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Top Online Traps that Ladyboy Scammers Use

Pharine Lee
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Dating ladyboys online is fun. You will encounter a lot of weird stories that are sometimes funny and sometimes annoying. However, from their stories, you will learn a lot of things at the same time.

All you have to do is to be a keen observer and be cautious to choose which stories you are going to believe in. Now here are some common chit chat topics that you will encounter in the world of online dating.

Please know that this was not created to stain the image of ladyboys who are looking for love online. I’m a ladyboy myself and I’m in no way trying to vilify my kind. This was just created most especially for the newbies who have no idea of how terrible these ladyboy traps and money scams are.

Little Struggles and Joys

This section will include ladyboy traps that are a bit more trivial. There are many other ways that some ladyboys ask for money online. However, not all of them are equal when it comes to the weight of necessity.

Not because these desires require less money equates to you, automatically granting them. This is just to warn you that in case you encounter these, you’ll already have an idea if she is indeed telling the truth.

Ladyboy says, baby, it’s my birthday today

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys heard this before, where the ladyboy that you just met recently wants a small celebration and a cake for her birthday but unfortunately she doesn’t have any budget for the small party that she wants.

birthday cake

Now according to Philippine financial adviser Francisco Colayco, one common problem that a couple encounters is when they don’t have the same attitude towards valuing money.

An argument starts when either one of you cannot differentiate what is the difference between “wants” and “needs” and which one is more important. It may seem shallow, “she just wants a small celebration” but if you are going to look at it deeply, these things matter.

Even if you can afford to provide her, saying no or staying away from this request is OK. It doesn’t mean that you don’t like/love her, but rather, you are teaching her a valuable life lesson (which is practicality) that will help your ladyboy chatmate in the future.

I need to pay my bills and I wish I have a smartphone

New cellphones, a personal computer at home, electric and internet bills are just a few famous wish lists that ladyboys need for the reason that:

“she wants to see you and talk to you every day”.

I believe hearing these things at the very early stage of conversation is a big no-no! Let’s consider that her feelings are true, but there’s always a right time for everything.

broken smartphone

Isn’t it more convincing that there’s really something between the two of you if you provide her things voluntarily rather than you provide her because she asks for it?

Unless your relationship is going on for several months already, well that’s a different case. I believe that trust plays a big role when it comes to these situations and your judgment depends on how strong your foundation is.

Appliances, please

Some ladyboys suffer from being poor and being a diva. You may encounter ladyboys who will share with you their daily suffering when it comes to doing household chores. A member of our website has reported that a ladyboy once asked him to buy her a washing machine because she’s tired of handwashing clothes.

laundry drying

Others have different needs such as wanting to buy an airconditioner, a new refrigerator, an oven, and more. Name it and she wants it! However, if you come to think of it, this need is not for purely ornamental purposes. Appliances do improve the quality of our lives.

But then again, you know best if it’s appropriate to gift her with something a bit pricey even if you’re not committed to her.

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Transition Financer

A lot of ladyboys are undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Many have gone through cosmetic surgery as well. The majority of ladyboys want to look their best, hence, the seeking of scientific aid.

This section will enlist the most common ways of how ladyboys ask for money in terms of their transition. Not that there’s anything wrong with helping someone to achieve her goals. However, you also don’t want to be given the illusion of love just because of your financial support.


If she tells you that she wants breasts, she doesn’t mean she wants to grab a pair. She also doesn’t mean that she wants to eat chicken breasts in KFC. What she means by this is she wants to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

ice creams

Breast augmentation surgery is not affordable. It’s not something that you can easily buy most especially if you don’t earn above average. In the Philippines, a lot of ladyboys don’t have the means and opportunity to achieve this type of goal. This is why a lot of them resort to cyber begging.

The thing is, this type of request is usually made by a long-term partner. It’s not something that you’d hear often from a stranger, someone you met five minutes ago, or an acquaintance.

Please Sponsor my Hormones

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not as pricey as surgery. However, it’s an ongoing treatment that will end up costing more than a cosmetic surgery procedure. For ladyboys who are serious about physically transitioning, HRT is a perpetual therapy.

syringe and pills

Will you be willing to give a stranger money every month without having a serious relationship with her? Just know that this is an eternal commitment and the only way to end it is if you end your relationship with her. This can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 every month.

I want to be 100% woman, can you buy me a Vaj?

This is probably the most expensive thing in the menu of common online traps that ladyboy scammers use. In some countries, the cost of vaginoplasty surgery can be life-changing.

shy asian ladyboy

You don’t have to drop more than $10,000 just to be considered a hero. Added to that, it’s not the only way to show how much you care for her. Now, if you are in a long and committed relationship and you are ensured that she’s going to use the money to complete her transition, helping is okay.

