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10 Common Challenges That Asian Ladyboys Face in Dating

The greatest love stories of all time often included tantamount challenges. Some even have fatal scenarios which made it seem like for one to achieve true love, somebody must die.

However, if your love story’s like Romeo & Juliet’s whereby both parties die, you win. Now, on a more serious note, yes, they say that to know if you’re dealing with your great love and not just anyone in passing, challenges are inevitable.

For you to have a better coping mechanism once you face romantic challenges again, or you’re experiencing right now, keep reading. Please know that this guide was created to help ladyboys, this may or may not apply to everyone.

1. Distance

This is, without a doubt, the most common challenge that Asian ladyboys face. The reason being is because most of the men who are looking to marry ladyboys are situated in the western hemisphere.

You may argue that distance can be solved by either one traveling or moving. But doing so is not as easy as stirring eggs to make an omelet. Finances, careers, families, etc., are all involved in the mix.

a plane

And before even making a decision to meet up, trust must be established first. That entails more time and investment.

But don’t let this fill you with doubts. Finding a partner as an Asian ladyboy is possible. My Ladyboy Date has made it happened for thousands of members already. The key factors here are PATIENCE and TRUST.

2. Ladyboy Negative Stereotypes

Sometimes, the biggest problem is not imposed by nature nor destiny… sometimes, it’s created by humankind. Yes, because plenty of horror stories about romance scams perpetuated by ladyboys circulated the internet, a lot of men are afraid to trust ladyboys online in general.

Without trust, a healthy relationship won’t come to fruition and this is why many ladyboys wound up single. Don’t fret, you didn’t create this problem. You have nothing to fear most especially if you’re truly looking for love online.

But yes, you will probably encounter skeptics your way but don’t let them define who you are because we’re all unique. Nobody should represent you but yourself.

3. Players

In cisgender heterosexual dating, there are also players. However, in ladyboy dating, somehow, they’ve multiplied. This is because a lot of men in the world of lb dating are still unsure if they truly want to settle down with an Asian ladyboy.

a sad couple

Some of them end up in serious relationships while many, realize that it’s not the path that they want to take. Yes, it sounds unfair but this is the reality. Not everyone who comes intends to stay…

4. Finance

Dating someone from the other side of the world is not cheap. Airfares, hotel bookings, time investments, and career shifts are all major factors as to why some relationships online don’t translate well offline.

Added to that, many Asian ladyboys are mostly from Thailand and the Philippines, where career opportunities are not as omnipresent as they are in the west. Because of these limitations, many Asian ladyboys don’t get to save a lot of money to follow their dreams.

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5. Experimenting Men

To further expound, this is the type of player who unintentionally became one. Because they want to discover their true selves, they have no other option but to experiment. With that experimentation comes the involvement of another soul, an Asian ladyboy who’s looking for love.

So if you’re planning to date a guy, it’s safer to know if he’s already been with someone like you. This does not guarantee that he will propose to you, but at the very least, you have the soul-searching part covered.

6. Men Not Openly Dating Ladyboys

They say that we all go through a lot of pain… but being kept as a dirty little secret is probably included at the top of the list. Imagine giving your everything to someone but they won’t be able to acknowledge your existence to other people.

A guy, tipping on his smartphone

Yes, granted that the most important characters in a relationship should be the two of you, but at the end of the day, wouldn’t you ask yourself if you really have a future with this guy?

He can’t even go out on a date with you. Let alone share the rest of your lives together.

7. Same-sex Marriage

Now, if you are both citizens of countries where same-sex marriages aren’t allowed and transgender individuals don’t have civil rights, dating will be VERY complicated.

You see, many ladyboys are smart. They won’t just get into a relationship if there’s no promise of a happy ending. Not that a piece of paper is the only thing that can prove that the love is genuine, but it’s a security blanket that many ladyboys understandably require.

8. Familial Objections

Many have their families as their support system but this is not always the case when an individual enters a trans-oriented relationship. So if you don’t want to face this problem, be sure to find a man who’s self-sufficient and who doesn’t care whether or not their families like the person they love.

In short, avoid a “Momma’s Boy”.

9. Men Who Are Only After One Thing

There’s something worse than players… the disrespectful individuals. Players at the very least, treat you like you’re their girlfriend. They even celebrate anniversaries with you. Disrespectful individuals, however, may only view you as an object of desire.

So if you feel like right off the bat, they’re communicating with you like you only exist to fulfill their fantasies, it’s time to hit the block button. Seriously, there’s no use in trying to push a cart sideways. Don’t waste your time!

10.   Entertaining Too Many Men

Lastly, it’s not bad to entertain several men at the time most especially when you’re single. After all, you’re orchestrating a bidding war and you’re only trying to know who will be patient enough for your love.

Just as the saying goes “may the best man win!”. However, if you’re entertaining 20 men at a time, you’re spreading yourself too thinly. You’re doing it incorrectly. You’re not creating deeper connections and really getting to know these men.

a sad woman

So yes, if you’re in this stage, cut the numbers down. 3 to 5 are good numbers.

And remember, if you haven’t already, you should create a My Ladyboy Date account. Because it’s the first decent dating site for ladyboys and the men who love them, your chances of encountering bad men are very low!

Log in today and see who’s in store for you! Good Luck!

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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