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Maki Gingoyon

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Maki Gingoyon is a transgender woman and trans rights advocate in the Philippines. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of My Ladyboy Date. Her advocacy focuses on bringing awareness to trans issues and ending the stigma that surrounds trans relationships. She has used pageantry as a form of increasing trans visibility. She was the winner of Queen of Cebu 2010, Queen of the Sky 2013, and the Mandaue Gay Pageant 2017. She recently competed in Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 where she won Best Advocacy. She continues her advocacy by helping trans women and trans-oriented men find love.

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Soy as an alternate HRT for transgender women

Is it? Well I bet all transgender women now are running to the grocery stores to get gallons of Soy Milk! But wait, we need to make sure if this is really true! Because if this is really true, then this is a healthy and cheap way to undergo HRT or hormone replacement therapy. And […]

Filipino transgender people celebrate TDoR

November 20th – Transgenders worldwide celebrate in unison the “Transgender Day of Remembrance”  or TDOR; as we commemorate those who have been victims of gender-based crimes and killings. With the number of growing victims for gender-based violence, it is about time we fight for our rights. Hate crimes should stop People have opressed the trans […]

Sexual roles in Ladyboy dating

If you’re new to this type of dating, your thoughts are still probably unhinged when it comes to having intimate moments with ladyboys. Today’s topic is a little NSFW so I highly recommend for you to read it in utmost privacy.

Breast cancer for ladyboys

In celebration of Pink October which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. would like to take part in educating the public about breast cancer, specifically for transsexual women or ladyboys.

Where to find transsexual women?

Having a goal of creating a decent dating site for tranwomen does not limit only to giving quality dating experience. We also give dating tips that would help realize your dream which to to date a transsexual woman. If you’re a man who likes transwomen, one challenge that you always have to deal with is, where […]

How to address a ladyboy

Properly addressing a transwoman is actually one way of showing respect to them. This  is very useful especially to men who want to date transsexual women but is still new to it.  And as the only decent ladyboy dating site we want to make sure that everything goes well with your first date with a […]

Are Filipino guys ready for a transgender relationship

The Philippines is a culture rich country with a strong faith in the Catholic religion. This is why we all grew up with certain norms and beliefs. Part of being in a Catholic country is the belief that men are for women and nothing else in between. Although we were all aware that LGBT does […]

Filipino Transwoman: “Skeletons out of someone else’s closet”?

These words might all be too familiar if you’re a Super Sireyna fan. Recently, transwomen all over the country came together and celebrated our liberation when people whole heartedly welcomed and recognized the transwomen’s beauties in Eat Bulaga’s Super Sireyna, a pageant for transgender women or commonly known as ladyboys in Asia in which the […]

Why Ladyboy Beauty Pageants are Important?

A lot of people think of ladyboy beauty pageants in a trivial way. Some even think of these as parodies to prestigious beauty pageants for cisgender women. However, what most people don’t know is that ladyboy beauty pageants paved the way for more visibility and recognition for transgender women. Yes, there are a lot of […]