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New available languages and other improvements

Cyril Mazur
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Hi readers! It’s been a while I didn’t post in the Product Updates category for announcing our technical improvements. So here it is. First, let me tell you that since I cleaned and normalised the geocoding of all the profiles, I could draw the statistic that we have members in 3 200 cities across 172 countries. That’s not bad, and we will keep on growing and reaching new places 🙂

Ladyboy dating, now more international

The latest developments were focused on internationalising My Ladyboy Date. As of the moment the site is already fully available in French and Spanish (and English of course, which has always been our main language). This was important because, of course, not all members are fluent in the language of Shakespeare, so they will appreciate this little help 🙂 We also added a new translation button available at the end of every description and every message of the chat, which can translate live any language to any language (translations made by Bing).

The next languages we plan to implement are Thai and Malay Bahasa (obviously for our members from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia). Then we will focus on European languages again with Italian, Portuguese and German. Watch out!

Improved geographical search

We have mapped exactly every city (provinces, regions and islands); making your search easier. Let’s take for example Metro Manila (which is the capital city of the Philippines) is actually made of 10s of smaller cities, so if you wanted to look for profiles in Metro Manila, you had to try to search for every of these cities because some profiles will say to be in Makati, some others will say to be in Pasig, and so on… Now, you can search for any of these cities, and check the “Extend search to 50km around” button, so the results will show all the profiles in this geographic area.

Now that the profiles are better geocoded, we plan to make the most of it. We also implement other nice features, like “See other profiles in this area” buttons or the like. We even think of implementing a profile research by map. Stay tuned!

Our sister website for transsexuals

We are also working on opening a sister website, dating for transsexual women. This is pretty much just about a label issue. When we started My Ladyboy Date, we really intended to focus on Asia, hence the name “ladyboy” which is a local term (not politically correct, more like a slang) for labelling transsexual women. We quickly realised that for western trans people, the term was derogatory and they would refrain from signing up. That’s basically our reason to open My Transsexual Date, which will be no more no less the sister of My Ladyboy Date, with a label that westerners will not find derogatory.

Work is still in progress, we hope to open as soon as we can.

Some other goodies

Just today we added the zodiac signs (astrological signs and Chinese signs) to the profiles, and we also made it available to search profiles of a given sign. I’m personally not a superstitious person but a lot of members want it. The Zodiac Sign feature is live now and you can assess your sign compatibility (or not) while meeting new people 🙂

That’s pretty much it for the latest developments and improvements! I will try my best to write more in the future.

Thanks for following us, and good luck in your dating!

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Cyril Mazur
Cyril Mazur is a trans-oriented man dedicated to helping ladyboys and trans-oriented men find love wherever they are in the world. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of My Ladyboy Date. He is a serial entrepreneur who obtained his MSc in e-business in Oxford in 2010. In 2019, he was part of the panel of judges for the Mandaue Gay Pageant. He founded My Ladyboy Date with his co-founder Maki Gingoyon in 2013. They have both made it their goal to provide a safe space for trans dating and end the stigma surrounding trans relationships.

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