natural manner. For example, before the two of you go out, you can compliment her by saying:

“wow, you look gorgeous darling”

You may also use this line if you meet her up in a restaurant for a date if the two of you aren’t living together yet.

Woo her

Courtship doesn’t end when your ladyboy date agrees to be your girlfriend.  You didn’t get a girlfriend just to have it as a badge or just to “complete” your personhood.  I’m assuming that you looked for a girlfriend because you are looking for a lifetime partner.

You can woo her using different methods:

  • either by words
  • gifts
  • actions
  • service
  • and more

Be creative and if you’ve been dating her for quite some time now, I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of her innate desires.

hand kissing

Make some of those desires happen as long as you are in the position to do so.  Don’t go overboard by fulfilling everything she wants at the cost of yourself. Furthermore, consistency is key when you’re wooing her. Don’t make her feel good only in the beginning stages because she will notice the change and might overthink things.

The way that she should feel if she’s in a relationship with you is that she’s not disposable. Once she feels like you can toss her away like milk that has gone bad, she will slowly lose intimacy.

Don’t escalate arguments

I don’t know who nags in your relationship but if ever you happen to have an argument with your ladyboy date, always remember that a deep and sensible conversation is always a better form of communication rather than yelling and getting angry.

Personally, I stop listening when voice is raised at me because that shiz doesn’t reverberate sense into my ears.  How will I be able to comprehend the words of a lunatic?  I simply don’t speak crassly and you shouldn’t as well if you want to keep your ladyboy date happy.

sad couple

If she’s on the nagging end, you have to put her into place by channeling a little bit of your alpha energy. Make her feel that your voice matters as well amidst the noise that she keeps on reverberating in your ears.

Should the two of you not be able to meet halfway, that’s when the problem begins and it might be the perfect time to reconsider your relationship. A long relationship filled with arguments is nothing but toxic existence. Your life matters so don’t waste any more time with this person.

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Understand cultural differences

If you’ve signed up in My Ladyboy Date, you’re probably looking for a Thai ladyboy, Filipina ladyboy, or any Asian ladyboy girlfriend. No matter what you’re looking for, you must understand that a thing such as cultural differences exists.

A lot of people tend to trivialize cultural differences and have the notion that the power of love can withstand everything. That’s a cute thought if you’re let’s say… twenty-five years old but if you’re more than thirty, that’s just stupid.

religous statue

Cultural differences affect a lot of aspects of life. It affects:

  • relationships
  • individuality
  • career choices
  • financial obligations
  • and more

These are the most common foundations of a person’s life and if these are compromised because of cultural differences, problems will arise.

The only way to get passed this hurdle is by being more understanding and open-minded. Compromise is also key and the two of you should be working with each other and not against each other. Give yourself more room to grow because trust me, Asian culture is quite diverse and you will be a little shocked.

Get ingenious in the bedroom

A very wise person under the name of Samantha Jones once said that making love is the barometer of a healthy relationship.  If it is bad, the relationship is probably on the rocks.

couple in a bed

I mean… I don’t know about you but if I’m not attracted to my boyfriend physically anymore, it simply means there’s something that he did that I can’t get passed or I’m just not in love anymore.

Discount the looks when I talk about being sensually attractive because clearly, you like your ladyboy date physically as you asked her to be your girlfriend.  All I’m saying is that our individualities have different facets and fantasies and who would better fulfill those fantasies with you than your ladyboy date?

Protect her

It’s quite crazy that in the reality of 2020, transgender people and trans-oriented relationships are still discriminated against. It’s crazy to think that being true to oneself is still considered taboo. Because of this, hurdles will always exist and if you truly love her, you must always protect her.

kind couple

She will be discriminated against:

  • on the street
  • by her family
  • by your family
  • by her friends
  • by your friends
  • by her co-workers
  • by your co-workers
  • by your friends
  • by her friends…

And the list is simply endless. This discrimination will also rub onto you and trust me, you will get flak simply by dating her.

Transgender people seem to be suffering from an endless battle and it would be nice if she could depend on you. Besides, you’ve signed up in this relationship so you shouldn’t just be with her only through the good times. Be brave enough to defend her and make her feel like she made the right choice by being with you.

She’s not different from a cisgender woman

If you want to avoid potential arguments, stop putting her in the transgender woman box. Don’t think of her as a transgender woman only and start thinking of her as a woman… PERIOD.

Should you keep doing so, she will constantly feel insecure and that she could never match up to your cisgender ex-girlfriends. Furthermore, you may argue that you keep telling her that she’s better than “normal girls” and that you’re actually complimenting her. On the contrary, you’re just further denormalizing her existence.

cisgender women

Yes, she may have a different past or something different between her legs but a person’s core cannot be seen on the outside. Her womanhood stems from the inside and you should focus on this more.

The way to do this is simply by zipping your mouth. Stop comparing her to cisgender women. If possible, also introduce her to your cisgender friends so she won’t feel like she’s any different. Expose her to more “square” people because trust me, the “normalcy” will be quite refreshing for her.

Be Inventive

You’re the one who knows your ladyboy date the best so it’s time for you to be inventive. If you want to make her happy, you should list the things that you’ve known in the time that you’ve been together. Focus on some keywords in your conversations about what she mentions that make her happy.

thinking guy

If you can, make some of her dreams come true as well. Be a good observer and check when her face lights up as she mentions something. You truly don’t need a guide on how to make her happy because if you truly love her, your heart will teach you.

All you truly have to do to keep her happy is to simply follow your heart. I hope that somehow, I was able to get rid of your trepidations. If you enjoyed reading this How to keep your ladyboy date happy guide, please share it on your timeline.



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