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Where transsexual women will get in 10 years

When I look at the way society sees transsexual women, I kinda think they’re going to follow the exact same path that gays have followed.Let me explain. Gays (and lesbians and bisexuals) have gone a long way towards acceptance. Nowadays, not only we have laws in favour of gays (like anti discrimination or same-sex marriage), […]

Video: understanding gender identity

If you are a ladyboy, transgender woman, transwoman, whatever label you like… or if, like me, you are a man with a trans girlfriend or interesting in getting a trans girlfriend, this is a topic that’s good knowing 🙂

Video: How you can help the Philippines

In this article, sorry if I’m not going to talk about dating, nor am I going to talk about transwomen either! You are all aware of the recent events that occurred in the Philippines this November, the typhoon Haiyan that stroke South East Asia and really badly hit part of the Philippines, where the death […]

Breast cancer for ladyboys

In celebration of Pink October which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. would like to take part in educating the public about breast cancer, specifically for transsexual women or ladyboys.

Where to find transsexual women?

Having a goal of creating a decent dating site for tranwomen does not limit only to giving quality dating experience. We also give dating tips that would help realize your dream which to to date a transsexual woman. If you’re a man who likes transwomen, one challenge that you always have to deal with is, where […]

How to address a ladyboy

Properly addressing a transwoman is actually one way of showing respect to them. This  is very useful especially to men who want to date transsexual women but is still new to it.  And as the only decent ladyboy dating site we want to make sure that everything goes well with your first date with a […]

The sad reality behind online dating for transwomen (video)

As a dating site for ladyboys (and advocates as well), we are pretty much critical about the industry of online dating for transwomen. Online dating is awesome. Nowadays, everybody dates online! Literally breaking the constraints of space and time, it gives you the opportunity to meet people that you would never meet otherwise. And for transgenders, […]

Are men who are attracted to trans women, gay? (video)

If there is a question that comes very often, whether it’s asked to transgenders themselves, or asked to men who like transgenders, it’s definitely that one! Does it make you gay, if you are attracted to ladyboys? The answer is not as straight forward as you might think. And actually, what does it mean to […]

Everything you want to know about dating transgenders

(video at the end of the article) At My Ladyboy Date, we take our mission very seriously! Not only do we build bridges between transsexual women and men, but also we’re always very happy to give extra help, tips, and advices when we’re asked. It happens that we get that kind of questions by email, […]

Love, making love and ladyboys (video)

We’ve been interviewed by last month! That was a good opportunity for exposing our mission and our values in front of the camera; as well as our personal experiences regarding dating for transgenders. We wished we could say more, it’s difficult to fit everything in just a couple of minutes, but we will try […]