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I am a ladyboy, and I am frustrated

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.Dear My Ladyboy Date readers… Today I’m feeling very frustrated and sad. I just realized that a lot of people from the past have used me for different sorts of reasons and even if I am doing my best to muster the strength into fighting it, I still end up being the compassionate and helpful lady that I am. Today, I simply could not think about anything else but sadness and I thought of writing about it in my weekly articles. I will not write about why I feel this way but I will just share with you some instances and reasons why Ladyboys get sad.

Ladyboys and failures

It happens to everyone so don’t take it too personally. Although it’s easy to say not to take sadness and frustrations lightly, they will still hit you hard on the head and the heart; while you’re experiencing them, may it be failures in love, career, and friends. Most failures that Ladyboys experience is towards their ambitions and dreams are career-oriented. Most of those goals are in the field wherein it’s dominated by cisgender women.

I know a lot of Ladyboys who dream of becoming models, actresses, singers, superstars, and everything else correlated to the entertainment business. It is possible but I think that the mainstream media is to blame for this. Ladyboys end up doing jobs they don’t like in order to make a living or do things that are out of their personality and character in order to gain a fortune.

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Ladyboys and acknowledgment

Not all Ladyboys are widely accepted by their families. Some of them are even being disowned by their parents and siblings because of the life they chose. I am not in the position to say how they feel or pity them and worse, even look down on them. However, if ever I will be in such a situation like it, I don’t know how I’ll be able to go on with life.

My love for my family is too much. It’s going to be heartbreaking for me even just to not see my Mom for a day. Family is supposed to help you and who will always be there for you. The saying “Blood is thicker than water” exists for a reason. Family should support and carry you when you hit rock bottom especially when nobody seems interested to care.

Ladyboys and jealousy

I can relate to this very well because I am a very jealous person. However, I don’t define being jealous as synonymous with being insecure. I’m quite secure of myself but I tend to get jealous when I love a person so much. My jealous side can’t even fathom him giving compliments to other women and Ladyboys. I believe that if love is too strong, there’s always jealousy. I always tell myself and my friends whenever I have a boyfriend that “WHAT’S MINE IS MINE!” Jealousy makes a Ladyboy very sad and please don’t do anything to trigger it. Be a one-woman/Ladyboy man.

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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Amanda Valentine has been a writer for My Ladyboy Date for over 10 years. She writes various topics on trans dating and other trans-related content. Her personal experiences as a transgender woman have given her a unique point of view on trans topics. She has written 5 books on trans women’s relationships and has made it on Amazon’s best-seller list. Her book “Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen” reached #3 on the Transgender Studies category on Amazon. Her love for writing started when she won a poetry contest in 4th grade which made her pursue a career in literature.

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Comments (5)

  • lucca designer
    I understand much of this, I'm a man and I just want trangenders because it is genuine is real is the kind of person I want with me for life and it can make me suffer by false friends and family ...

    but know one thing is certain love is real feeling is real and it keeps me strong so I can find this love
    • Rich Houtwed
      My Ladyboy fiancee is worried that k might go back to one of my ex girlfriends , she worries that one day I will leave , that we never happen for I love her more than I have ever Loved anyone else , how can I assure ber
  • Can I email you .. u can respond to the e,ail below I understand and have a lot to share but I am sjy and scared
  • Susansumi Sumi
    dont be sad and frustrated.... life is so short... we must strong to be winner own . this is amazing life .. not all people can life as like us , we must proud , important is whoever we are, whenever we are.. do the best and always doing positive things , because as i know , we have many talent and smart .
  • Ouch, I am anti jealous.

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