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Where transsexual women will get in 10 years

Maki Gingoyon
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When I look at the way society sees transsexual women, I kinda think they’re going to follow the exact same path that gays have followed.Let me explain. Gays (and lesbians and bisexuals) have gone a long way towards acceptance. Nowadays, not only we have laws in favour of gays (like anti discrimination or same-sex marriage), but it’s also socially very ok to be gay, it is seen as perfectly normal, as being part of the diversity of our society. Even better than this, people like to get surrounded by gay people, we present gays on TV, even corporations proudly show they have LGBT committees.

Being gay, or being surrounded by gays has become synonym of being open minded, progressive, and modern. But it has not always been the case. Remember couple of years ago, mentalities were pretty different. It was even illegal to be gay. Alan Turing, a father of modern computing, and who helped decipher German teletransmissions during World War 2, was gay and sentenced by the justice of England to forced chemical castration. Her Majesty presented her public apologies this December 2013. There were times when gays were said to be sinners, and mentally sick people. Even nowadays, conservative idiots (sorry to say) still believe in that.

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Current situation

But overall, the society is now accepting and even praising homosexuals. But it’s unfortunately not the case for transgender people yet. Just like gays before, transgender people are still mostly seen as freaks, sinners, or mentally sick people. And the men who love transgender women are equally seen as freaks or fetishists. If you tell people that you’re gay, they will react just fine; (“ok you’re gay, fine for me, let’s grab a beer dude”). But if you tell people that you like or you are dating a transsexual, they start to look at you funny.

The media are essentially responsible for that. This is very rare to see transgender people well represented on TV or on the Internet. TV shows will like to make it sensational; they will show you the pr*stitutes, the cabaret dancers, the documentaries about surgery and testimonials of psychologists. On the Internet, this is mostly about adult films. It’s also a very popular type of p*rnography, if you don’t know it yet, I can tell you. Even TV shows and movies will show you transsexuals who are either pr*stitutes, dancers, or even serial killers. And that’s unfair; that’s not representing the trans community in all its diversity, and may I say, in all its beauty.

Trans will rise

But well, just like gays managed to raise themselves to a level of acceptance that’s perfectly fine, and even better than fine. I believe the trans community will also rise to it, it’s just a matter of time. And I see already good signs of it. I live in the Philippines, and this country is so well accepting LGBTs, and that includes trans. They are well represented in almost every layer of the society, and respected. This is what I often like to show as an example, and I hope this will shine, spread and reach the other parts of the world. I see also a lot more men, just like my boyfriend, who openly admit their attraction and stand for it, and stand for their trans girlfriend. Actually it’s the case of most of the men who sign up on our dating site.

All of this, is giving me good hope that this is only the beginning of it, of this vision that someday, being trans will be as much accepted as any other condition. That men who date trans women will not be looked down like freaks anymore, but will even be envied by the other men, because they have the courage to stand for what they know makes them happy. That is where, I believe, transsexual women, and transgender people as a whole, are going to get in 10 years, hopefully even less. Well this is my point of view, I would definitely love to hear yours

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About the author

Maki Gingoyon
Maki Gingoyon is a transgender woman and trans rights advocate in the Philippines. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of My Ladyboy Date. Her advocacy focuses on bringing awareness to trans issues and ending the stigma that surrounds trans relationships. She has used pageantry as a form of increasing trans visibility. She was the winner of Queen of Cebu 2010, Queen of the Sky 2013, and the Mandaue Gay Pageant 2017. She recently competed in Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 where she won Best Advocacy. She continues her advocacy by helping trans women and trans-oriented men find love.

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