Top 3 ladyboy online traps to seek financial help

Posted on October 28, 2014
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Dating ladyboys online is fun. You will encounter a lot of weird stories that are sometimes funny and sometimes annoying. However, from their stories, you will learn a lot of things at the same time. All you have to do is to be a keen observer and be cautious to choose which stories you are going to believe in. Now here are some common chit chat topic that you will encounter in the world of online dating.

Ladyboy says, baby it’s my birthday today

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys heard this before, where the ladyboy that you just met recently wants a small celebration and a cake for her birthday but unfortunately she doesn’t have any budget for the small party that she wants. Now according to Philippine financial adviser Francisco Colayco, one common problem that a couple encounter is when they don’t have the same attitude towards valuing money. Argument starts when either one of you cannot differentiate what is the difference between “wants” and “needs” and which one is more important. It may seem shallow, “she just want a small celebration” but if you are going to look at it deeply, this things matter. Even if you can afford providing her, saying no or staying away from these request are OK. It doesn’t mean that you don’t like/love her, but rather, you are teaching her a valuable lesson in life (which is practicality) that will help your ladyboy chat mate in the future.

I need to pay my bills and I wish I have a smartphone

New cellphones, personal computer at home, electric and internet bills are just a few famous wish list that ladyboys need for the reason that “she wants to see you and talk to you everyday”. I believe hearing these things at the very early stage of conversation is a big no no! Let’s consider that her feelings are true, but there’s always a right time for everything. Isn’t it more convincing that there’s really something between the two of you if you provide her things voluntarily rather than you provide her because she ask for it. Unless your relationship are going on for several months already, well that’s a different case. I believe that trust plays a big role when it comes to these situation and your judgement depends how strong your foundation is.

I am such having a hard time, I need to survive

Have you ever wondered how these ladies survive in spite of no work, sick parents, she told you that she didn’t eat yet, unlimited typhoons and floods and yet you see them online everyday or every other day. Do they spend their last coin at internet cafe instead of buying food? Very puzzling isn’t it. Close family ties is a culture that still exist in South East asian countries.  For example ladyboys in the Philippines,  are still living with their parents or relatives even if they are over 18 and this could be one reason why they still survive in spite of the heart breaking situation. However, for some, this is not the case. There are ladies out there who are really victims of unfortunate event and really struggle a lot for their daily expenses, and I must say there are few stories out there that are true. Unfortunately this is where they usually get involve in prostitution that’s why sometimes you can’t blame them for doing cyber begging because it’s really difficult to start when you have nothing. Helping is not a bad thing as long as you are aware of her real situation and she’s not taking you for granted.

To help or not to help

It’s really challenging whom to trust when these stories are involve with your conversations and there’s only two ways on how to deal with these “to help or not to help”. If you offer help she will probably thank you for your kindness and the next thing you will hear is “any amount will do”. Possible things could happen afterwards like, you two might end up being together, she might just disappear or ask for more. Now if you refuse to help even it’s really obvious in your conversations that she is really asking for it, she will instantly say “I’m not asking for your help, I’m just telling you my problem.” which only means she doesn’t want you to feel disappointed about her and it’s also a quick escape from the embarrassment of rejection.

Giving help is not bad at all. Sometimes we have struggles in life that needs assistance from someone else. However, some fake it and just make stories, that is why you need to be cautious and use your experience to see who is really in need. And don’t feel bad if you’re not able to extend your help, because once they were able to manage problems on their own, it will make them strong, and once they learn to become independent, I’m sure that they can face any life’s difficulties in the future.

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