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Meet ladyboys on video chat websites

Cyril Mazur
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If you’re of the generation Y (maybe even generation Z) you probably couldn’t escape from the ChatRoulette phenomenon and all its copycat sites and variants (ChatRoulette for dating, ChatRoulette for gays, ChatRoulette for cyber sex, ChatRoulette in French, Italian, Spanish whatever other languages…). Being myself, a cyber addict, I can tell you that I spent numerous nights randomly perusing these sites.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, these are websites where you are randomly put in front of another person and start a webcam chat with him or her. You don’t know that person, she doesn’t know you and you probably live miles apart. Which is a pretty cool shyness inhibitor and easy way starting a conversation with a perfect stranger. If you don’t like the conversation anymore, you can simply click the “Next” button and you will be facing another random stranger instantly.

The annoying thing with ChatRoulette-like sites, it’s that this anonymity comes to a price: many people take advantage on this for doing nasty things, and you might end up seeing more genitals that you ever seen before. Well, still fun but will you get to actually meet someone on such sites? People go on video chat websites for fun, few would consider this option for meeting someone.

Chatroulette sites for ladyboys

You could get to see transgenders on regular video chat sites, but your odds are low. Knowing that the transgender population doesn’t represent more than 1% of the global population, you’d have to press the “Next” button a bunch of times before bumping into a transgender webcam mate!

There are a few video chat websites for transgenders, ladyboys, transsexuals, shemales… pretty much every keyword will give you results. Although all of them are a scam; just marketing for taking you there and up-selling porn videos, or traditional paid cam shows. Sometimes you end up on something totally unrelated.  Sometimes you end up in a video chat room where you have 1 transgender for 10 (anonymously hiding their face) horny guys willing to jerk off on the webcam. Not really the type of things that you’re looking for in the first place.

Sex-related activities do not exempt mainstream video chat sites; however, a decent cam site for trans women and trans-oriented men still doesn’t exist. And it goes back to what we already discussed about online dating for transwomen: no serious businesses are interested in providing decent services for transgenders, it would always be affiliated to sex related products (pornography, prostitution, cam shows…) in order to maximise the profit by presenting transwomen like objects of fantasy and nothing else. The impact on the trans community being very negative.

Video chat on My Ladyboy Date

My Ladyboy Date will be featuring video chatting soon! This is a feature on which we are already working. But we don’t want to rush it and deliver a half baked feature. Of course, we want concrete and solid moderation; in the line of our standards and principles of decency. We don’t want My Ladyboy Date to be a cam site. We take our time to do things well. However, we ensure that video chat will come soon!

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Cyril Mazur
French Internet entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of My Ladyboy Date / My Transgender Date. I made it my life mission to help trans women and trans attracted men connect and find love.

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