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Successful transgenders in Malaysia

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Ladyboys in Malyasia are obviously facing the same problem and obstacles like other transgenders,globally. All the transsexuals throughout the world have to face through discrimination, being the victim of cheap jokes and the most critical situation ; being a victim in a relationship.Why we stay focus on the Sleepy Hollow YET we can shine our life in Sunny Valley? To all the Transgender Women all over the world, stop making excuses to YOURSELF and say that you cannot do anything just because you are the victim of discrimination. Avoid that mindset ladies.

Successful ladyboys in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there’s a bit of discrimination when it comes to interviewing a ladyboy for a certain job position. Interviewers have an unconscious bias towards qualified transgender candidates. It does happen, even if you are the perfect person for the job. Hiring a transgender woman as the employee is seen as an unnecessary risk. Even here in Malaysia, there are very own Malaysia’s transgender women that can be label as the true definition of Success. There are no lack of successful role models for transgender women here in Malaysia because the list of successful transgender women keep on coming. All these beautiful transgender women are truly the living testimonies for Malaysian young generations.

Sulastri Ariffin ladyboyfrommalaysia 8

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Sulastri Ariffin

she is a Program Manager for Sex Workers Program for PT Foundation which previously known as Pink Triangle Sdn Bhd and strong HIV activist in Malaysia. Her epic contribution not only for transgender women in Malaysia. But also her contributions are much appreciated for Malaysian who are struggling with HIV.

Nur Sajat transsexualnmalaysia

Nur Sajat

Successful entrepreneur for beauty skin care product andthe founder of Sajatfariz Entertainment; And recently, she organized one of the most prestige event here in Malaysia ; Miss Universe for transgender women in Malaysia. She will be representing Malaysia in Miss International Queen 2013  on November 1st 2013. The said pageant is celebrated annually and it is so far the grandiose the biggest and the highest pageant for ladyboys held in Pattaya, Thailand.

leticia trqansgender from malaysia1

Laeticia Phylliscia Raveena

Super talented performer at the famous Alcazar Showin Pattaya. It is a cabaret show of ladyboys in Thailand  and graduated from International Collegue Of Music, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dance.

Transgender women have their own uniqueness and specialty when it comes to success. Let us avoid the statement of ; BEING TRANSGENDER WOMAN IS AN OBSTACLE TO SUCCESS.

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  1. May I suggest you have all your posts and articles proof read by someone whose first language is English. Best wishes.

  2. I should be listing here too, most successful transgender guest relation officer in Japanese karaoke lounge and night club LOL…. Joking

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