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Spicing things up with your Ladyboy Date

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Are you running out of ideas on keeping up with ladyboy date’s insatiable appetite in the bedroom? Not that I’m saying you’re not satisfying her nor she’s a nymphomaniac so please don’t be too defensive.

In this guide, I’m going to share with you some personal things I love in the bedroom.  I’m a ladyboy myself and I’m not saying that we all have the same taste on how we do the deed so please take this article with a grain of salt.

Men in Uniform

I’ve always found men in uniform to be so irresistible.  From soldiers, policemen, firefighters, construction workers, doctors, etc., name it, I want it!  There’s something so hot about the sight of a man in uniform… and undressing it. I think this is basic knowledge and we all have a fetish for uniforms, just varying in degree but yes, refresh her vision with something that she has never seen you wear before

There’s something about those uniforms that scream strength, intelligence, and chivalry. Most ladyboys are attracted to masculine men so I’m going to be more in-depth in this section. If you want to remain shoot for 100% arousal, go for…


What kind of ladyboy hasn’t dreamed of having her pipes unclogged by a hot beast? I can’t think of anyone who has never fantasized about hot and masculine plumbers. If you’re going to play this role, you have to go all the way.

Make sure that you look the part. Nowadays, plumbers mostly wear a one-piece suit and partner it with a baseball cap. Their uniforms are mostly navy blue and they often wear a tool bag with them.

a tap

If you’re feeling a little kinkier, you can go to the old school type of plumber uniform which is what Super Mario wears, and these are called denim jumpers. You can partner it with a shirt, rain boots, and hot underwear.

I don’t recommend for you to go the low-key route which mirrors reality. What I’m talking about is the boring flannel shirt and jeans combo. Yes, a lot of plumbers wear this combination but you have to serve the fantasy.

Construction Worker

We all know how strong construction workers are. Often times, fantasy movies and the adult entertainment industry sexualize them a lot. Nothing is as masculine and hot than seeing a sweaty man wearing a sleeveless flannel shirt, tight jeans, and helmet while breaking the wall with a heavy sledgehammer.

Construction Worker

This outfit emphasizes the arms so if you’re meaty in that area, you’re going to enhance this type of fantasy even more. If you really want the fantasy to be almost real, I recommend working out 15 minutes before revealing this look to her or however long it takes for you to work up a sweat. Trust me, your ladyboy girlfriend will thank me for this one.


What kind of ladyboy hasn’t fantasized about being saved and carried by a handsome and masculine firefighter? I’m pretty sure that Harlequin Romance novels have capitalized on firefighters numerous times already. It’s not hard to see why a lot of women find firefighters hot. Not only are they strong but they’re also brave and heroic.

a Firefighter

If you want to properly put out the fire (in this case, fan the fire), you must look a hundred percent look the part. Unfortunately, you won’t find a firefighter uniform substitute in your closet unless you’re a real firefighter so you have to order it online.

I highly recommend for you to get the real thing and don’t buy uniforms in an adult store. The reason being is you want her to think that you’re delivering her the reality and no real firefighter would wear uniforms with holes in the crotch area.

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Not all ladyboys are turned on by the stereotypical macho man. Some of them dream of being checked up by a handsome, clean, and affluent doctor. This is also quite fun because somehow, it will give the illusion of you, having your first time with a ladyboy again.

a stethoscope

A scenario that I highly recommend is for you to do a routine checkup on her. Explore all of her body parts and act surprised by finding something totally unexpected in her crotch.

It’s quite kinky, naughty, and fun at the same time. Frankly, I’d love to experience being checked up as well and have a man take off every piece of clothing from my body.

A New Haircut

I’d talk more about uniforms but I’m afraid that the section itself will make this article too long. Before I get too aroused, let’s head on to something more life-changing… a haircut.

new haircut

Having a new haircut gives the illusion of a different person. I’m not saying that your ladyboy date doesn’t like how you look like now but there’s something so hot about cheating on you with you. This may be a bold move especially if you’re working in a corporate environment but this is extremely effective.

If you don’t have a certain image to protect or have rules to potentially break, getting a new funky haircut may be the solution to seduce her. This may seem trivial but trust me, it’s a sure-shot way to making love with ladyboys quite interesting.

New Underwear

“You know a Delta Nu would never sleep with a man who wears a thong” quoting Brooke Windham from Legally Blonde. 

I’m not sure if you’re ladyboy date is prissy but if she’s kinky like me, I’m pretty sure she’d love to see your package wrapped in different fabrics from time to time. I personally love see-through briefs and skimpy white briefs but that’s just me lol.

a male underwear

The most boring underwear a man can wear is boxer shorts or anything black that won’t show the “VPL” or Visible Peen Line.  Something I’d find a little too edgy though would be anything with animal print lol.  I find it campy and funny instead of hot but that’s just me.

You may also try leather, denim, lycra, and lace. The options are endless when it comes to male underwear. However, don’t go too overboard and too quirky with your choices. Do a little research on what women like and I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something you can feel hot in and that your ladyboy girlfriend will enjoy.

Be a Male Stripper

This list will not be legit if it doesn’t include male strippers. She will be lying if she says that she’ll never appreciate a striptease from her man. Don’t be too daunted with this because I’m not urging you to have the same dancing skills that Channing Tatum possesses in Magic Mike nor should you possess the same body. If she loves you, she will enjoy what you have to offer no matter what.

musclar man

Uniform-wise, I highly recommend you to start with a full ensemble of a business suit. Replace your necktie with a bowtie because I’ve noticed that male strippers usually wear this type of accessory. Short white gloves are kind of hot too but you can ditch it if you think that you’ll look like a magician.

Slowly take off everything but be sure to keep your pants and your bowtie on for a period of time to truly deliver the male stripper fantasy. Don’t forget to dance to steamy music as well.

The music of choice is very important as well. There’s nothing hot about house, techno, and rock music. If you truly want her to think that you’re a legit male stripper, try grooving with RNB jams that have explicit lyrics. Songs by Usher usually hit the spot.

Domination in Public

I’m very dominant in life and in bed but I find it so arousing when the roles switch from time to time. I love it when a man is into me and expresses how STRONGLY he’s into me.  I had a date one time in a wine bar and the guy kept caressing my breasts while nobody was looking.

lovely couple

I was telling him to stop but he won’t which made it even hotter.  He also touched my wee-wee and different parts of my body while we were in the lounge pretending to enjoy the wine.  It was one of my hottest dates ever and just made me wanted more of him.

Only do this in a country whereby it’s not illegal to do so. Don’t do this in the UAE or other strictly religious countries if you don’t want to end up behind bars with your ladyboy girlfriend.

Talk Nasty

Release your inhibitions and ask your ladyboy date if she’s into this or surprise her with something shocking but not offensive and see how she takes it. Just remember to not think with your foot and say funny stuff that may ruin the mood lol. 

Say things like “I want to teabag your b… while I pinch your nipples really hard” or something to that effect.

funny guy

If you do all of my tips strategically, trust me, your intimate life will be extra spicy and she will truly be looking for more. Only do these things periodically because they may get passe when done repeatedly and remember, when doing these things, SURPRISE her.

You will defeat the purpose of spicing up your intimate life if you’re going to plan it with her. Besides, everything that I’ve mentioned can be done on your own. Did you enjoy reading this Spicing things up with your Ladyboy Date guide? Kindly share this on your timeline.

Good Luck!



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