However, if this is done from the get-go or too early in the relationship, you have to have a better conversation with her.

Heavy Hardships and Hindrances

This section is a bit more serious because it involves a lot of situations that don’t only entail worldly desires and short-term gratifications. Hardships in life vary in degrees and weight depending on each individual. However, for some, the hardships are simply not hard to gauge.

However, please know that albeit the reality of these examples, they can also be used as a scammer ladyboy’s online trap. Don’t easily get your heartstrings pulled when someone tells you that…

My education is suffering because I’m poor

It’s not hard to give money to someone in need most especially if they’re exhibiting a sense of diligence. A lot of ladyboys will pretend that they want to study or are already studying in order to earn money from strangers online.

a student

They might say that their allowance is simply not enough. They can also pretend that they owe their school money and they won’t be allowed to take the final exam unless they pay their existing loan. Some may even ask you to pay for a whole year’s tuition fee upfront like you owe them money.

My mother, father, brother, sister, niece, nephew, cousin, and the whole family’s SICK

One of the most played out romance scams is this type. She’ll often ask you for help with medication and hospital bills. She may also invent a story of how one of her family members can’t be released by the hospital unless she settles the bill. The scammer may even send you an invoice (which can easily be made in Photoshop) to perfect the execution of the trap.

sick ladyboy

This is a matter of life and death and is very effective in eliciting urgency. Before you start helping, ask yourself. Is she really telling the truth? Why’s she asking me, a random stranger online, for help?

Can’t work because of broken…

However, not all ladyboy scammers want to exude a damsel in distress image. Some are smarter with how they plant their online trap. They will tell you how it’s impossible for them to work right now because of their broken laptop or desktop computer.

Furthermore, they’ll also capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic and make up an excuse that most companies will only hire employees who have a high-tech computer and fast internet connection at home.

blue screen

They may also promise you that they will pay you as soon as they get their first paycheck. This type of scam is very effective. This is quite similar to the education one. However, it may work more as there’s a promise of gratification through a payment.

There are endless options on how ladyboy scammers can deceive you with their online traps. However, this guide will be neverending so I’ve decided to save the best for last…

I am having such a hard time, I need to survive (Summary)

Have you ever wondered how these ladies survive despite no work, sick parents, she told you that she didn’t eat yet, unlimited typhoons and floods and yet you see them online every day or every other day. Do they spend their last coin at an internet cafe instead of buying food? Very puzzling isn’t it.

Close family ties are a culture that still exists in Southeast Asian countries.For example ladyboys in the Philippines,  are still living with their parents or relatives even if they are over 18 and this could be one reason why they still survive despite the heartbreaking situation. However, for some, this is not the case.

crying woman

There are ladies out there who are really victims of an unfortunate event and really struggle a lot for their daily expenses, and I must say there are few stories out there that are true.

Unfortunately, this is where they usually get involved in adult work that’s why sometimes you can’t blame them for doing cyber begging because it’s really difficult to start when you have nothing. Helping is not a bad thing as long as you are aware of her real situation and she’s not taking you for granted.

To help or not to help

Choosing who to trust is quite challenging when these stories are involved in your conversations. There are only two ways on how to deal with these “to help or not to help”. If you offer the help, she will probably thank you for your kindness and the next thing you will hear is “any amount will do”. Possible things could happen afterward like, you two might end up being together, she might just disappear or ask for more.


Now if you refuse to help even it’s really obvious in your conversations that she is really asking for it, she will instantly say “I’m not asking for your help, I’m just telling you my problem.” which only means she doesn’t want you to feel disappointed about her and it’s also a quick escape from the embarrassment of rejection.

Giving help is not bad at all. Sometimes we have struggles in life that need assistance from someone else. However, some fake it and just make stories, that is why you need to be cautious and use your experience to see who is really in need.

And don’t feel bad if you’re not able to extend your help, because once they were able to manage problems on their own, it will make them strong, and once they learn to become independent, I’m sure that they can face any life’s difficulties in the future.

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  • You forgot my mother /sister/me needs money for medical bills/ food etc.
  • James Jameson
    Money scams are one thing but getting access to your personal information via your internet provided is even worse. "Hey baby, let's Skype". Next thing you know is give me "insert bribe here" if you want to use your computer again.
  • very true, i dont have load, my phone is old so we cant talk.Allways birthday just near future !! Relative died or sick Hormones, food. i have looking year now for ladyboy girlfriend,90% are scammers!! im coming very skeptical!!

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