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Bangkok and Manila Ladyboy Stories

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We’ve all read and heard countless ladyboy stories in Bangkok and Manila. Most of these stories come from the experience of tourists and ex-pats living in the said cities.

Today, I’m going to share with you some of the most common ones. Along with my commentary because I think that it would be a lot more fun to have a ladyboy like myself, react to these funny little mishaps.

Surprise Ladyboy Stories

Time and time again, Asian ladyboys have been labeled notoriously as traps. It’s not surprising because a lot of Asian ladyboys are indeed, very passable as cisgender women.

Added to that, it can be quite harder for someone to distinguish if someone’s a ladyboy if they’re from a different country and are not used to seeing Southeast Asian people on a regular basis.

No Point of Comparison

To further elaborate on what I meant from the last paragraph, if you’re from a country and you don’t come across a significant number of Southeast Asian people, you may find it harder to clock a ladyboy.

Because you’re not seeing people like us often, you don’t have a point of comparison when it comes to our physical attributes. Some men even only get to find out that they’re dating a ladyboy once she drops her panties to unravel the ladyboy surprise.

gift box

This is one of the funniest ladyboy stories. Also the most common one that also serves as a disclaimer; most especially to the ones who are planning their first trip to Thailand. However, from my standpoint as a ladyboy, this is kind of cheap and insulting.

I don’t want to be a “Karen” and complain about it. However, it gives us the image that we’re out to fool guys just for them to make love with us. I have a lot of ladyboy friends and I don’t know any of them to go low as to deceiving anyone in order to get laid.

How to Spot a Ladyboy

To avoid experiencing one of the most annoying ladyboy stories, the first thing that you have to do before taking someone back into your hotel room is to ASK. Yes, it can prove OFFENSIVE, but it’s not really the question that becomes the operative word, it’s the manner of how you ask and you should do it with the utmost respect.

If you don’t have the moxie to ask, you can simply spot a ladyboy through observing her physical attributes and mannerisms.

Just a disclaimer: if you’re a ladyboy reading this, please know that I’m not trying to deprecate our kind or have them clock us, I’m just helping them avoid this situation so that people won’t accuse us of this “Ladyboy Surprise” clownery anymore.

1. Spotting a Ladyboy by Looks

Most ladyboys are quite stunning and you’ll see a lot of them if you’re staying in Bangkok. They have this presence that’s kind of hard to shake, not just because of their physical beauty, but because of how they arrive (which we will get more into a little later).

However, if you want to spot a ladyboy, you have to shake off the awe and position your jaw back to where it belongs. When you see someone oh so stunning, you have to observe some of her physical attributes.

ladyboy with story

The dead giveaway is the prominent adam’s apple. Most ladyboys are cursed with this so if you’re going to bet on something big, go all-in on this. Next is her shoulders. This is the part that I hate the most because it doesn’t give me a delicate and feminine silhouette.

Hands can be a giveaway too because most of us are not blessed with tiny and graceful hands. I know that I’m sounding like a lunatic right now but please know that i’m a ladyboy as well so my gender dysphoria gets triggered when it comes to the talks of physical attributes.

Other things to look for:

  • big Feet ;
  • pronounced Brow Ridge ;
  • facial Hair Traces ;
  • squarish Jaw ;
  • narrow Hips ;
  • bigger Teeth ;
  • bigger Face ;
  • pronounced Veins.

2. Spotting a Ladyboy by Actions

Please know that everything that I’ve mentioned from spotting a ladyboy by the looks should be taken with a grain of salt. There are some cisgender women who possess the same physical attributes as well. However, if I’m not going to point out the commonality when it comes to ladyboys like me, this guide will be of no use.

I have plenty of ladyboy friends and I’m in no way saying that they represent the whole population of ladyboys in Southeast Asia. However, one thing that I can say is most ladyboys are quite flamboyant when it comes to dressing up and their mannerisms.

ladyboy with lipstick

With ladyboys, every movement seems to be made special twice over and this can most commonly be observed in the way they walk. Yes, when ladyboys walk, some of us don’t just walk, we strut! The city is our catwalk and the crowd’s merely just our audience lol.

Other things to look for:

  • voice
  • clothing (too provocative)
  • over-the-top outfits
  • beauty ticks (constant preening in the mirror, fixing hair, fixing makeup; all done in public)
  • seductive Mannerisms

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Ladyboy Stories that MATTER

Before we close the first part of this guide, let me tell you why these ladyboy stories are always entailed with deception first. I’m going to spill the tea. I used to work in the adult industry and I have a lot of ladyboy friends who work in the area of body trade.

The ladyboy stories that you read online are REAL because there are a lot of adult workers who don’t disclose their trans orientation because of the loss of income. You see, if you’re a ladyboy and you don’t disclose the truth, you have access to 2 markets, men who like ladyboys and men who like cisgender women.

Trust me, there are ways make love with a man without him finding out that we’re ladyboys but I will discuss that in another guide. For now, let’s focus on what matters more and what ladyboy stories should be told.

Professional Ladyboys

Most tourists and ex-pats have this notion that we vicariously live through one night stands and deceiving men. Little do they know, there’s actually a huge number of professional ladyboys who hold very high positions in different companies. One example would be My Ladyboy Date’s (one of the top dating websites for ladyboys globally) Marketing Director and co-founder Ms. Maki Gingoyon.

maki gingoyon

We can also go further from home and find the first Thai transgender woman billionaire Ms. Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip. You won’t only find us in the fields of commerce as we also have our first transgender congresswoman, Ms. Geraldine Roman.

Furthermore, we also thrive in different sectors of what keeps the economy running. Albeit there’s nothing wrong about adult work, the majority of us don’t want to be put in just 1 box (most especially if we don’t belong in it).

Lately, ladyboys have been achieving professional breakthroughs and it’s time for the rest of the world to know what we’re truly capable of. Just last year, Cebu Pacific (one of the Philippines’ top airlines), hired their first transgender woman flight attendant.

Ladyboy Mothers

Some ladyboys make wonderful mothers and you can find a lot of them in Manila and Bangkok. I’ve even conducted a personal interview which you can read in my Yes, she’s a ladyboy and she’s a mother article.

Ladyboys are more than just lovebots and fantasy fulfillers. Most of us want to achieve a full life, work hard to arrive where we want to get to, and do everything in our power to support our children and their future.

Ladyboy Stories of Love

Now, if you’re tired of hearing mundane stories of ladyboys fooling men to make love with them and you want something that’s more real and what generally happens in the world of ladyboys, you can read Stories of Ladyboys who Found Love.


Love is the universal language and ladyboys speak it very well. There’s no greater love than a love that prospers amidst it being against all odds. You can also find ladyboy love stories by perusing our blog. I’ve shared a huge portion of my dating life on this website so if you’ve stumbled upon My Ladyboy Date because you’re planning in finding a ladyboy girlfriend, try reading my posts.

Ladyboy Entertainers

Lastly, we can’t discount the fact that ladyboy celebrities who are at the forefront of representing us have done a great deal in putting us on the map. There are plenty of successful and beautiful ladyboy actresses, beauty queens, models, and more.

Ladyboy Entertainers

Get to know their success stories and be inspired by how they were able to play with the cards that they’ve been dealt with.

This world is truly filled with ladyboy stories and most of them are quite negative. However, I’ve created this guide in order to feed you what your mind must know because frankly, I’m quite tired of ladyboys being seen in a totally deprecating way.

Did you enjoy reading this guide? Kindly share it on your timeline! Do you have other ladyboy stories that you want to share? Don’t hesitate to write a comment below!



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