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Soy as an alternate HRT for transgender women

Maki Gingoyon
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Is it? Well I bet all transgender women now are running to the grocery stores to get gallons of Soy Milk! But wait, we need to make sure if this is really true! Because if this is really true, then this is a healthy and cheap way to undergo HRT or hormone replacement therapy. And why am I saying this? Well there were couple of cases recorded in the west, that straight men had physical changes like growing of breast and this is because of excessive drinking of soy milk or too much intake of soy products.

Soy-estrogen connection

A retired US Army James Price consulted to his doctor that he has some peculiar changes on his body and even experience a female like emotions. Whoa! This sounds to me like the effect of undergoing HRT. Price said that his breast grow as if he had undergone female puberty stage.  He does not have morning woods this time. Worst is, he gets so emotional over sensitive matters and can’t help but cry. I bet all these things seems so familiar for trans women who are undergoing  HRT.  Could soy be an alternative in undergoing HRT?

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Is soy a good MTF HRT alternative?

If soy is a good source of female hormones then all the transgender women will be jumping for joy! Undergoing HRT is a bit expensive specially for ladyboys in asia. They say it is best to undergo HRT at a very early age, maybe 10 or 12 years old.  But how can somebody buy hormones at this age?  So if this soy product is in deed a good source of female hormones then this could be a good solution for transgender women who wants to start HRT at a very young age.  Now let us get into details by checking  what is the chemical composition of  soy that rumors say it is a good source of female hormones.

Why soy is rich in female hormones

Soy is rich of Phytoestrogen. These are compounds that can found in plants that works like hormone estrogen.  Estrogen are known to be the female hormone which is the major composition of medications that ladyboys are either injecting to in taking depending on the doctors prescription. Which is very logical because trans women needs more female hormones or estrogen to develop female features like growing of the breast, less hair growth and fair skin. Soy also contains high level of isoflavones , this specific ingredient can actually either decrease or increase the level of estrogen on your body.

his is because they have the same structure with your natural estrogen. If you have low estrogen, isoflavones activates the estrogen receptor leading to produce more estrogen. If you have too much estrogen this substance limits the production of your natural estrogen.

Should you depend on soy for HRT?

Having that said I personally think it is not a good idea to take non organic estrogen hormones and Soy at the same time.  Well the rumors about soy may be true or not. I know that drinking soy and eating soy products does not jeopardize our health. I for once drinks soy milk every after exercise.  You know now the composition of soy and it is all up to you if you want to make this as an alternative of undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

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About the author

Maki Gingoyon
Maki Gingoyon is a transgender woman and trans rights advocate in the Philippines. She is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of My Ladyboy Date. Her advocacy focuses on bringing awareness to trans issues and ending the stigma that surrounds trans relationships. She has used pageantry as a form of increasing trans visibility. She was the winner of Queen of Cebu 2010, Queen of the Sky 2013, and the Mandaue Gay Pageant 2017. She recently competed in Miss International Queen Philippines 2023 where she won Best Advocacy. She continues her advocacy by helping trans women and trans-oriented men find love.

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  • Hi, Thanks for the news!
    I did drink a lot of soy milk and when ever i see one, i buy to drink!
  • I heard the rumors but I never came to buy much soy, apart from soy sauce for sushi. Holy moly, I should buy some soy the next time I go to the grocery store!
  • Julian Murphy
    Maki. I'd be very proud to date a transgendered woman. Seems that many genetic women are moving away from femininity. On the other hand, trans ladies are moving towards it. For a lot of men, this alone is a real plus. Thanks for your insightful article. Interesting! Stay healthy! Julian

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