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Posted on December 20, 2019
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Have you ever felt so insecure that sometimes, you wind up comparing your life with other ladyboys’?

I know that I write mostly about ladyboy dating but sometimes, when I see someone that manifests the goals that I haven’t achieved yet, I can’t help but feel down.

To be honest, there are easily a lot of triggering factors especially if you follow or have a lot of ladyboy friends online.

Your Triggering Factors

Sometimes, when you’re randomly scrolling your feed, you see someone much younger than you but also, prettier and you start questioning your worth.  There are also times when your friend posts photos together with her boyfriend which she found in the same ladyboy dating site you’ve been on for years… actually, you even signed up way before her but she found love way earlier than you.

I am not going here to list everything that irks you but just know that I understand how you feel.

I’m never going to be the perfect ladyboy who always has the perfect makeup, hair, and body.
I’m never going to experience young love anymore because I’m way past that.

However, there are things that we have that we don’t know are triggering factors to them as well.

Their Triggering Factors

For example, I’m an independent ladyboy.  I have my own career and I know how to diversify it using my different set of skills.  I am not exclusively leaning on a man to buy what I want which one of those trophy ladyboys envy me for.  When I want a pair of shoes, I don’t have to be a good girl or walk on eggshells to deserve it.

There’s also the factor that I’ve used my time more into studying and researching rather than beautifying myself, which in turn makes me a better conversationalist and they admire me because of it.

To be honest, I get a lot of messages from these gorgeous ladyboys (that I sometimes wish I possessed a fragment of their beauty… well body, I still think I’m prettier than them lol) who surprisingly always come to me for advice about life and anything in general because they’ve lived guarded lives and have less knowledge about things other than knowing how to please a man or eat a whole pizza without gaining a pound.

They are vocal about telling me how they envy my brains and etc. but little do they know, I envy them through different things as well.

Comparison is Inevitable

My point is… don’t waste your time dwelling on thoughts about who is better.  The only comparison that you should be focused on is you from 5 years ago and the current you.  Did you utilize that time to experience something new?  Did you do something to enhance anything about yourself?

There will always be a comparison between you and other ladyboys because we are all different individuals but remember that what’s non-existent in this situation is the “WINNER”.  You both have different destinies and just like what they say, there’s no use in comparing an orange to an apple.



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