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My Ladyboy Date now available in Chinese

Cyril Mazur
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It’s been almost a year since our last language update (Italian, Thai and German were added last April 2014). Well, yesterday we just released the new Chinese version of My Ladyboy Date! Note that this is only Chinese Mandarin Simplified. The variant used in mainland China and Singapore, which still means 1.2 billion people. We also want to translate the site into Mandarin Traditional (used in Taiwan) and Cantonese (Hong Kong); this will come later.

Ladyboy Dating in Chinese

About transgender women in China. Well, growing up as a transgender person in a socialist, traditional and conservative country is obviously not an easy thing to do. Although some reports confirm that tolerance is slowly growing, it still doesn’t seem like an easy place to come out publicly, transition and live a normal life, when you are transgender.

And still, studies indicate that up to 0.5% of the Chinese population would identify as transgender. Multiplied by their 1.2 billion population, that’s not les than 6 million Chinese transgender people (we presume half would be man, half would be woman).

Faithful to our mission to match every single trans woman (or ladyboy) with the serious partner that she deservers, we are very happy to open our site to China, where the Internet is an essential tool for every Chinese transgender woman to, first of all, discover who she is (you don’t expect Chinese schools to teach about gender, right?), but also to get in touch with other fellow transgender women, and also finally to find love.

We dream of a world where being transgender isn’t a hindrance to anything (not even to finding love). We’re sure this will eventually come. In the mean time, we will help by providing the most decent, clean and serious dating site for trans women.

Ni hao China!

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Cyril Mazur
Cyril Mazur is a trans-oriented man dedicated to helping ladyboys and trans-oriented men find love wherever they are in the world. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of My Ladyboy Date. He is a serial entrepreneur who obtained his MSc in e-business in Oxford in 2010. In 2019, he was part of the panel of judges for the Mandaue Gay Pageant. He founded My Ladyboy Date with his co-founder Maki Gingoyon in 2013. They have both made it their goal to provide a safe space for trans dating and end the stigma surrounding trans relationships.

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