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Why Ladyboy Massage is becoming a Thing?

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Massages are always nice to have but there’s a kind that’s slowly becoming a craze and it is called ladyboy massage. If you haven’t been to Thailand but you’re planning to visit the land of smiles, it’s high time for you to know what this type of massage is.

Please know that this guide was not created to encourage and advertise adult work. This was created in order to talk about ladyboy massage as a part of the massage spectrum and not as another category in the adult industry.

What is a Ladyboy Massage?

Like any other type of massage,ladyboy massage is the same. However, the only different thing that this kind of massage entails is that the masseuses are ladyboys instead of cisgender men and cisgender women.

nice massage

Some patrons have explained that the reason why ladyboys are great masseuses is because they possess both grace and physical strength.

However, for some, this is kind of an introduction into making love with ladyboys for them but they opt for it because they don’t want to go and hire a courtesan or enter a full-on relationship with a ladyboy.

P.S. Although most ladyboy massage places offer extra service, there are still massage therapists who don’t get involved in this kind of practice. Not all ladyboys masseuses are selling their body.

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What to Expect in Ladyboy Massages

When you enter a ladyboy massage place, you’re going to see a list of familiar services.

ladyboy massage

Thai Massage

This type of massage is the most popular from the country and it’s their traditional massage. It involves a lot of stretching and assisted yoga postures as it’s a traditional healing system that originated from the philosophy of yoga by Gorakhnath.

This type of massage is perfect for people who have sore muscles and are suffering from a stressful lifestyle.

Oil Massage

Oil massage is the gentler version of the Thai massage. It’s more of relaxing than addressing the issues that have been caused by a demanding lifestyle. Albeit the weaker technique, it can still help with the blood circulation which is perfect if you want to experience a calmer and more relaxed disposition.

Nuru Massage

Should you choose a more sensual approach of a ladyboy massage, you could try Nuru Massage. This type of massage came from Japan and it entails the masseuse to rub her naked body against the naked body of the client. An odorless lotion or oil is usually involved in the mix but you could ask for different aromatic liquids if you want to.

Swedish Massage

This type of massage is quite common globally and it deals with the manipulation of one’s soft tissues. The techniques of this massage are commonly applied using :

  • the hands
  • fingers
  • knees
  • elbows
  • forearms
  • feet
  • knees
  • or massage devices

The main issue that this type of massage addresses is the stress that commonly resulted from a tired, pained, and overworked body.

Shiatsu Massage

Another type of massage from Japan and is more widely accepted compared to its counterpart, the Nuru massage, is the Shiatsu. This one originated from the concepts of Traditional Chinese medicine. A massage like this is usually done with pressures from

  • the fingers
  • thumb
  • feet
  • and palms

It’s also incorporated with some assisted stretching, mobilization, and joint manipulation.

Foot Massage

If you don’t want a full body massage, you could go for a foot massage instead. Being a tourist in Thailand involves a lot of walking and this would serve as a great treat.

Back, Head, and Shoulder Massage

If you want to use the time to focus on certain areas of your body that are often susceptible to stressors, you should go for the back, head, and shoulder massage. Massages are typically paid by the hour and this is the best bang-for-buck if you’re on a tight budget.

Manicure and Pedicure

Are you the type of gentleman who always wants to be well-groomed? Manicure and pedicure are great options for you. Albeit Thailand not being known in this kind of service as much as its Vietnamese counterpart, Thai manicurists are pretty knowledgable in this area as well.

Hand pleasure or Lingam Massage

Even if this is not explicitly listed on the menu, the majority of massage ladyboy parlors offer this kind of service. This is usually encouraged by the masseuse while in session with the male client. The typical cost of a massage like this is around 500 baht.

Oral pleasure

Often called as the happy ending, this is also offered in ladyboy massage parlors in Thailand. Just like the handjob, it’s offered discreetly within the 4 walls of the massage room. A service like this typically costs around 700 baht.

Boom Boom

Should you go for something more intimate, you can go for the boom boom and pay around 1,000 baht. Please know that this kind of service is not explicitly offered by these massage places so don’t go entering a room and ask the receptionist for the boom boom.

Although a huge number of ladyboy masseuses offer this kind of service, it’s best not to assume in order not to offend anyone.

A therapist will offer this to you in her discretion so don’t initiate this kind of conversation in order to be on the safe side.

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Where to find Ladyboy Massage Places

Ladyboy massage places as of 2020 are only found in Thailand. They are quite common in Pattaya and Bangkok. Although you could get the same experience in other countries, you’re not going to have access to a designated place like a massage parlor like in Thailand.

oil massage

Should you choose to get a massage by a ladyboy in a country like the Philippines, Shanghai, Singapore, or other cities in Asia, your best bet would be hiring a masseuse online.

Is Ladyboy Massage Illegal?

In talks of legality, ladyboy massages are 100% legal. However, when it comes to paying for intimacy, that’s whereby the loophole becomes invalid. This is the reason why we highly recommend to not initiate this kind of conversation just to be sure that you’re not breaking any laws should an entrapment is ongoing.

It’s always good to read certain forums before diving into this kind of adventure to know which places you’re going to get the type of massage you want without having to compromise your safety.

Ladyboy Massage Safety Precautions

If you’re going to a ladyboy massage parlor, it’s important for you to not bring too many valuables.

Just take an ample amount of cash to pay for the services that you want to consume and a little just to tip if you’re satisfied with the service.

caution line

Don’t bring expensive gadgets or jewelry with you because although ladyboys mean no harm, in a red light district whereby a place like this exists, anything could happen.

Also, bring protection with you should you opt for the boom boom and don’t forget to do a mild research on the city where you’re in for you to know which ladyboy massage parlor is offering the services you want without repercussions.

Furthermore, you have to remember to set boundaries most especially if it is your first time having s*x with ladyboys. If you’re not ready to do anything yet, tell the ladyboy masseuse explicitly what you want and don’t want to save yourselves from confusion and arguments.

Ladyboy Massage Entrapments

If you want to experience ladyboy massage without having to risk too much, your prime option would be to hire a freelance ladyboy masseuse in your city.

However, this kind of experience is more expensive than simply dropping by a local ladyboy massage parlor.


There are ladyboy masseuses who are open to just servicing a client without the whole adult experience if you just want to put your feet in the water.

However, you could also go for a courtesan if you can’t find any professional therapists in your area, but know that ca*l girls are not trained and don’t have a wide array of massage skills.

The typical cost of the service of a ladyboy masseuse in Asia ranges from $20 to $100 while ca*l girls charge from $100 to $300.

Some courtesans, most especially in Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and other key cities in Asia offer incall; meaning that you can visit them in their hotel rooms instead of them coming to you so you won’t have to worry about paying for a room anymore.

P.S. We are not encouraging anyone to meet ladyboys in the adult industry. This is a guide that’s created for educational purposes only.

The Best Ladyboy Massage

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However, don’t go harassing the girls on My Ladyboy Date now and ask them upfront if they’re good with giving massages. This might offend them. Head on to Dos and Don’ts in Dating Ladyboys to have more ideas on how to date ladyboys online. 

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