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Cyril Mazur

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Cyril Mazur is a trans-oriented man dedicated to helping ladyboys and trans-oriented men find love wherever they are in the world. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of My Ladyboy Date. He is a serial entrepreneur who obtained his MSc in e-business in Oxford in 2010. In 2019, he was part of the panel of judges for the Mandaue Gay Pageant. He founded My Ladyboy Date with his co-founder Maki Gingoyon in 2013. They have both made it their goal to provide a safe space for trans dating and end the stigma surrounding trans relationships.

This author’s posts

“Log in with Facebook” is gone

TLDR: Facebook banned My Ladyboy Date from using the “Facebook Login” functionality. (you may watch the video or read the article, they’re essentially telling the same thing, but the article gives more details 😊) Have you ever had a problem with Facebook, and wondered how you could contact their customer support? Well, Facebook does not […]

My Ladyboy Date now accepts Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin

We at My Ladyboy Date are die hard technology lovers. That’s why back in 2015 we already wanted to play our part in the cryptocurrency revolution and offer our members the option to pay by Bitcoin (the mother of all cryptocurrencies). Thanks to our partner Coinbase, we are now able to also accept payments by Bitcoin […]

My Ladyboy Date now available in Chinese

It’s been almost a year since our last language update (Italian, Thai and German were added last April 2014). Well, yesterday we just released the new Chinese version of My Ladyboy Date! Note that this is only Chinese Mandarin Simplified. The variant used in mainland China and Singapore, which still means 1.2 billion people. We […]

“Transgender” doesn’t exist in Spanish, so we’ll make it up

Now that’s a point of grammar that will either get trans organisations to issue a fatwa (against me, as usual) or maybe make them agree with me (for once). I’m personally fond of studying languages and how they evolve through time (latin languages being my favourites). I believe languages are not set in stone and […]

New available languages and other improvements

Hi readers! It’s been a while I didn’t post in the Product Updates category for announcing our technical improvements. So here it is. First, let me tell you that since I cleaned and normalised the geocoding of all the profiles, I could draw the statistic that we have members in 3 200 cities across 172 […]

Video: understanding gender identity

If you are a ladyboy, transgender woman, transwoman, whatever label you like… or if, like me, you are a man with a trans girlfriend or interesting in getting a trans girlfriend, this is a topic that’s good knowing 🙂

Video: How you can help the Philippines

In this article, sorry if I’m not going to talk about dating, nor am I going to talk about transwomen either! You are all aware of the recent events that occurred in the Philippines this November, the typhoon Haiyan that stroke South East Asia and really badly hit part of the Philippines, where the death […]

Meet ladyboys on video chat websites

If you’re of the generation Y (maybe even generation Z) you probably couldn’t escape from the ChatRoulette phenomenon and all its copycat sites and variants (ChatRoulette for dating, ChatRoulette for gays, ChatRoulette for cybers*x, ChatRoulette in French, Italian, Spanish whatever other languages…). Being myself, a cyber addict, I can tell you that I spent numerous nights […]

The sad reality behind online dating for transwomen (video)

As a dating site for ladyboys (and advocates as well), we are pretty much critical about the industry of online dating for transwomen. Online dating is awesome. Nowadays, everybody dates online! Literally breaking the constraints of space and time, it gives you the opportunity to meet people that you would never meet otherwise. And for transgenders, […]