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Video: How you can help the Philippines

Cyril Mazur
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In this article, sorry if I’m not going to talk about dating, nor am I going to talk about transwomen either!

You are all aware of the recent events that occurred in the Philippines this November, the typhoon Haiyan that stroke South East Asia and really badly hit part of the Philippines, where the death toll counts in thousands, and the situation is now just going to get even worse and worse.

How you can help

At My Ladyboy Date, we feel very affected by these events, especially that we are based in the Philippines, our staff are all Filipinos and we have a lot of members from the Philippines as well. Worry not that our website is fully operational, because we are based in Manila, and the typhoon passed far from Manila, so these terrible pictures you see on TV, we also only see them on TV.

You would be amazed to see how people show solidarity here in the Philippines. There are donations centres everywhere, and even the people who don’t have much still find a way to give. But for sure, it’s not going to suffice if there is no help coming from outside.

If you are from outside the Philippines, you can still help! The major NGOs are on the ground and already helping the victims (they are actually even faster and more efficient than the government itself…), so if you want to help, you should definitely make your donation to one of them. And one of them that’s promising to use your funds to help precisely the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Here is a shot list of these NGOs to whom you can donate.

World Food Program

Red Cross USA

Red Cross Philippines


ShelterBox USA

From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of the Filipino people: salamat! (thank you!)

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