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Avoid These Hurtful Words and Conversations in Ladyboy Dating

Whether you’re a ladyboy or someone who’s looking for a ladyboy girlfriend, there are words and conversations that you must not initiate. No matter how angry you are, never use these things to hurt the other person.

These are the most common things that if said in an aggressive manner, may open up closed wounds and traumas or worse, can negatively impact the other person’s mental health.


Social media already reminds all of us how people have better bodies than ours. A lot of us are not equipped to deal with this reminder in a healthy manner. Not everyone has a light switch that can turn insecurities on and off.

a fat girl

If you claim to really like the person you’re dating, why would you even use their deep-seated insecurity just to get your point across? There are other ways to be seen and heard. Don’t go this low.

Added to that, don’t ever do this if you’re a man and you just want to dig at your ladyboy date because you felt offended by something that she did or said. Remember, when it comes to dealing with ladyboys, never bring up her weight and age.


We all age and we can’t just turn the hands of time back to a state of wrinklessness and tightness. Besides, why would you date someone whose age you don’t deem attractive anymore? It’s only telling that you have an ulterior motive.

Back to the topic, this is out of anyone’s control. Using someone’s age to attack them is a behavior often used by imbeciles who ran out of bullets.

Career Lacks

It’s easy to pinpoint laziness and stupidity as the top reasons why someone has a flailing career. But if you look in-depth at the other person’s life, you may be able to see that there’s a plethora of other factors why they can’t achieve what you expect of them.

a sad girl

Unless both of you started on a similar playing field, you don’t have the right to judge them about their careers. Now, if you’re using it to push them because you know they can be better but you yourself don’t have a job, you’re probably projecting.

Instead of worrying about the other person’s career, you should be worrying about how to craft a resume.

Gauging Intellect

Many people have a superiority complex and if you’re one of them and you’re imposing your dominance on your partner because you find them way below you in the intelligence department, you’re delusional. If you didn’t create anything that’s of value to the collective, you’re not one to talk.

Added to that, if being in a relationship with a person you consider at the same wavelength is very important to you, why are you dating someone you consider stupid? Isn’t this common sense and a blatant exhibition of idiocy on your end?

Again, if you stumble upon an argument with the person you’re dating in My Ladyboy Date, do not insult their intelligence (unless they start to do so).

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Social Status and Background

Okay, if you’re still highly concerned about social statuses and backgrounds, you’ve probably arrived at the 21st century using a time machine from the renaissance era or a place where caste systems are still in practice.

a old businessman

Now, on a more realistic note, if you’re not comfortable dating a person because of who they were or what they are, why are you even dating them to begin with? This is quite unreasonable and unfair for the other person because they might be looking for true love and are not looking to uphold a certain image like you.

Set them free and find your match. While you’re spending the cold nights alone, don’t blame anyone else but your delusional tastes.


In connection with social status, if you’re looking for a relationship because of financial security and you’re not honest with the person upfront—and then complain about it later after realizing that you’re happier in a relationship without financial struggles, congratulations, you’ve officially wasted the other person’s time and yours.

Now, if there’s a little blip and you cannot count on the other person and you start insulting them because of their lack in terms of making money, shouldn’t you be harassing yourself first?

In this world, no one is obliged to take care of your finances. You’re an adult and you should stand on your own. The reason why the sage advice spending within your own means exists.

Comparing with Ex

Wow, this is really low and highly damaging to one’s mental health. Imagine genuinely falling in love with someone and working hard every day because you want to be a better partner, only to receive irrationally spewed insults executed by comparing you with your date’s ex.

a businessman

Prime examples are how the ex treats them better, how the ex looks better, how the ex has more money, how the ex is more sensitive towards their feelings, how the ex takes them out on anniversaries, etc.

If the ex is so much better and they can’t stop talking about them, they probably got dumped. Anyway, going back to the topic, no, don’t ever use your ex to win an argument. That’s not only showing how cruel you are, but it also makes you sound desperate as well.

Dislike of Family Members and Friends

Yes, there will be instances when you just don’t like people around their life. Most of the time, these feelings are triggered by them and not you. But you have to understand that they’ve probably known these people for most of their lives.

You’re sadly the newcomer and it will be hard to shake your date’s loyalty. If the people involved in their lives didn’t do anything to deliberately show their distaste for you, don’t prove them right by talking about them in a negative way with the person you’re dating.

an angry couple

Even if you’re in the right, the person you’re getting to know will have this image of you as a villain and you don’t want that. Do your best to ignore this mess. Besides, you probably won’t have to deal with them regularly so have an out of sight out of mind mindset.

Instead, focus on what you have with the other person and let them grow their care for you naturally. Eventually, the truth will be unraveled. Did you enjoy this guide? If so, why don’t you share this on your timeline and join the conversation by writing a comment below?

Good luck!

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