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Why Ladyboys Keep Asking you for Money

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Are you a man and you’ve been looking for love on ladyboy dating sites for quite some time now? In this quest comes along a familiar reoccurrence. Have you had enough and you feel like giving up? Today, you’re going to know why ladyboys keep asking you for money.


Please know that this guide was not created to put ladyboys in a bad light. This was created in order to answer the most common questions that men have about the co-relation of money and ladyboys in ladyboy dating sites. Not all ladyboys are the same so kindly take this with a grain of salt. Below are some of the most common reasons why you’re often asked to take your wallet out.

banknote counting


The most obvious reason why ladyboys ask you for money is poverty. Because of the circumstances in the countries that most ladyboys come from, some of them feel like the only way to fix their financial problems is through asking for money. A lot of them often have trouble finding where their next meal will come from. Others suffer from poverty because of their responsibilities to their families.


While other ladyboys ask for money simply to get by or have food on their table, others ask for money for materialistic reasons. In today’s world, the digital era has made it easier for people to access all kinds of information. Information is deadly in some aspects because it can fuel one’s worldly desires.

These desires can result in envy, inspiration, and hunger for instant-gratification. The latter is what makes golddiggers get what they want no matter the method of achieving it. One of the easiest ways to instant-gratification is asking, hence the conundrum that encompasses this guide.


Ladyboys who don’t suffer from poverty and are not materialistic are usually lazy. They want to live their lives without working hard for money. These ladies get by through the help of a partner. Most of these ladyboys are quite young and immature.

Lack of Education

Along with poverty comes the lack of education and opportunities. This is why many ladyboys resort to asking for money. Not everyone has the grit and drive to rise above poverty amidst certain circumstances. Some ladyboys find that the most achievable ticket to a better life is through the help of another person.

Cinderella Fantasies

Many ladyboys and cisgender women still believe in fairy tales. Because the lack of money can cause many problems, the abundance of it can solve a lot as well. In today’s world, most problems are caused by money and are why some ladyboys think of rich men as modern knights in shining armors.

Classic Gender Roles

With the regressive culture in the east when it comes to gender roles and sexuality, a lot of ladyboys still prefer to be with a provider. If a man isn’t fit enough to provide her monetary requirements, she may feel like he’s not worth her time. This is quite harsh but this is the reality.

Because of these stale beliefs, the way for a ladyboy to find out if you’re a good match for her is through asking for money. If a man has no issues with giving her money, she will find him more desirable.

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Ways to Determine a Genuine Ladyboy

What genuine means in this context is someone who is truly looking for love. Yes, money still matters. However, what makes her special is that she’s the type who prioritizes love over it. She’s the kind that makes the best partner because her only ulterior motive is LOVE.

Genuine Ladyboy

Someone Who is NOT Financially Demanding

She’s the type of ladyboy, whether you choose to support her financially or not, will not complain about what she’s receiving. She will never force you to buy something most especially if you’re not in the position to afford it. You will never have an argument with her about money because she won’t demand too much.

Simple joys in life are what make her happy and she values the time you spend with her over the gifts she receives from you.

The One who Doesn’t Ask at All

Ladyboys like her do exist. She will never ask you anything if it involves you, spending your money. She can take care of everything on her end. Sometimes, she’ll feel uncomfortable if you probe her to topics about you, spending money on her.

Don’t mistake her with the TOO INDEPENDENT type. This type is someone who doesn’t like to receive anything at all. She’s the kind that will even refuse or return your gifts.

She Has CLEAR Goals

This ladyboy has her life together. She knows where her career is going and she doesn’t depend on anyone financially. The only reason why she’s on a ladyboy dating site is that she’s looking for an equal. You may find her a bit intimidating because of her high standards.

She’s not judgmental nor choosy, she just knows that she deserves better because of how she pushes herself to constantly improve.

The One Who Cares

If you find someone on a ladyboy dating site who exhibits genuine care for you, she’s probably a genuine ladyboy. There are a lot of gold diggers who will only be nice to you just because you’re giving them something. When the cash flow ends, they may turn cold and indifferent.

Should you be lucky enough to stumble upon someone who cares for you no matter your financial status, never let her go.

Start Looking

No matter what type of dating it is, it’s very rare to find a genuine partner. This is why you must not end your quest briefly. If you’re truly looking for a life-long partnership filled with love, happiness, and contentment, you must stick to your standards.

happy guy

Apart from that, you must also possess the traits that you’re looking for in a partner. If you want a genuine, caring, loving, loyal, and sweet partner, you must be one too.

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