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Category: Lifestyle

Why are Thai Ladyboys so Beautiful?

When it comes to the talks of beautiful ladyboys, it’s impossible to forget the country Thailand. The reason being is because Thai ladyboys are the trailblazers in introducing the beauty of ladyboys to the world. Many documentaries have been made about them in the early stages of the radicalization of ladyboys in the media. It’s […]

Comparison with other Ladyboys

There are many reasons why inadequacy and insecurity come to play. In a relationship, these are usually brought upon by the partner. In this guide, specifically the man. There are many issues that are quite mind-boggling most especially if you’re in a new relationship with him. These are… is this relationship his first time with […]

Cosmetic surgery for ladyboys (with before and after photos)

Hey guys! I’ve missed this. “This” pertains to MyLadyboyDate! Need information about Ladyboy Cosmetic Surgery? I’ve got you covered. I’m Amanda Dela Cruz, a Ladyboy and former writer for Sir Cyril was gracious enough in letting me share my musings again! Today, I’m going to talk about the best affordable cosmetic surgery in Manila, […]

Where transsexual women will get in 10 years

When I look at the way society sees transsexual women, I kinda think they’re going to follow the exact same path that gays have followed.Let me explain. Gays (and lesbians and bisexuals) have gone a long way towards acceptance. Nowadays, not only we have laws in favour of gays (like anti discrimination or same-sex marriage), […]

I am a ladyboy, and I am frustrated

.Dear My Ladyboy Date readers… Today I’m feeling very frustrated and sad. I just realized that a lot of people from the past have used me for different sorts of reasons and even if I am doing my best to muster the strength into fighting it, I still end up being the compassionate and helpful […]