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Are Filipino guys ready for a transgender relationship

Maki Gingoyon
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The Philippines is a culture rich country with a strong faith in the Catholic religion. This is why we all grew up with certain norms and beliefs. Part of being in a Catholic country is the belief that men are for women and nothing else in between. Although we were all aware that LGBT does exist, people still believe that it is a “sin” to be in a relationship with someone of the same sex.

Because of this Filipino belief and culture, it has been a challenge for us to find true love. Most gay men hide within their manly clothes in pursuit of their love within the same sex which is probably the same dilemma for lesbians. Still some filipino transsexuals prefer straight men, but would always have the fear of being used and abused.

Transgender are financially supporting there boyfriend

Men with an accustomed outlook that gay relationships are nothing to be proud of, would usually take advantage of transsexuals’ desire of finding true love by making them believe that they are loved and are willing to commit in a relationship. When we are in love, we tend to give everything and bend over backwards just to please the person we love and they see it as an opportunity.

In result, men are dating with transsexuals just for the benefit of having someone do everything for them and even, burn a hole in their pockets. In addition, they try to keep the relationship a secret because they tell you their family and the public aren’t open to such taboo yet and we just accept it. The sad part is, we invest our money an emotions when at the back of our heads we know that they never attach themselves emotionally.

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Filipino transgenders in public

We want to open up not only the minds of men but also the transgenders who believe that this is fact that we have to accept. It never is! The internet and social media has opened the gates for us to access the world and the different views of people around the globe especially on the acceptance of Lesbians,Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders.

More and more LGBT communities come together to make people aware that the world is no longer limited to just men and women, male and female. The entertainment industry is also contributing to this awareness; LGBT in all Medias (tv, movies, etc). With these media channels opening LGBT acceptance in the Philippines, it is slowly opening Filipino men’s appreciation for transgenders.

Filipino’s are open to transgender relationships

Transgenders are unique and special women. We do have our own character and personality that’s different from any straight men or women. It is in our carefree nature to celebrate our love for life; despite the taboo we proudly hold on to our choice of sexuality. We showcase our talents, skills and parade our beauties in pageants and other events with confidence. And somehow,It is this positive attitude that some men find attractive which also opens romantic possibilities.

I believe that this social taboo referring to same sex or transgender relationships are all in the mind. If Filipino men would widen their perspective, then there will be greater chances of finding love within our “kababayans”. As a matter fact, there are already a few celebrated transgender relationships out in the public. Even a celebrity, recently proudly announced his love for his transgender girlfriend.

Although social discrimination on transgender relationships cannot die down fully, determination of holding on to love is what matters. The fear of being humiliated will never be an issue if you truly love each other. Trials and challenges will always be a part of everybody’s relationship, even those with opposite sex. It’s a matter of pursuing your own happiness and being with the person you truly love. After all, when you’re happy and in love with the person you’re with, nothing else matters.

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About the author

Maki Gingoyon
Maki Gingoyon is a transgender woman and trans rights advocate in the Philippines. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of My Ladyboy Date. Her advocacy focuses on bringing awareness to trans issues and ending the stigma that surrounds trans relationships. She has used pageantry as a form of increasing trans visibility. She was the winner of Queen of Cebu 2010, Queen of the Sky 2013, and the Mandaue Gay Pageant 2017. She recently competed in Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 where she won Best Advocacy. She continues her advocacy by helping trans women and trans-oriented men find love.

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Comments (4)

  • Chaniie Mendez
    When can you consider your self as transgender ?
  • Ricatoots Rica Erbmon
    I dont think so, coz Filipino guys here is up for the opposite gender and theyre not ready to deal the consequences of having a relationship with a Ladyboy....
  • I have one relation with one very beautiful ladyboy and I have her for 3 years now .I love her very much and every year im back in BACOLD CITY .I hope ever too living there with her and her family.Oooooh im from the netherlands and my name is Peter Z..
  • Raymonde Plachette
    They are too much like women and too celebrity in attitude. There are many more gay and bi men that are much more down to earth and open.

    I tried to include them, but many of them are too high to reach and I lost interest. I have never been attracted to so-called superiors.

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