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The Colorful World of Miss Gay pageants in the Philippines

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Are you a fan of ladyboy beauty pageants or just a fan of beauty pageants in general? If so, you’re going to love this read about the colorful world of the Philippines’ Miss Gay beauty pageants.

Many Asian ladyboys enjoy the glitz and glamor but today, we’re going to talk specifically about ladyboys from Philippines who choose to celebrate diversity amidst being positioned in a country whereby rights for the LGBTQIA+ community are still non-existent.

Why is it called Miss Gay and not Miss Trans?

Ladyboy beauty pageants in the Philippines have a long history. They started before the term transgender was popularized globally. This is why coloquially, most people still call beauty pageants for ladyboys “Miss Gay” and not “Miss Trans”.

The term was not created to invalidate the womanhood of trans women in the Philippines. However, things are changing lately as people are becoming more politically correct.

Where is Miss Gay held?

Miss Gays are held everywhere but the majority of them are done in open areas such as town halls and town basketball courts. Most barangays in the Philippines have annual Miss Gays and they’re usually named from the area in which they are held.

For example, if the barangay is San Andres, the beauty pageant will likely be called “Miss Gay San Andres”.

What are the Most Prestigious Miss Gays or Ladyboy beauty pageants in the Philippines?

There are numerous beauty pageants for ladyboys in the Philippines. Some of them generously reward their winners with cars, house and lots, and over $10,000 in cash prize.

In this section, we will include the ones that have a lot of media coverage. This doesn’t say that these are the only ones that are prestigious in the country. Feel free to write anything we miss in the comments section below.

In no particular order, let’s start with…

Super Sireyna

Eat Bulaga is the longest-running noontime show in the Philippines and it’s the first TV show that televised Miss Gay. Their beauty pageant is called Super Sireyna which translates to Super and Sireyna (a play of the words mermaid and queen in tagalog).

It’s considered one of the most prestigious Miss Gays in the Philippines because it has a reach of tens of millions of Filipinos and the program is done in a respectful and non-comical way.

One of its guest judges in its last finals night was Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969. My Ladyboy Date’s COO Maki Gingoyon is also one of its titleholders and her official title is Super Sireyna Queen of the Sky 2017.

The last three winners of Super Sireyna are Nicole Guevarra Flores (2018), Trixie Maristela (2014), and Francine Garcia (2013).

Miss Amazing Philippines

This beauty pageant originated from Amazing Philippine Theater, the first ladyboy cabaret show in the Philippines. This fabulous show can be watched in the Manila Film Center in Pasay City, Philippines.

The beautiful ladyboys can also be watched in their Boracay island branch. Amazing Philippine Theater is home to some of the Philippines’ most beautiful ladyboys and it’s just natural for them to come out with their annual beauty pageant to select the crème de la crème of beauties that will represent their company and their vision to engage tourists into a one of a kind show.

Some notable winners are social media stars and beauty queens Patricia Montecarlo (2006), Rui Petite Mariano AKA The Fairygod Barbie (2014), and Anne Patricia Lorenzo (2015).

Miss International Queen

When it comes to global ladyboy beauty pageants, Miss International Queen is the most popular one. And just this year, 2022, the Philippines will crown their first ever Miss International Queen Philippines. Whoever gets the title will be sent to Thailand to best other countries on an international stage.

Miss International Queen

Currently, the Philippines has two Miss International Queen titleholders. The first one is Kevin Balot (2012 winner) followed by Trixie Maristela, who won the coveted title in 2015.

Queen Philippines Pageant

Cebu is not only known for its gastronomic wonders and beautiful beaches, but it’s also home to stunning ladyboys. That’s why the city has its own Miss Gay. Formerly known as Queen of Cebu, it has over 60,000 followers on Facebook alone.

Queen Philippines Pageant
Facebook – @queenphilspageant

Its founder Cary Santiago, who’s also a fashion designer, is always highly involved in the annual event. Some of the most notable names that have won the title are My Ladyboy Date’s COO Maki Gingoyon and Bee Urgello.

Manila’s 5 Prettiest

One of the longest-running Miss Gay pageants in the Philippines is Manila’s 5 Prettiest. Unlike most pageants where only one gets to take home the top title and crown, Manila’s 5 Prettiest chooses the five candidates that performed the best in the coronation time.

Manila’s Five Prettiest is handled by Futurus Betera Creative Management Group, the official production house of Futurus Betera Marketing Corp., a marketing company engaged in the buy and sell of goods and services at affordable prices and convenient payment terms.

The proceeds of this pageant are for the benefit of Tulong Pinoy Movers Unlimited, Inc., the Advocates of Development Initiatives, and sole beneficiary of Futurus Betera Marketing Corp.

Some of its generous sponsors in the past are renowned companies such as Estetico Instituto and Jun Encarnacion Salon. It produced winners that are well-known in the trans pageantry in the Philippines such as:

  • LT Montecarlo
  • Maria Barbie Anne Arcache
  • Matrica Mae Centino and
  • Rain Marie Madrigal

Miss Gay Philippines

Founded in 1979 by Chito Alcid, a Filipino entertainment reporter and talk show host, it’s considered one of the pillars of trans pageantry in the Philippines. The pageant is intended to promote the integration of Filipino LGBTQIA+ people into mainstream life in the Philippines.

The titles that contestants are vying for annually are:

  • Miss Gay Philippines Universe
  • Miss Gay Philippines World
  • Miss Gay Philippines Earth
  • Miss Gay Philippines International
  • Miss Gay Philippines Asia Pacific
  • Miss Gay Philippines Grand International
  • Miss Gay Philippines Globe

It has produced winners such as Nixie Salonga, Tamira Ivonne Willis, and one of the most respected beauty queens in the Philippines’ trans pageantry, Barbie Anderson.

It’s Showtime’s Miss Q and A

Unlike most Miss Gays in the Philippines that focus on beauty and brains, Miss Q and A is a debate-like platform where winners are selected solely on their quick-wit and how they defend an assigned answer to a hypothetical question.

What also makes it different compared to other trans pageants in the Philippines is that even gay men are free to join.

Like Super Sireyna, it has a reach of more than 10 million Filipinos as it’s shown in one of the Philippines’ top broadcasting channels. It has catapulted Juliana Parizcova, Lars Pacheco, and Elsa Droga to stardom to mention a few.

Others Miss Gays in the Philippines

Every month, a Miss Gay is held in a barangay fiesta somewhere in the Philippines. If we have failed to miss your favorite one, or you don’t see your favorite beauty queen’s name listed here, feel free to write your suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • Patrick McGrath
    I live in London and would love to see a Ladyboy pageant or Miss Gay beauty pageant.

    London used to have the Long Yang Club but that stopped over ten years ago.

    Is there another club or place to meet Philippino or Asian ladyboys?

    Many thanks in advance,

    • Cyril Mazur
      Hi Patrick,

      I remember there used to be a show called "Ladyboys of Bangkok" touring in the UK (that was pre-pandemic, not sure now).

      For meeting places in London, I recommend you check these 2 pages:
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      Actually it seems "Ladyboys of Bangkok" are touring in the UK again 😃, see:

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