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Category: Product updates

Should we introduce our hot bestfriend to our boyfriend?

Today’s topic is a bit different as it’s going to be focused more on your circle; rather than your personal relationship with your boyfriend.  Let’s admit it, most men in Asian Ladyboy dating sites have yellow fever (strong attraction towards Asian people).  What happens when you and your boyfriend who you met in a ladyboy […]

3 types of rich men to avoid in Ladyboy Dating Sites

I’m not trying to give rich men a harder time in finding love on a ladyboy dating site.  I’m just writing this guide in order to save most ladyboys from unnecessary headaches when dealing with these 3 types of rich men. Please know that everything I’m writing here is from my own experience.  Kindly take […]

Gift ideas for your Ladyboy Date

There are so many things that you can think of what sort of gifts you give to your ladyboy date. But deciding what to give can be really tricky. I’m really feeling the vibe and I’m going to share with you some ideas that I, as a ladyboy, want to receive as gifts may it […]

Destress with your Ladyboy Date

Has this cosmopolitan world been stressing you and your ladyboy date out?  I know how the world can be toxic and exhausting and one can’t help but think of an escape.  Today, I’m going to share with you some activities that you and your gal can participate in on for better health.  Please know that […]

How to deal with Ladyboy Bashers

No matter how feminine, soft, or passable your ladyboy date is, there will still be people who wouldn’t be thinking twice about attacking her based on her gender preferences so you have to learn how to deal with it without compromising anything.  If you have an uncontrollable temper, I don’t think this article will help […]

How to stop falling in love

Nobody’s perfect and I think we’ve all experienced being in love with a person who we know has no chance of loving us back.  It’s good to be confident and all but you have to know when enough is enough.  If you’ve been messaging this girl in a ladyboy dating site but she’s not giving […]

How I handled a cheating boyfriend

Any type of abuse should not be tolerated.  As a woman in the world of transgender dating and a former adult entertainer, I’ve had my fair share with jerks and a-holes.  Today, I’m going to share with you the things I did in order to recover from a bad relationship plus a bonus of how […]

Dating Ladyboys Secretly

Time and time again, notions in regards to men dating ladyboys, that they are secretly gay (not that there’s anything wrong with it) and that they have “weird” sexual fetishes exist. Furthermore, please do not use the word “fetish” lightly.

My Ladyboy Date now accepts Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin

We at My Ladyboy Date are die hard technology lovers. That’s why back in 2015 we already wanted to play our part in the cryptocurrency revolution and offer our members the option to pay by Bitcoin (the mother of all cryptocurrencies). Thanks to our partner Coinbase, we are now able to also accept payments by Bitcoin […]

3 things that ladyboys should do to make a man want you!

A lot of you single ladyboys must have been wondering why you aren’t getting a date yet. It has been a while since you put up your profile on a ladyboy dating site. Yet, you haven’t succeeded in meeting Mr Right. In some cases, you started a conversation with whom you thought will be your knight in […]