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Common Scenarios Leaving Ladyboys Abused

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Abuse happens to people from all walks of life. It does not have a specific target group of people. However true this is, it does not seem factual when it comes to ladyboys. Reading ladyboys abused in different ways seems to be ever-omnipresent in today’s society.

At the end of the day, you’re left asking as to why this occurrence is more common than not. There is a reason for that and everything stems from bigotry and how children were raised. If you are planning to have a ladyboy girlfriend or you are just interested in the life of an Asian ladyboy, keep reading.

What is Abuse?

Abuse is a form of action that happens regularly. It is encompassing and responsible for destroying an individual’s life. It does not happen naturally and is done maliciously by a person or a group of people. No matter the intention, abuse is always CONSCIOUSLY done.

Verbal Abuse

The most common form of abuse is verbal. Some types of verbal abuse are happening almost every day and are often known as nagging. Others happen sporadically but can still be hurtful to the receiver. Verbal abuse is done by a person hurling insulting, demeaning, and damaging words to another person.

Verbal abuse often happens domestically. It can also happen in school or in the workplace. These range from calling out someone for looking, thinking, or feeling a certain way. Others also try to downplay verbal abuse by labeling it as a joke.

Physical Abuse

Like verbal abuse, physical abuse also happens often at home. This can either be in the forms of hurting someone physically, using someone’s body for carnal pleasure (molestation or rape), or self-inflicted.

How Bigots Leave a Ladyboy Abused

Sadly, the reason why a lot of ladyboys are abused is that they lack protection. In Asia, it’s very rare to witness a country that protects the rights of ladyboys. Most Asian countries still recognize ladyboys as men. They are susceptible to verbal and physical abuse.

abused ladyboy


While a lot of Asian countries are tolerant of ladyboys, many still did not get the memo. A lot of people abuse ladyboys because the government is not punishing them for their cruel acts. The best example for this starts at home with the parents disowning their child for being a ladyboy.


While intolerance is a harsher treatment for ladyboys, unacceptance can’t be downplayed. A lot of people seem to be fine co-existing with ladyboys but to their core, they don’t want to do anything with them.

This is why it is harder for ladyboys to form genuine relationships and friendships. They often get stabbed in the back solely because of their gender identity.


Some people are more upfront with their dislike for ladyboys. A lot of people like to humiliate ladyboys in public. They do this by outing ladyboys walking down the street. Some men also assert their “right” by forcing love-making with ladyboys as technically, they are not committing a crime.

Many countries in Asia don’t recognize men being raped. Because these countries still don’t see ladyboys as women, they can be freely harassed and molested.


Ladyboys find it harder to obtain a sense of belonging because they are often discriminated against. A lot of educational institutions don’t allow ladyboys to study if they dress up as women. Many workplaces do not accept ladyboys. Even some places do not allow ladyboys to use the women’s comfort room.

Because of this, a lot of them lose their confidence, which constitutes a huge number of ladyboy abused in life.


Some people do not stop at verbal and carnal abuse. A lot of them resort to violence. Many ladyboys are killed mercilessly solely because of their gender identity. Sadly, this is reflected widely in social media.

When ladyboys are murdered in Asia, a lot of commenters laugh about the situation. Some even add disparaging comments. Others encourage people to do the same thing and blame the ladyboy for being killed.

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Self-abuse that Ladyboys Experience

Feeling alone and being ganged up on can destroy someone’s sanity. This is why many ladyboys commit suicide. Others like to inflict harm on themselves because of the many factors that encompass self-abuse.

crying ladyboy

Societal Pressure

While most people pressure ladyboys to detransition, a lot of people pressure ladyboys to look very feminine. This is because many famous ladyboys look quite passable. The bar is set very high for ladyboys to be included in society. Unless they do not look feminine enough, the abuse will continue.

This is wrong on so many levels because not everyone is built the same. However, it seems to be the norm.

Constant Comparison

When a ladyboy does not look feminine enough, she often gets compared to other ladyboys. This lights up a light of misery for her. Because she can’t seem to achieve what the other’s look, this can further fuel her fire to hurt herself.

Ungettable Desires

Many ladyboys dream big. A lot of them want to be singers, actresses, and models. However, the entertainment industry is not yet fully open for them most especially in their region. This is why a lot of them get depressed.

Some ladyboys want to be professionals but being stopped at the gate of the school to study crumbles their dreams from the get-go. Furthermore, even if they had the proper education, no company will hire them.

Added to that, even the most simple dream of living as a woman 24/7 can be unattainable. This is because of the violence that they could receive if they are living in a very religious region.

How to Stop the Abuse

If you don’t like seeing a ladyboy abused, you must act today. There are many ways to help fight for the protection of ladyboys.

happy ladyboy

Education and Dissemination

The easiest way to help them is by studying their lives. After gaining knowledge of the daily abuse that they receive, you must properly disseminate this information. You can do so by sharing links or writing essays on your social media platform’s timeline.

Seeking Help

You can also encourage people to support organizations such as:

Their goal is to help transgender individuals worldwide to achieve a life full of dignity, opportunities, and safety.

Closing your eyes and shutting your mouth while witnessing abuse happening is part of the abuse. Be brave and help your sisters today.

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