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The perfect gift for the ladyboy you’re dating

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Are you new to dating ladyboys and have zero clues on ladyboy gift ideas? It’s quite daunting most especially if you’ve never had a first-hand experience with dating one but in this guide, you’re going to exactly know what gifts ladyboys truly appreciate on different occasions.

Before you swipe your credit card, you must know that you should only give her something that you can afford. You don’t have to be racked up in debt in order to show her your appreciation.

Ladyboy Gifts in Each Dating Stage

It’s very important to know on which dating stage and situation you’re currently in before deciding on what to give as a gift to your ladyboy date. Knowing what’s appropriate and not will encourage the best possible feeling out of her.

After all, gifts require money and this can be considered as an investment so don’t make a bad one.

Early Dating

Gifts for the early stages of dating are the least expensive ones. The reason being is because you don’t want to possibly offend her by giving her something too luxurious from the get-go. Most ladyboys are not materialistic because the majority of them are quite resilient enough to know that material possessions don’t have as much intrinsic value as freedom of expression.

flowers gift

They’re way past superficiality and live their lives the way they want to without a care of what people would say. For this one, it’s highly recommended to give her something simple, meaningful, but of good quality.

  • flowers
  • chocolates
  • books
  • souvenirs
  • CDs
  • software programs
  • gadget peripherals i.e. airpods, earphones, phone case, iPad case, etc.
  • wallet
  • organizers, journals, etc.

You could also give her something that’s related to her career. If she’s a painter, buy her some paint brush sets, paint, or canvass. If she works as a photographer, maybe a camera bag or a lens. Does she work as a makeup artist? You could get her a makeup bag or a brush set.

The sky is the limit when gifting but always remember to know your own limits and to not give something that’s quite costly in the early stages.

Special Occasions

These can be in the form of birthday, holidays, career milestones, and more. Ladyboy gift rules are more lenient on this one because it’s okay to spend more than when you’re giving something in the early stages of dating.

perfume gift

The ladyboy gift ideas from the early stages can also be applied here but if you want to go the extra mile to impress her, try giving her some of the things on the list below.

  • gift cards from her favorite store (include a heartfelt greeting card to make it less tacky)
  • staycation
  • car accessories
  • montblanc pen
  • trinkets for her bag (Hermes twillies, Louis Vuitton scarf, etc.)
  • sunglasses (Ray-ban and Chanel have nice ones)
  • branded cellphone cases
  • her favorite perfume

Serious Relationship

If you’re in a serious relationship with her, the budget when it comes to gifting can either be decreased or increased depending on your financial situation.

earrings gift

However, it’s still smart not to neglect her to the point that you’re appearing to make less effort just because she’s said yes into being your girlfriend already. With this type of relationship, it’s the perfect time to introduce more expensive things without making her feel like you’re trying to buy her love.

  • necklace, bracelet, and earrings
  • laptop, cellphone, PC, peripherals, camera, etc.
  • more expensive things that are work-related
  • premium concert tickets
  • subscriptions
  • shoes, bag, dress, hat, lingerie, coat, etc.
  • car accessories
  • pet accessories
  • skincare and makeup
  • furniture, appliances, home stuff, garden stuff, etc.

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Apology Gifts

The apology gift is the most challenging to pick because it’s entangled in a web of landmines. Before you buy her this type of gift, you have to know what will really speak to her heart.

wine glasses

Yes, when it comes to gifting, it’s the thought that counts. However, if you’ve done something really bad and you buy her a takeout from a Chinese restaurant and offer it along with a “sorry”, there’s a huge probability that you’re going to have to eat the wonton alone.

  • jewelry (not costume-type and preferably a necklace)
  • a handwritten note and flowers
  • something that you know she really likes but can’t afford
  • an upgrade of something that she uses a lot
  • fancy date (preferably out of town)
  • something that involves her idols
  • a concert ticket, a biography, and more


If you want to take your relationship to the next level, you have to give her no less than the PERFECT gift. Let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s time to put a ring on it.

If you can’t afford a diamond ring, you could try giving her a morganite one. Morganite rings are perfect for the practical type of ladyboy. Why would you buy her a diamond ring when you can’t afford it and you can instead put it as a downpayment for a home where the two of you could move in once she agrees to say yes?

Proposal gift

Proposal gifts should be special but they don’t have to be impractical and stupid. However, there’s nothing wrong if she has high standards but if her standards get in the way into having a fruitful future with her, maybe you should rethink your decision.

  • diamond ring (if you can afford meaning you don’t have to buy it on credit and you’re not going to eat ramen noodles for the next 5 years)
  • morganite ring (if the 2 of you are practical and not that financially free yet)
  • surprise (including friends and family)

In-depth explanation of each item (BONUS)


I used to work in a corporate world and bags are of necessity. Get something that’s classic (you can’t go wrong with that). Pick colors like black, brown, or red.

bag gift

I hate white handbags because my bag is often sitting beside my coffee mug on my desk. Also, look for something with a lot of compartments because most of us love makeup.

It doesn’t have to be branded but good quality leather will be greatly appreciated. If you know your ladyboy date very well, choose something that’s of her favorite color.


I know what you’re thinking and stop with the pearl necklace thoughts, you naughty scoundrel. Nothing’s more romantic than a dainty necklace that means something.

red heart medallion gift

Maybe you can get something with her initials or a heart locket. Keep it girly just like her delicate heart.

A feminine necklace matches with everything.

Avoid buying very cheap ones because some people are acidic or have sensitive skin and you don’t want to give her rashes. Stay away from copper, nickel, and brass-based jewelry. If you have the budget, buy something that’s gold so it’s sure to be hypoallergenic.

Wouldn’t it evoke delight on your face seeing the necklace that you gave your ladyboy date through her daily selfies? A woman with a bare décolletage and a boyfriend is an abandoned girlfriend.


My job is dealing with the internet a lot and if the ladyboy you’re dating is the same as I am, then gadgets are your first pick.

Apart from my writing job with My Ladyboy Date, I also own a blog and nothing can get more annoying than a tortoise computer.

I often multitask and I need something that has a good amount of ram.

gadget gift

If your ladyboy date is a digital artist, blogger, vlogger, virtual assistant, or whatever that deals with the internet, a good computer will be greatly appreciated by her. Cameras are also amazing if your ladyboy date is a makeup artist or a photographer.

You might think that this section spells sugar daddy but it’s not like buying her a car or a house. A nifty gadget that’ll help her career will be more meaningful than something superficial like roses or an Agent Provocateur lingerie.

The Perfect Ladyboy Gift

However, none of the things listed here would matter if you don’t have the most important gift to give her and that is… the gift of love.

Did you learn anything from this guide? Please share it on your timeline. However, if it missed anything, don’t hesitate to join the conversation by writing in the comments section below.



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