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How to Attract Financially Independent Ladyboys

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Have you been looking for a ladyboy girlfriend online? However, you seem to keep attracting girls who have some sort of financial problems. There’s nothing wrong with supporting someone financially most especially if she’s your partner. But not all men like the damsel in distress type of ladyboy.

Some men are turned on by independent women who can take care of themselves. Are you one of these men? If so, keep reading to find your independent ladyboy girlfriend.

Why some Ladyboys need help financially

Before excluding people just because they’re in a financial rut, you first must know why a lot of ladyboys ask men for money. You see, in Asia, the majority of ladyboys are not yet protected by the government. They still deal with discrimination from society, the education system, and the workforce.

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Because of these adversities, they’re not able to experience their full potential. Hence, they resort to depending on a man to survive. However sad this situation sounds, there are still ladyboys who thrive in their careers and it is not impossible to find a financially independent ladyboy.

Signs that she’s Financially Independent

You have to pay attention to this section if you’re serious about your quest. Remember all of the keynotes here because they will serve purposefully most especially if you start online dating again.

Financially Independent ladyboy

She’s BUSY

Needless to say, a financially independent ladyboy will be busy. She will not waste time exchanging sweet nothings with you for more than four hours a day. If you try to get to know her in a workday, she will most probably reply only intermittently to you.

She’s busy making money and paying her bills to waste a lot of time with someone she barely knows. Don’t be offended most especially if you’re still trying to penetrate her wall. She simply can’t afford a lot of time flirting with several men daily while hustling in her career.

Your Job is None of Her Business

Most financially independent ladyboy couldn’t care less about what you do for a living. She will not do a lowkey investigation of your career. She will most especially not ask how much you’re making in a month. This type of ladyboy won’t even be too impressed if you mention how high your position is at work.

A lady like her is looking for an emotional connection. She does not have a lot of time to talk about superficial stuff.

She’s PROUD of what she DOES

Another tell-tale sign that a ladyboy is financially independent is if she is proud of her job. She will even share with you some anecdotes of her career and she will tell her stories with glee. After all, she’s worked hard to be where she’s at now and there’s no harm in a little bit of bragging.

She’s also quite knowledgeable in her field and would even offer to help you with her expertise.

Hinting or Asking for Money is not her Style

The last thing that a financially independent ladyboy will do is to ask you for money. She does not need it and she’s satisfied with what she’s making. If she hasn’t asked or hinted about finances with you in more than three months, there’s a perfect chance that she can take care of herself.

She won’t even ask you for help no matter how dire her situation is. Money will never be a part of your conversations with her.

She is Successful

The most obvious sign that she’s financially independent is if she’s successful. It’s going to be hard for you to know if she is because success is determined differently by each individual. However, you must know that the most successful people are already financially stable.

There are ways to determine her success. You can either Google her achievements, her position in the company that she works for, or if she freely shares some information with you.

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How to Get Her

Please know that this section only serves as a guide. It does not guarantee that you’ll end up with the ladyboy of your dreams. However, it’s still important to follow these tips for maximum results.

Financially Independent guy

You have to be Financially Independent too

Targeting a financially independent ladyboy can be quite tough. First of all, you must be financially independent yourself as well. She will not give you the time of day if you’re a bum. Like attracts like at the end of the day. She has worked hard to be who she is today.

She won’t waste all of her hard work just to end up with a jobless guy. Don’t feel attacked. This is the truth and it applies most of the time so please don’t be offended.

Be Confident

She didn’t get to where she is right now without confidence. She’s definitely not a grey mouse or a wallflower. Part of what made her successful is her confidence. If you don’t have this, you won’t be able to keep up.

However, don’t mistake confidence with arrogance. Just the right amount of bragging will get you through the door. Just go for it! Always have the mindset that “You’re the man!”.

Don’t Dominate Her

A lot of financially independent ladyboys enjoy their freedom. They won’t settle with someone who will serve as a red flag. Don’t talk to her like you’re from the `60s. Don’t open topics like how you are looking for the perfect housewife. You see, if she wanted to be a housewife, she could have done that.

However, that’s not her thing, hence, her financial independence. Don’t say things that can compromise your image to her. Avoid topics that have to do with you wanting her to quit her job, her taking care of you domestically, and you, providing for her.

Where to Find Her

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