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Maki Gingoyon

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Maki Gingoyon is a transgender woman and trans rights advocate in the Philippines. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of My Ladyboy Date. Her advocacy focuses on bringing awareness to trans issues and ending the stigma that surrounds trans relationships. She has used pageantry as a form of increasing trans visibility. She was the winner of Queen of Cebu 2010, Queen of the Sky 2013, and the Mandaue Gay Pageant 2017. She recently competed in Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 where she won Best Advocacy. She continues her advocacy by helping trans women and trans-oriented men find love.

This author’s posts

Amanda Valentine’s Book is Coming Out !

Our blogger Amanda Valentine’s debut dating guide book Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen is arriving on Amazon Kindle on June 27, 2020. She hopes to change people’s perspective when it comes to the relationships of trans-oriented men and transgender women.

They found love online, we found new friends

Somewhere in 2014 I receive a Facebook message from a beautiful woman, who told me that she met someone on our site! Upon reading her message I could not help but be excited for them and just  feeling so thrilled of their new found love that started on our very own dating site. I guess […]

Is language a barrier in ladyboy dating

They say love is the language that the heart speaks. True! With no doubt, I agree with it. But this is not the type of language that I want to talk about. I am talking about the language that people use to communicate on their daily lives. Knowing that ladyboy dating often starts online, and […]

1 amazing fact about Ladyboys in Thailand

This is a pure myth,  so some of the ladyboys do not believe it, but most of them do. Knowing that Thailand is a Buddhist country with 80 percent of the population practising Buddhism. Their belief somehow contributed to some of the ladyboys explanation why they existed. And this is one of the most amazing […]

Is dating a ladyboy just a fetish?

Do you think dating a ladyboy that could possibly turn out to be a committed relationship is just a fetish? Well let’s define fetish first. Fetish as an object or bodily part whose real or fantasised presence is psychologically necessary for carnal gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it […]

Ladyboys need to do cam show to find love?

“Hi baby, I think I want to to get to know you better?” Yeah right! You want to get to know an asian ladyboy better by asking her to take off her clothes in front of the camera right? The famous “I want to get to know you better” phrase is a rusty gesture from […]

Facebook offers new gender options for transgender users

Facebook, the number one social networking site shows how diverse they are by being gender sensitive.  They have updated the limited options of gender from male and female previously to a custom gender according to individuals identity.  They are now giving the users to present them selves as who they are. Facebook Gender Facebook gives […]

Ladyboy abused by Hong Kong Immigration Officers

One week prior leaving  for Hong Kong, I felt seriously scared. I was scared because I have heard sad stories from my ladyboy girlfriends who had travelled there. The Hong Kong immigration interrogates trans women passengers a lot. I find it pretty normal specially if someone has questionable records. But questioned during your first visit […]

Where transsexual women will get in 10 years

When I look at the way society sees transsexual women, I kinda think they’re going to follow the exact same path that gays have followed.Let me explain. Gays (and lesbians and bisexuals) have gone a long way towards acceptance. Nowadays, not only we have laws in favour of gays (like anti discrimination or same-sex marriage), […]