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Miss Tiffany Universe 2020 Coronation Night

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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The most prestigious beauty pageant for transgender women in Thailand is upon everyone. A night of glitz, glamour, and change is set to happen on November 28, 2020. Whether you’re placing a bet, looking at beautiful ladyboys, a pageant aficionado, or just plain curious, you shouldn’t miss it.

If you want to know more about Miss Tiffany Universe 2020, keep reading.

What is Miss Tiffany Universe?

Miss Tiffany Universe is an annual and prestigious beauty pageant for ladyboys in Thailand. The title Miss Tiffany Universe is what aspiring teen ladyboys are dreaming to have.

Miss Tiffany Universe logo

More than fifteen million people in Thailand watch it yearly and along with its popularity comes opportunities of a lifetime. Winners of Miss Tiffany Universe are not only awarded with a title, but they’re also given big prizes such as cars, cash, sponsorships, and more.

Added to that, plenty of the contestants get discovered and get the chance to work as models and actresses for big national and international companies. Above all, what’s great about Miss Tiffany Universe is it doesn’t only help the contestants achieve their dreams. It’s also instrumental in helping the needy and people who are victims of the AIDS stigma through its chosen charities.

Miss Tiffany 2019 Winner

The current titleholder of Miss Tiffany Universe is Ruethaipreeya “Dear” Nuanglee. She’s bested 27 candidates who are also equally intelligent and beautiful as she is.

Dear, 27, a liberal arts student, shared, “This has been my dream since I was a child. Today, that dream came true,” on her Instagram account right after winning the coveted crown.

Miss Tiffany 2019 Winner

The student of Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University was asked what differentiated her from the other contestants for the final question to which she answered,

“Unlike the other contestants, this is my first time competing and following my dream. I’m determined to be Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2019”.

Her first and second runner-ups are Thanyada “Name” Kanpaipuen and Patchara “First” Sripattanakul respectively. Apart from the diamond-studded crown, cash prize, sponsorships, and more, she also got the opportunity to represent Thailand in the upcoming Miss International Queen 2020 (the most prestigious beauty pageant for transgender women around the world).

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Official Miss Tiffany Universe 2020 Candidates

Below is a list of the official candidates and some information about them online. Please know that this list is still incomplete as of today as the official Facebook page’s uploads of their individual videos are still incomplete.

Miss Tiffany Universe 2020 Candidates
  1. Paniti Chanpitak – Paniti, also known as “Cindy” is an architect who received first honor.
  2. Natthawit Sitthipanya – Natthawit, also known as “Nanny” is a spa massage shop owner.
  3. Worapicha Kongin – Worapicha, also known as “Tree” is a pharmacist from the north of Thailand who believes in self-acceptance.
  4. Watasin Pongpakat – Watasin, also known as “Waewa” is a farmer who is also a pineapple ranch administrator and also owns a durian garden.
  5. Methawee Thongthaitae – Methawee, also known as “Lace” is an aspiring model.
  6. Chanyapat Plongthong – Chanyapat, also known as “Bass” is the first transgender cheerleader from M.O. who aims for equality.
  7. Touchakorn Kaewmeekritchayadech – Touchakorn, also known as “Boss” is a fashion designer. She likes looking chic and has a passion for designing and making Indian desserts.
  8. Lalana Kantachai – Lalana, also known as “Mini” is a student of Intermech. She’s fluent in Thai, English, and German and she’s passionate about European Tourism.
  9. Siriprapawadee Inwawong – Siriprapawadee, also known as “Rice Leaf” hopes to have a better life and have a career in travel administration.
  10. Kwanlada Rungrojampa – Kwanlada, also known as “Rock” has a love for arts and dreams that Thailand will have a better society.
  11. Kritchaporn Chayamongkol – Kritchaporn, also known as “Gift” as an assistant manager and she believes that society can be better by starting with small steps.
  12. Pichaya Ploysangngam – Pichaya, also known as “Peach” works in a hotel. She also shared that she is ready to fight for her dreams.
  13. Pathumthip Siriworranam – Pathumthip, also known as “Lmao” is a restaurant owner. She strongly believes in girl power and studying ideas for the betterment of society.
  14. Patthaporn Sununta –  Patthaporn, also known as “Kan Plu” is a beauty consultant. In her consultations, she also motivates and reassures her clients to feel better.
  15. Apasara Muennoi – Apasara, also known as “Tan” is a big dreamer. She shared that she wants to combine the cultures of Doctor Lam and Cabaret Shows.
  16. Issaree Mungman – Issaree, also known as “Nat” is a pattesier who studied under the supervision of a famous chef. She shares that she’s a woman who has every right to choose her own path.
  17. Pharisa Naruwatpakorn – Pharisa, also known as “Maprang” is a nursing assistant who dreams to become Miss Tiffany Universe 2020.
  18. Sikarn Asawapornwiput – Sikarn, also known as “Sand” is a manager for a post office.
  19. Nitikarn Settachayanan
  20. Cherrisa Inpim
  21. Maysa Petkram
  22. Pakorn Klaharn
  23. Sirada Soontornchainukul
  24. Keytawt Wongsophaphan
  25. Pattarawan Kongphuthon
  26. Caroline Torres Sintornswat
  27. Thitikorn Jaemjaeng

Pre-coronation Night Events

Before the coronation night of Miss Tiffany Universe 2020 on November 28, 2020, events and special awards have already been given out. Furthermore, there are also fast-track competitions and videos that you may watch through their official Facebook Fan Page.

Pre-coronation Night Event

Their fan page also updates the introduction of the candidates for you to have a better understanding of what each lady’s advocacies, talents, skills, etc. are.

What Miss Tiffany 2020 Universe will Receive

The lucky winner shall receive a trophy and crown, Honda Jazz car, cash prizes, jewelry, and more gifts from sponsors. Besides the overall winner, other awards include Miss Photogenic, Miss S*xy Star, Miss Congeniality, and Miss Popular Vote.


Miss Tiffany’s Universe is also Thailand’s official representative to Miss International Queen.

How to Watch Miss Tiffany Universe 2020

Miss Tiffany Universe 2020 can be watched on Channel 3 if you’re in Thailand. They will also stream it live on their official Facebook fan page Miss Tiffany Universe on November 28, 2020, at 10:45 PM (Thailand time).

The show is presented by Miss Tiffany’s Universe in collaboration with Tiffany’s Show Pattaya. Some of its major sponsors are Marriott Hotel, Amazing Thailand, Mistine, Skin Hospital, Amado, and more.

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