Ways to Surprise your Ladyboy Date

Posted on March 27, 2020
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If you’re looking for ways to surprise your ladyboy date, or your girlfriend if you’re lucky, please keep reading.

There are many articles about surprising women yet surprisingly, you’ll find close to none when it comes to dating ladyboys.  Please know that I’m a ladyboy myself.  However, I’m not the paragon of ladyboys so still please take this with a grain of salt.  The list will include what some of us ladyboys will be happy to experience. Enjoy!

Surprise Visit

If you know where she lives, show up on her doorstep with a bouquet of flowers!  What would make it even sweeter is when you pretend to be a delivery man with the undressing of the helmet reveal!  If a guy would do this for me, my heart would melt and it’ll be something worth remembering for the rest of my life.

The impression you’re going to leave to her is that you are a loving, spontaneous, and one of a kind gentleman.  However, it will not be my fault if she happens to be cheating on you and you find a man living in an apartment with her LOL.

Surprise Dinner

The reason why I put emphasis on dinner and not any other meal is because…

Lunch is for friends, Coffee dates are for Tinder dates that you’re unsure of, and Breakfast is for your wife which she isn’t yet.

I know how most of us today can get quite busy but what kind of girl turns down a dinner date from a man he likes.  I’m pretty sure that even if she’s not in the best mood, she will agree to go with you and ENJOY it.

Presentation is key in making lovely dinners.  Don’t just take her out in a random Chinese restaurant and eat wonton.  She deserves more than that.

Lastly, I’m going to share with you a topic that is exclusive to ladyboy dating and what will set this article apart from the rest of dating articles online.

Surprise Event

Most dating websites would deem this to be indiscrete and unnecessary but if you are dating a ladyboy and you want to make her feel comfortable about who she is and that you’re very proud to be with her, invite her on occasions that she knows matter to you.

Let’s say, the birthday of your mother or your high school reunion.  If you are confident enough to invite her into gatherings with people who matter to you, I’m pretty sure that she will feel more than elated and will think that you are not ashamed to be with her.

Nothing’s sweeter for a ladyboy than to feel that her man genuinely loves and accepts her no matter what may go through.  If you are able to do this, she will surely see that the foundation of your relationship with her is not only built-in attraction or anything superficial, but with true love, strength, and inclusivity.

I hope that you enjoyed my tips.



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