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“Log in with Facebook” is gone

Cyril Mazur
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TLDR: Facebook banned My Ladyboy Date from using the “Facebook Login” functionality.

(you may watch the video or read the article, they’re essentially telling the same thing, but the article gives more details 😊)

Have you ever had a problem with Facebook, and wondered how you could contact their customer support?

Well, Facebook does not have customer support. Facebook is a gargantuous machine with close to 3 billion users (who don’t pay), and “only” 60,000 employees. That’s one employee for every 50k users. They don’t have the resources to provide support.

Instead, Facebook relies on robots (ie algorithms) to take decisions automatically.

So if, let’s say, your Facebook account gets banned – automatically – by mistake, there is no hotline to call and no friendly agent to help you fix it.

This is very common, and you can read a lot of Facebook horror stories like this online.

However, when you have a work relationship with Facebook (eg as developers, like us), you would expect Facebook to treat you a little bit better than this. First, because there are much fewer developers than users. And second, because developers actually add VALUE to Facebook. The more developers integrate Facebook into their apps / sites, the more it makes Facebook useful and worth using.

Well, no. Facebook treats developers (and also their other business clients, like advertisers) like 💩, same as their users.

How Facebook treats developers

The story I’m about to tell actually follows the first story I wrote on My Transgender Date‘s blog not even one month ago. I recommend you read it first here:

Long story short, starting 2021 Facebook has been sending us a ridiculous amount of “compliance reviews” (which is detailed in the previous blog post). Like, every month a new review, asking a ridiculous amount of irrelevant information. The reviews must be answered within a certain number of days, or we get shutdown.

Until today, I was always able to provide the information Facebook wanted in order to complete the reviews. It took me a lot of time and energy, but it worked.

But, on 7 June 2022, Facebook sent me this email:

No review this time. The app was deactivated right away.

I replied and provided what they asked. I received this email 30 seconds later:

They closed the case automatically!

No human actually read my reply and checked the info I provided.

And any subsequent attempt to reply was answered with the same “Case closed” automated response.

Remember, there is no hotline, no email address, no contact form, etc. to get any support. So this is the end.

The result is that My Ladyboy Date has ~30,000 members who rely on “Facebook Login”. These members will see the following error message the next time they try to log in to our website:


How to log in to My Ladyboy Date WITHOUT Facebook

Thankfully, I was smart enough to develop My Ladyboy Date so that we stored the email address associated with the Facebook account of these ~30,000 members. Therefore, if you are one of these 30,000 affected users, you can still log in to My Ladyboy Date by simply entering your email address and password here:

In case you forgot your password (or never chose one in the first place, which is likely), you can set (or reset) your password here:

If you forgot your email address, don’t have access to your email address anymore, or need help accessing your account in any way, please contact us here:

I am deeply sorry for all our affected members. Be assured we will do our very best to help you access your accounts promptly and securely.

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Cyril Mazur
Cyril Mazur is a trans-oriented man dedicated to helping ladyboys and trans-oriented men find love wherever they are in the world. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of My Ladyboy Date. He is a serial entrepreneur who obtained his MSc in e-business in Oxford in 2010. In 2019, he was part of the panel of judges for the Mandaue Gay Pageant. He founded My Ladyboy Date with his co-founder Maki Gingoyon in 2013. They have both made it their goal to provide a safe space for trans dating and end the stigma surrounding trans relationships.

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