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What Type of Single Ladyboy Are You

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Today, we’re going to entertain you with a quiz that will determine which type of single ladyboy you are. Please know that this may or may not apply to you so take everything with a grain of salt.

The Disney Princess

You’re someone who believes in magic and love at first. You will not settle for anything that does not involve you, having butterflies in your stomach. If a man doesn’t fit your idea of what a knight in shining armor should be, he’s not the one.

Walt Disney princesses

You often find it hard to date because you’re bombarded with the illusion that just because a guy doesn’t reach your standards, he’s brimming with red flags. Being the Disney Princess can be unhealthy so if you want to find your soulmate, it’s time to start waking up from your dream.

Nobody’s perfect and you have to appreciate people for who they are. If you practice understanding another person’s flaws and embracing them, happiness will be just around the corner.

Miss Independent

Constant winning in life and not needing anyone doesn’t sound so bad. But if you are too independent to the point that nobody’s good enough for you, your independence can be attributed as to why you’re still single up to this day.

You see, a lot of men are intimidated by you already. You don’t need the extra push to repel them further. If you’re aware of how equity works, it’s the people on top who bend to give the ones who are beneath them a boost. Try being more personable and don’t lay all your cards from the get-go.

People who want to be in a long-lasting relationship value the need to give and receive. If a man feels like he won’t be able to offer you anything anymore, he will feel useless.

Little Miss Desperado

But there’s something worst than Miss Independent, it’s Little Miss Desperado. Are you at the stage of your life whereby you have absolutely ZERO standards anymore?

a sad girl

When getting to know a person, do you find yourself agreeing to everything even if it costs your integrity and innermost beliefs? If so, you’re Little Miss Desperado. There’s no winning with this kind of attitude. You have to be a different type of single ladyboy if not today, at the very least, tomorrow!

Granted that a lot of men might be into you because of your “unconditional love”, you’ll always find yourself hopping from one relationship to another because the lies will eventually blow up on your face.

The Destiny Seeker

The Past, Present, and Future, all matter to you… in a very obsessive manner! You have to stop connecting all of the fragments of your life to align with the stars. Stop looking for “signs” and start LIVING!

Don’t reject someone because your zodiac sign doesn’t match with theirs. Believing in destiny and letting it take control of your TODAY is synonymous with building your own cage.

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Miss Soulmate Hunter

Doesn’t good ole’ chemistry cut it anymore? Are you looking for someone who can make your world go round with just one look? If so, you’re dangerously single and you need intervention.

a sad ladyboy

You’re like the combination of The Destiny Seeker and The Disney Princess… the Final Form! You’re someone who’s probably doomed to live with 12 cats and bound to spend the rest of your life rewatching The Notebook after retirement.

Get out of this zone while you still have a chance!

The Bridezilla

Seeking marriage in the world of ladyboy dating is hard as it is. And by you being an obsessed woman who shares your desperation of wearing a white dress with every guy you meet, isn’t helping!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get married because you have every right to do so. But don’t blame men for running away from you the very moment you bring out your intentions too early in the relationship.

Remember, you must play your cards strategically!

Realistic Regina

You’re the type who likes to research ladyboy-oriented relationships and you’re obsessed with statistics. You also are the type who thinks that if you’ve reached a certain age and you’re not married yet, it’s time to give up.

You see, love is a force that’s just too volatile to predict. Many people find their true love past the age of 50. Instead of having a defeatist mindset, know that when it comes to REAL LOVE, it’s a marathon and not a race.

Keep the faith and stop hanging out with dysfunctional single ladyboys.

The One

If you’re single and you’re focused on improving your life while still being hopeful that the one will eventually come, you’re doing it right. Most especially if you’re signed up to My Ladyboy Date and know that you deserve love and you’re not closing your doors.

Life’s what we make it. The choice is always yours. But remember, if you’re truly serious about changing your Single status, you must strategically position yourself and work every step of the way with nothing but pure intentions.

Good luck!

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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Amanda Valentine has been a writer for My Ladyboy Date for over 10 years. She writes various topics on trans dating and other trans-related content. Her personal experiences as a transgender woman have given her a unique point of view on trans topics. She has written 5 books on trans women’s relationships and has made it on Amazon’s best-seller list. Her book “Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen” reached #3 on the Transgender Studies category on Amazon. Her love for writing started when she won a poetry contest in 4th grade which made her pursue a career in literature.

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